Sparkle the Pseudo-dragon - Luna's Familiar (Pathfinder 1.0)


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<strong>Storyteller notes:</strong> I really liked the idea of having a better-than-average familiar for the 6th-level Wizard in your party (Luna, Sherwood's character). I've never really liked the Improved Familiar feat, either - to me, feats are something special about a character's training or background or what have you. A familiar is a special creature. Feats are precious enough as it is (even in Pathfinder). I say, find a very cool familiar through the course of the game if you want one, or in our case, start the game with one. <strong>"A little Sparkle in your party." </strong> I like the idea of Sparkle knowing a bit about each of the party members at start, just like the PCs have done. For one thing, Pseudo-dragons <em>are</em> true dragons (as opposed to sub-dragons like wyverns, etc.). The moment Sparkle took a good look at Otiorin, our half-elf sorcerer with the Silver Dragon Bloodline power, she would have sensed the dragon in him immediately. My dragons tend to know a lot, and they tend to know it quickly (that's part of the reason they are still alive; a slow creature is a dead creature). I imagine she would be annoyed by Otiorin's laziness, but agreeable to his sense of pride. Kitrin, I think, she would see as an oddity (a Hobbit fighter that hits as hard or harder than a human?), but a welcome one given that she is the starting party's only fighter. Sparkle would likely be neutral to Wolf at first, and warmer to him once he did something she could admire (good deeds or standing up for himself in the face of danger, for example). And Luna? Well, Sparkle has always liked go-getters with good heads on their shoulders and a talent for doing the right thing when it matters. As for the old girl, party members would know that she holds herself with dignity and integrity in all matters. She is headstrong and lets no one dictate to her. But if you approach her respectfully, like an equal or a real friend, then she may share things with you that would otherwise never know for as long as you live. She knows she has less time ahead of her than behind, and she is going to live is the way she sees fit, with proper company. Luna has more than fit the bill in this regard, and while she has verbally spoken to every party member, it is quite possible that they have also heard Sparkle's voice in their heads during times she thought it necessary. A telepathic little old dragon with a stinging tail that can kill is a dream companion for many a wizard, but Sparkle is satisfied just being around decent people in the twilight of her very long life. <img src="" class="ipsImage" alt="upload_2014-7-27_13-42-51-jpeg.68644" /><strong>Sparkle the Pseudo-dragon.</strong> Alignment: Neutral Good Type: Tiny <a href="" rel="external nofollow">dragon</a> Frequency: Very Rare Age: A very long time, especially by human standards (but a girl of her era never tells her age). <strong>Storyteller RP notes about Sparkle</strong>: Some scholars say that Psuedo-dragons live for a very long time, much longer than humans and some say into the lifespan of Elves, and Sparkle appears to be living proof. She is grandmotherly, often gentle (but don't push it), very wise, and as sharp as her tail. She has always preferred high-quality cuisine, fine jewelry (if only to admire it), and well-researched books on nearly any subject. She has seen much, but she is very selective about what she chooses to share. She likes Luna's drive to be great, her sense to stay at range in combat, and her love of what is good. She is well-aware of Luna's lack of romantic experience, and would strongly consider sneaking up and stinging the bastard who might try to take advantage. On the other hand, if the fellow is indeed up to standards, then Sparkle might share that little insight with Luna. Luna is definitely <em>not </em>Sparkle's first chosen companion, and it appears Sparkle has outlived all of her previous companions, perhaps through cunning, smarts, or her strong will to survive. She does not use her tail-sting very often, preferring to camouflage herself and avoid battle, but if given no choice, she knows right where to strike to fullest effect. She keeps her past a mystery to most, but from time to time, her past returns to her as if to remind her of just how many years she has seen, and has before her. <img src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=" class="ipsImage" alt="Dan__s_Pseudodragon_by_d4rk1n.jpg" /></p>
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