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Realistic or Modern Spelljammers (Fantasy group in Modern setting)

Sub Genres
Adventure, Horror, Magical, Multiverse, Realistic, Supernatural


Deck plans and stats

Premise: A group of adventures aboard an experimental prototype Hammerhead class spelljammer vessel are pulled through a rift in space time and wind up on 21st century Earth. They were being pursued by various enemies. Illithids, Githyanki, Beholders and others.


Blank CS

These characters should be comparable to Level 7-13 characters from AD&D 2nd Edition. I never played later editions. But here, 7th level would be considered a rookie, 13th a veteran. No, we won’t be using actual levels. Just describe your character accordingly by their experience. In short, these are intrepid adventurers. I will judge how their experience affects the ship.

The crew is 24-60, with 14 of those needed for weapons. That leaves 10-46 slots to fill. So I am looking for a minimum of 10 characters. (We can use technomagic to operate the weapons if you like. We can even alter the weapons to something mystical - but NOT fire based, which doesn’t function well in space.)

We will need at least one mage. (Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, Artificer, etc - anything BUT a class dependent on a deity.) I recommend at least two. Please, no benders!!!! This is not an anime. Magic here uses VERBAL components, so think more along the lines of AD&D or even Harry Potter.

Your characters SHOULD have magic items. Again, thing AD&Dish. C&S, if you recognize it. If you have never played these rpg’s, try to describe what you want and maybe I can suggest some ideas. (I started running Ad&D 2e back in 1980, C&S in the mid 80’s I think.)

Well, obviously Earth will be populated by humans.

The ship crew is another matter altogether. I do NOT want custom races. I want Player Races from well established rpg sources (not video games!!!). Pathfinder and the like. You MUST have a very good image for your character with a clearly visible face (not something covered up by a mask or helm). Please avoid anything OP. You must be able to travel in normal air for extended periods.

So yes, you could be a Lizard Man, Elf, etc, etc. Uhm, the nice races like elves are in a political disarray, in civil war and wars with enemies. Their highest leaders were assassinated by a mysterious character known only as the Kingslayer. Hobbits have holed up their last remaining home and attack anyone intruding on their lands. So … talk to me before making one. I will also consider unusual hybrids.

I WILL want to post a link to racial descriptions from other online sources, that discuss culture and such in a Lore thread.

Allowed races
You will note that some races are missing. This is because either I have created characters that will not work with them, or they do not get along with the other races even in their own realm, or they simply won't fit on the ship.

Unlike classic Spelljammer vessels, these vessels use a magical form of biopunk to store and even generate mana. Usually they rely on the Flows of mana in their home realms. Our realm is going to make life far more difficult. There is no Mana in space. Earth is a low mana realm, so mana will replenish much slower (but it will replenish - usually). The effects of spells and magic devices will be weaker. But any critical failures will have lesser consequences.

Laws of Physics that the Characters were accustomed to.

The Hammership
The Crew will need to come up with a name for the ship. It was never commissioned.

Special Note: These are NOT the classic Spelljammer ships of AD&D, though they bear many similarities. These are more of a blend of Spelljammer and a form of magicpunk, primitive steampunk, and biopunk. THIS Hammership is a LIVING CONSTRUCT. Unlike the Spelljammer ships, these ships are able to operate in a planetary atmosphere or even underwater. In fact, the ship was designed with this in mind, with EVA ports. (Bear this in mind when looking at the deck plans. They will be a little off as they were drawn for classic Spelljammer games.)

Spelljamming ships have two speeds, tactical and spelljamming. Tactical speed is a function of SR (Ship's Rating), which is in turn determined by the type of locomotion it has and the power of its helmsman, and any emergency power reserve. 1 SR translates into about 170 mph, which compared to most ground movement is a fantastic pace. The SR is dependent on the experience of the helmsman (a mage by necessity), ranging from 4 to 6 (technically 3.5 to 6.5) for up to 12 hours, then slowly losing speed.

It is not, however, a particularly impressive speed when measured against the vast distances of space. That is where spelljamming speed comes in.

When a ship is travelling at spelljamming speed, regardless of its tactical SR, it can travel 100 million miles per day, or 4 million mph. For those mathematically inclined, this is roughly 0.00596465972 times the speed of light. This speed can only be maintained in a straight line, meaning spelljamming ships must decelerate to tactical speed in order to turn.

Despite this massive speed, spelljamming ships are in no danger of collision with other objects. Objects of less than 10 tons in volume lose relative velocity to the spelljamming vessel as soon as they touch its air envelope, bobbing across its gravity plane until they come to rest and are slowly expelled from the envelope. If the spelljamming vessel comes within 12,500 yards of an object of greater than 10 tons volume, it automatically and instantly decelerates to tactical speed.

Some of the technomagic and biopunk used
Sarcophagus of Preservation
Storm Wood
ManaSails and GravWood

Lifejammer Turbothrone
Favored by evil races of spacefarers, this type of spelljamming helm feeds off of the life energies of an individual within (who may be there against their will). It is located in Engineering (rear of Cargo Hold).

Every day of operation sucks lifeforce from the creature within. This lifeforce cannot be regenerated while the creature remains in the throne with the helm on and activated. An average being can last about 8-12 hours. The adventurers will last 7-13 times this long. They will only use this in an emergency, but it can dramatically increase the ship’s SR.

The Ship's Rating can be calculated by assuming that the creature within was a wizard using a minor helm, at that creature's current experience. For the crew this means an SR of +2 to +4.

The group should already know one another. How they obtained the Hammerhead is a matter for discussion. You may have been the intended crew. Or you may have stolen it. Or you may have been hired as its new crew by an existing crew that was short handed. LOL, you may have even been shanghaied.

The will exit the portal about 852 million miles from Earth, an 8.5 day trip. With limited supplies and air, they must make their way to Earth and land. From there the Plot depends largely on where they decide to land.

I will give you a hint. Imagine if a nation - let’s assume the US - detected a 60 ton displacement object hurtling toward Earth at 0.596465972% speed of light and it suddenly comes to a near halt at the edge of the atmosphere travelling at subsonic relative speeds and descending, changing course, etc. How do you suppose that will go?

After that it is going to depend on the group’s decisions. This will be a GM guided campaign. I will offer another hint. If the Illithids and Githyanki make it through, they will fill roles similar to the Aliens and Predators of the movies by those names. It will be bad for humans on Earth. But as it stands, their primary objective is your ship.
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pirate? lol ... so long as the group can get along. LOL, I have two half orcs, am elf/drow hybrid, a "human" and a Strix. Will use most as NPC's for the crew, but they all have personalities. I we use the group as add on crew I have a much more ... interesting crew ...that I may use. (I think there is an illithid, a githyanki, and a beholdrer in that lot ... all normally enemies... but of a good alignment. They were cursed humans.)


A rock?
Ehh more like ex-pirate. Getting marooned tends to make you consider a new career. And swear revenge! Trust me, Chum won’t be trouble. At least, not if we have grog.

Also those are some options. Just when I thought the Goblin was gonna be the odd one out, we got either a dimly lit elf, a Strix (forgot what they were) and a definitely real boy, or the REAL monster crew. Man. This gon be GOOD.


Strix are a winged race that distrust humans. But the one made is very different, much as in the way Bilbo was different from most Hobbits.


I do have a CS thread up. No CS's there yet. (Personally I have 4 characters, plus a whole crew of monsters if we use those. The monsters will mostly be unable to mingle with humans ... They are just too freakish. LOL, one is a Beholder. He's just not evil. He's very nice and his name is Bob. His pet displacer beast, Mittens can sometimes be a naughty kitty cat and thinks he is a chew toy.)


The world you came from ... that is fairly well described in the write up. Most people don't like them.

The crew. Well, at least one member of the crew won't like you. Moonshadow. But touch her and you're dead ... lol. Not literally, magically. No, Ellen will shishkabob you. But that would happen to anyone who hurt that Moonshadow. Also, Enola won't trust you in the slightest, but her people don't trust humans. Imagine what she will think of Earth. Note that the crew isn't evil. But they are hardly saints.

Earth? What do you think humans will think when they see you? If they get the notion you are a bloodsucking vampire, expect all the vampire tests. Hope you have a sense of humor. And when they level AR15's ... Of course, the whole crew can expect that. You are aliens, dude. You have just invaded Earth. How the Hell do you think they are going to react?

Okay ... I just woke up ... so my humor is getting the better of me. The straight answer is: Use common sense. Put yourself into the shoes of others and ask yourself how you'd react. As far as any effects of sun, etc. Earth is just another planet. Magic doesn't work the same though. It is much weaker. Space is totally different. The laws of physics in space are different.


a determined artist
Yeah I don't like using people's art for characters (at least not without posting a link to the source) So I like to try making the design myself.




King of the Underworld
Colour me intrigued, its rare that I see a throwback to the AD&D days, is this still accepting applications?


King of the Underworld
Ok cool, I'll fire something up asap, might be later today or tomorrow though by the time I'm done.


A rock?
Chum and I both dispute the ‘ten years’ bit, but when cryo-sarcophagi and relativistic speeds are involved, time gets a lil fuzzy.

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