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Realistic or Modern Soulmate Sabotage

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    Anastasia Thorne
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    Anastasia is one of the few who has been ruing the day she came. A full month of pretending to be someone she isn't. Not only that, but she'll have to continue with her soulmate if she finds him. How is she supposed to explain a sudden personality change? She can't. Besides, no one will end up with her anyway. The idea of her soulmate falling for someone else is one that she's contemplated repeatedly since all this shit began. It seems to be the most logical consequence of signing up for this shitshow (literally). This is going to suck, no question.

    So, there she sits, next to her perfect (minus a scandal or two) sister. Her headphones are plugged into a phone, which just so happens to be blasting rock music so loud it would give anyone else a headache. Thankfully, Ana is used to this sort of thing. Music is one of the few ways she has always been able to calm herself down. However, it's not working all that well this time. The sweet sound of Led Zeppelin is not enough to distract from the house they are pulling up to.

    "Shit" She mumbles, in complete awe of the home in front of her. Sure, her place is nice, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Who needs to live like this? Not her, that's for sure. She'd be content with a studio apartment where half had been converted to an art studio. That is her dream, as lame as it seems.

    Either way, her sister's chuckle at Ana's words brings her out of her trance, causing her to straighten up. Now is the time to put on the show of your life girl. Better hope that acting is still in her blood. A smile makes it's way onto the girl's face, looking as if it had been there all along. Perfect.

    Getting out of the car, Ana follows along with her twin, who doesn't seem to care what the world's opinion is of the two.
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cirrostratus cirrostratus says:
What could have been silence had been filled with the chatter of radio presenters, punctuated by occasional songs on a station selected by the chauffeur to ease the mundanity of the trip. Bags stashed in the boot of the cab, Andreas found himself sinking deeper into his seat, skin sticky with sweat which the car's open front windows were barely succeeding at cooling. Apparently he wasn't even allowed to open his own window further than a crack. In this heat. Ugh. He rubbed his forehead, leaning his head against the window as his vision blurred with the passing hours. Several hours. A five hour flight from Pennsylvania to California, followed by how many more spent driving? All that commuting had left the man exhausted.

Plus, that hadn't been his first flight from his home. He'd only been in the US for under a year, yet he was somehow on his way to a foreign reality show. Now that was something he han't expected.

Of course, the cab hadn't been silent for the entire journey. It's just that small talk only carried a conversation so far before it crumbled, along with the mutual interest that had been feigned just to pass time. Though, there would soon be plenty of opportunities to meet brand new people, in just another hour. Or so. Ugh. This would take a while. The warmth of the sun trickled in through the car window, massaging his face and urging his eyes to close, just for a moment...

"Look. There it is. Your home for the next [month?]. Pretty neat, huh?"

Was he there already? He hadn't expected time to taking by so quickly. He must have been asleep. With a sigh, he sat up, taking a long, deep stretch.

Wait – there it was. Andreas shifted in his seat to get a better look, staring up at the building with wide eyes and slightly parted lips. Though they weren't there just yet, the mansion was more than discernable from the surrounding plains of grass and emptiness, and it was fast approaching.

The sun was perched high above, spilling warm light over the mansion's beige walls and illuminating the decorative greenery, barely casting a shadow onto the smooth stone ground. Finally, some of his excitement had been rekindled, overcrowding his fatigue. But only some.

"Rah. Never thought Love Island could get that fancy."

It really was neat. Had he been allowed his phone, he definitely would have taken some pictures. The size of the house – no, the mansion — was almost overwhelming to him. Almost. Though Andreas didn't actually watch Love Island, he'd seen the places the contestants stayed in. Ostentatious buildings climbing storeys high and surrounded by pools? That seemed accurate enough to him.

A minute or so passed before they arrived. As the cab pulled into the driveway, the purpose of his presence there finally sunk in. He wasn't just here to make friends or for the experience: he'd come to find his Soulmate. Here. Of course, he knew this already, but the prospect of him discovering his Soulmate here wasn't as close to the forefront of his mind as it probably should have been. No. He wasn't here to get nervous over some predetermined discovery. For now, he just needed to stretch his legs.

"Here's where you get off now." The chauffeur continued, before glancing over at [whoever the fuck is around] who'd arrived before Andreas. "Looks like you've already got company."


Upon feeling the car jerk to a stop, Andreas was first to exit the car, filling his lungs with moist summer air and heading to the car's trunk. On this day, there wasn't much breeze in the air, but it least it wasn't stagnant. The chauffeur was with him a second after. As soon as the car boot was open, Andreas reached in to grab his luggage. It consisted of two suitcases of equal size.

"Thanks." He uttered with a nod, before pulling up the handles of his suitcases and moving onwards, closer to the building to get a closer look.

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Naomi Valentini

Naomi sighed softly what was she getting into with this. This was going to be a big event for them all meeting their soulmates due to a well game show pretty much. The long haired brunette ran a hand nervously through her hair as the car ride continued on. She sat up suddenly though seeing the beautiful scenery it was a shame that there wasn’t time for her to take some photos. Her hands slipped into her camera back withdrawing her favorite new camera. She could at least try and snap a few shots it would probably help calm her nerves. Naomi took a deep breath then rolled the window down focusing as she let the camera take over. She snapped photo after photo different setting depending on if they were stopped or moving.

She hadn’t even noticed as they arrived at the location at least not until the driver gently told her they had arrived. “Oh thank you so much.”she said warmly before gently packing her camera back into its bag. Naomi slipped out of the car placing her camera bag upon her back before taking a few steps forward. Her warm blue eyes scanning around seeing a few people gathered already. She was about to move forward towards the others when she felt someone bump into her. The momentum sent her flying forward crashing into a strong frame. Her back pack hitting the ground as her face smushed into soft material and a hard body. ‘This couldn’t be happening oh no.’she thought as a blush enflamed her face. Her soft eyes looking up into an unknown mans face.
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  • "What the-!" A deep voice sounded, tones tinged with confusion and surprise. Felix' body reacted quicker than his mind did though, turning around quickly and dropping his duffle bags with a full thud to grab his attacker's upper arms to stabilize them. Dark brown eyes found the face of the woman who'd bumped into him, confusion causing the eyebrows above to scrunch together the slightest as they both stood upright once again.

    "Well hello to you too, stranger." The voice sounded again this time, this time with more amusement than surprise in between the tones, eyes reflecting the same as a small grin formed on his face and he let go of the woman's arms to step back and give her some space to recover.

    This was not how Felix had imagined his arrival to the reality show location to go, but then again, he hadn't imagined the reality show location to look this grand - fitting, he supposed. The athlete was standing by the trunk of his cab, the driver looking equally as surprised as the former passager. The two had had some interesting conversations during the drive, enough so for the man to have comfortably removed the prosthetic on his leg. Felix was not comfortable with removing it in front of everyone, but when he did, it was a nice break from the weight and tightness, allowing the remainder of the limb to relax somewhat as well. Luckily the brown haired man had remembered to attach his prosthetic to his leg again, or else the situation at hand would've ended quite differently. It was quite an easy and by now familiar task, as he was wearing a pair of black shirts alongside his black t-shirt - showing off his metallic prosthetic, as well as his numerous colorful tattoos on his shins and arms. Felix had no qualms with his disability, and saw no reason to hide the fact. Not to mention, it was quite hot at the moment, so long pants would've been an absolute nightmare.

    Before he was bumped into, the diving instructor had been looking at the other contestants as he was pulling his bags out from the trunk, noting the different people who'd already arrived. The twins seemed quite similar and close, but still quite different in mannerisms, and the long-haired man he was yet to get more of an impression of. He was sure they'd get rich oppertunity to get to know each other later on, but for now, he was busy.

    "Lucky I was standing here, would've gotten quite the face full of ground if not. Not that that wouldn't have been funny in it's own way. Name's Felix, and you are?"

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While he was observing the house, the sound of crashing and gasps yanked his attention away. The hell was going on there? Andreas' brows lowered as he watched. Though, watching the scene further brought amusement to him which showed through a light chuckle. His eyes drifted to the sturdily built man at the end, whose tone of voice seemed unusually relaxed for what had just happened to him. He was almost certain that he'd have shown much more irritation had he been involved. He already developed loose respect for him.

Then, someone else had approached him. Whoever it was had a feminine voice. Andreas turned to face her, a smile spreading over his face as he replied:

"Oh hey Maya, I'm Andreas." From his distinct accent, he was obviously from England, but definitely not a posh or preppy area. Sure, he'd had a long trip, but he wasn't going to let that affect him.

Though 5'10 wasn't that impressive, he was definitely taller than the blue haired woman, albeit with a narrow build. His own hair fell in natural dark curls to just below his shoulders, stirring in the breeze, and his eyes were hazel brown. He had on a loose mustard yellow shirt with pale blue jeans, complemented with a silver colored round pendant. Seeing her struggling with her luggage, he said:

"I'd help you carry all that but I'm out of hands." He grinned, referring to the large suitcases he had himself. His eyes then landed on the tattoo on her arm.

"Nice tattoos though. How many of them d'you have?"

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