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Accepting Requests spidey's code web


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spidey's code web
post requests for codes below and i'll get back to you on whether i can make them or not!

please give me as many details as possible when filling in the form below:
» type of code: (character sheet, group roleplay, interest check, etc.)​
» color palette: (give me a basic understanding of what colours you'd like to see.)​
» tabs?: (yes or no; if yes, name the tabs and how many you want)​
» images: (how many images? do you want an image for the background? let me know if you want me to place the images while coding or if you'll do it yourself)​
» details: (specific fonts, how big or small do you want the template to be, how big or small you want the font, etc. also tell me if you want to put titles somewhere, quotes somewhere, etc.)​
» other: (anything else i may not have asked that you feel i should know)​

never remove the credit/watermark. i will always put one, even if invisible.

do not plagiarise/pass code off as your own.

do not change base code or use it to make your own. i will find out.

don't expect everything to be mobile friendly! i'm still learning how to make coding mobile friendly, but it might not always be.

for examples, click


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i have a request, if you don't mind!

» type of code: going to be an interest check for a group roleplay i'm planning on doing.
» color palette: the color palette i had in mind was black, red, with a white font. i'm unable to give specific hex codes as my wifi is being ridiculously slow and not loading my color picker website. i'll update this with codes once the website finishes loading.
» tabs?: yes, i wanted to have four of them, one home page and three info tabs.
» images: one for each tab, the largest being in the home page. i was thinking circular images for the other three tabs and rectangular for the home page.
» details: no specific fonts, i would like to have a small font but nothing smaller than what would correspond to a size 12 on the rte. i'd like to have space for a title on all four tabs, the home page being the largest title, and room for a quote on the second tab.
» other: the vibe of this roleplay could be described as kinda dark, if you will? it's titled 'nihilist blues' after the bring me the horizon song. so if that could correspond in the code that would be great. otherwise, i don't think there's any other info i should tell you, but if there is, do let me know.


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Hi! I’m really glad to find someone who makes code that could potentially help me make my roleplay search thread... actually decent. Lmao!

» type of code: I would like one for a 1x1 roleplay search thread/interest check.
» color palette: So, I do things on mobile and that’s why I can’t exactly link a color palette, but I’d like something soft and nature-oriented (pale yellows, browns, greens) - easy on the eyes.
» tabs?: yes - a home tab, and two others for rules and my list of fandoms.
» images: i don’t really have any specific images in mind, but maybe if you could find gifs of nature that look aesthetic and gentle??
» details: As far as details go, my biggest concern is that everything is legible and can be read on night or day mode. I would like a neat cursive/handwriting font for the titles of the tabs.
» other: I know you said not everything will be mobile friendly and that is perfectly fine, however 97% of everything I do is on mobile because I don’t have internet at my place. So please try your best to make it as mobile accessible as possible (and if it’s not, that’s okay! I will find a way to work with it).

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