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Nation Building Space Empires and Negotiations


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The creator of a similarly named thread has backed out of the idea, from what I can tell, so we shall leave his thread behind and begin anew!

I have a general concept in mind but will rely on help to create sheets, ensure balance and execution.

Regarding the sheets, ideas should be bounced off and, whoever has the skills to create sheets on RPNation (Not me, unfortunately), I would ask if they would volunteer a bit of time creating those.

Empires should be appropriately balanced, with weaknesses, genuine ones, to offset any major strengths they have, and they would be vetted by moderators.

My general concept is that we create a species with a leader, government, a base territory, economy, military, etc, all the stuff an empire needs. Diplomacy would be primarily handled at a neutral station where the Interstellar League meets. This makes interaction easy.

Because a lack of clear rules was a point of contention and helped kill the original concept, I will state the following outright:
1. No extragalactic species. The technology to cross between galaxies in a reasonable time is fundamentally too advanced for the galaxy natives to contend with.
2. Yes aliens are allowed.
3. Yes humans are allowed. But unless there's only 1 human empire, no one gets Earth as the home planet.
4. No AI Empires allowed. Normal limitations, and even normal interaction, simply won't apply to most AI empire concepts.

That is my general concept. I'm still unsure of things like how to handle warfare, and am toying with the idea of the League being headed by a PC Speaker who would act as a default moderator, and maybe create some events to spice things up.

Please by all means discuss to refine this!


God of wisdom
I had a similiar idea, but it became too stilted for its own good, i’d love to see ghis done once more.

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