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Realistic or Modern Spelljammers - CS






Nicknames: Rose
Age: 23
Race: half orc, ¼ elf, ¼ drow
Sex: female
Profession: Thief
Experience: Journeyman

  • This is tailored more for humanoid types. Adjust as necessary.
    Height: 5’6”
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Blue-green
    Scars/ Other Facial details:

Nicknames: Kar
Age: 25
Race: Half orc
Sex: Female
Profession: Warrior
Experience: Veteran

  • This is tailored more for humanoid types. Adjust as necessary.
    Height: 6’5”
    Hair Color: redhead
    Eye Color: brown
    Scars/ Other Facial details: plenty, like a road map of her life. Back covered with whip marks. Old manacle scars on wrists and throat.
    Attire: Note her scars. She keeps those covered.

Nicknames: Ellen
Age: apparently in her early 20’s, but definitely much older.
Race: ½ Drow, ½ Elf
Sex: Female
Profession: Assassin / Ranger
Experience: Elite Veteran

  • This is tailored more for humanoid types. Adjust as necessary.
    Height: 5’10”
    Hair Color: Silvery gray
    Eye Color: Blue Green

Imagine her a young filly. Even as a human she only appears 13-14.

Age: apparent 13-14
Race: Unicorn / Human
Sex: Female

Note: Only Elen’shin’eyl is aware of Moonshadow’s true nature.

  • In human form:
    Height: 4’10”
    Hair Color: Silver white like the moon. Over a 3 day period it will lose this color and become more of a platinum blonde.
    Eye Color: Amethyst-blue
    Scars/ Other Facial details: Birthmark centered on her forehead.
    Attire: Dresses like Elen’shin’eyl.
    Other: See Personality. In short, she tries to look like Elen’shin’eyl

Age: 20
Race: Strix aka Itarii in their native language
Sex: Female
Profession: Wizard/Ranger
Experience: Journeyman

  • Height: 6’0”
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Amethyst
    Attire: Very, very light - see image

Nicknames: Rae
Age: Apparent early 20’s
Race: ¼ Elf, ¼ Drow, ½ human
Sex: Female
Profession: Alchemist - Monk
Experience: Veteran - Journeyman

  • Height: 5’10”
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Amethyst
    Attire: Much like her pic. Though she wears cloaks or robes to conceal herself in public.

Age: mid 20’s
Race: Human?
Sex: Female
Profession: Technomage
Experience: Elite
Designer and Engineer of the ship

  • Height: 5’6”
    Hair Color: Blue
    Eye Color: Red
    Attire: Almost perpetually wears a lab coat, or a bodysuit.
    Sons of Ether type lab goggles
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A rock?

art by applepiyaa on tumblr.
Chum Teeth
Nicknames: Chum, Teeth, or ‘AAH A GOBLIN’ if you’re rude. Best just stick with Chum.
Age: Young adult, but… Well, Chum doesn’t know the precise number. Probably in the 16-19 range, but it’s hard to know for sure, given that goblins only live to about 50 years max.
Race: Goblin
Sex: Female, but it’s not always easy to see that.
Profession: Navigator, Ex-pirate, and… Well, otherwise somewhere between ranger and thief.
Experience: They’re about journeyman tier. Not newbies, but far from being a seasoned veteran.

  • Height: About 3 feet and eight inches.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Yellow, with significant eyeshine.
    Scars/ Other Facial details: A few chunks are missing from their right ear, there’s a great many defensive wounds/bitemarks on their arms, and they have a pretty significant scar on the right side of their abdomen. Like someone tried to run them through with a sword and missed, a little. Of much less dramatic note, the tops of her ears, her neck, and her shoulders show evidence of serious sunburns in the past.
    Attire: Though pictured in their ‘fancy land clothes’, Chum typically wears more nautical garb. A blue bandanna on their head, paired with a white-and-blue striped shirt and simple black pants, all in rather rough condition. They also typically wear wooden sandals and a few sections of exotic scale mail.
    Other: Though Chum rarely holds it in hand, there’s a little necklace they wear. On it is a single shield-shaped charm. On one side is depicted a thundercloud with three lightning bolts, the other shows a feminine pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars. Chum can be seen praying to it in times of duress, but out in the Phlogiston sea, the gods it honors cannot hear her.

art by GW2-Juriia on tumblr

Nicknames: Kelp, Lovergob, or maybe “AH! ANOTHER GOBLIN!” If you’re a terrible person.
Age: unclear, but they’re older than Chum by maybe two or three years.
Race: Goblin
Sex: Female.
Profession: Cleric, surgeon, and prisoner. Though admittedly she does have some VERY rusty thievery skills...
Experience: a full-fledged journeyman, for sure.

  • This is tailored more for humanoid types. Adjust as necessary.
    Height: About three foot five.
    Hair Color: Though her hair is naturally white, the particulars of her work tend to stain it various levels of pink or muddy crimson, depending on who her patient is and how injured they are.
    Eye Color: Golden
    Scars/ Other Facial details: She wears an earring on one ear, and her hands bear a few minor marks, but she has precious few real scars. Just a few on her back from a day long ago...
    Attire: Typically garbed in tattered pinkish robes that definitely used to be white, Kelpie doesn’t get to wear much aside from basic sandals, her robes, and sometimes her gut-gloves. However, she used to have a beautiful set of leather armor, emblazoned with the sigils of her two gods. It’s still on that death ship somewhere, but she can’t find it. All she’s got left are the gloves. At least she still has her pendant, a perfect match for the one she gave to Chum so long ago…
    Other: Every morning, without fail, Kelpie uses her own blood to paint seven stars on her face, arranged around her face just as the symbol on one side of her pendant. The blood doesn’t always stay, and she once painted with happier things, but the time for that is long gone.



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a determined artist

Nicknames: Monster?
Age: Appears around 22. Unsure of true age at this time but at least around 100
Race: Dhampir
Sex: Female
Profession: Wizard
Experience: Novice

  • Height: 5'11"
    Hair Color: Roughly black chestnut. Her Mother's hair would have been much darker.
    Eye Color: Silver
    Scars/ Other Facial details: Only real scar was obtained at a young age after falling off a tree and a broken branch pierced her chest nearly missing her heart, a rather embarrassing scar, (childhood ya know)
    Attire: Mostly consisting of a long light robe with a hooded cloak overtop to shield from the sun and hide most of her features when in public (Sunlight may not kill her but she still doesn't like it). Wears a single steel chest plate for armor as the heart could be considered a vital weak point for vampires. Simple leather boots.

    (second outfit)

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