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Realistic or Modern Specific craving

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Hello I'm Pochi, a 22 year old. I go by She/They. I get to roleplay replies slow due to being a tad slow in general, but also life + other things tend to leave me a tad slow. So if you're looking for something fast, or short-term. I always double up as well (if you want a pairing idea let me know!!) And Romance is a must! Not always a slow burn, or not always fast. It depends on my mood. My side of the Roleplay tends to be MxF, but you're side can be any type of paring! I also have few/ no triggers. So if anything bothers you, please let me know! ^^

Be 18 are older due to my own age!

Please be okay with slow replies. + Looking for a Long-Term roleplay.

I write in third person only. Multiparagrah. I think more than two? But I try not to limit myself or people with a word limit, and tend to go with the flow. As long as there is effort + no one liners.

I am LGBTQ+ Friendly, so I hope you are too!

Romance is a must!

Please be somewhat Talkative with me! I have anxiety + tend to ramble about my ideas. Make playlists. Moodboards. Etc. You don't have to do the last few things, but at least chat with me!

Craving Plot idea-
Bold / underlined is who I want to play.
I have ideas on the grimreaper n etc, but we can talk about it!

(male/ NB) GrimReaper X (Female/ NB)

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