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Multiple Settings Soulmate AU RP


A Broken Crayon still colors, so why give up?
Hello <3
I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in a Soulmate AU where when you write something on your skin in pen/marker/whatever, it will show up on your soulmates skin as well.

Some examples of how this can go are:
Imagine having a super artistic soulmate who draws flowers and designs and really beautiful patterns all over their arms and person 2 just sits there watching the lines appear on their arms and they cant stop smiling because it is their favorite part of the day.
Imagine person 1 being super forgetful so they scribble down all the places their appointments are and person 2 tries to decipher them and figure out where they are going so they can meet and they see their writing on each others hands from across the waiting room/ office/ cafe/etc. and person 2 scrambles to find a pen and write 'found you' on their arm and person 1 sees it and they lock eyes.

The above are just examples and not the role play path we have to take. If you want to role play let me know <and feel free to tell me what idea you have.


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Hey, I think this idea is absolutely brilliant, and if you’re still looking for someone to roleplay the second example, I would be more than happy to do so! I hope you’re having a good day, and I can’t wait to hear back from you. (:

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Aight but what if they start drawing dick pics on their arm or something-

Anyways this is a cute idea. Soul mate AUs are v uwu. I think I'll be up for something light and fluffy if ur still available . Or idk, we'll see where things go xD


A Broken Crayon still colors, so why give up?
Thank you to everyone who has responded so far! This is a great first day and I cant wait for more rp's with you all


A Broken Crayon still colors, so why give up?
Both. I would watch them with my cousins but they moved to Washington so I haven't gotten the chance to watch them.

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