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    Yurei Hoshino.

    Some people may have taken the train, or the bus. Some people may have driven the way here, or even walked. Yurei, well he rode in on a horse, his last sentiment from a ranch he'd grown up on and was now repossessed. Wheat Thin, part of the ranch, was supposed to stay behind too, but Yurei didn't understand all that political and economical vocabulary anyways. Not much better than the letter he received from whoever this Headmaster is. He got that it was a school, supposedly, then it started getting into soulmates and twin flames, things he didn't understand and could no longer take seriously. He even wondered if it was some kind of scam, to rope him back into the kinds of dark places he experienced in his early life. But he felt like he was older and beyond that now, surely. He also felt more capable, he wasn't a defenseless child anymore without a window to the real world.

    "And yet I question if whoever wrote this is with us in the real world." He says to no one in particular, though Wheat seems to nod at the sound of his voice. Even in his skepticism though, he was on his way to the location printed on this wordy letter. He found it odd when mentioning this place that locals didn't seem to know what he was talking about. Their faces made him think this to be a prank. And even stranger, he found that more of a reason to try finding it.

    It was a small town he came into, with people who did seem to know what he was talking about. And within perhaps an hour he saw the towers and ops of the castle peaking into view. "Well would you look at that." He rides further onto the cobbled street and nearing the gate, there is a mass of people of varying appearances. Some looked like city folk, college tryhards, a frat a few very fancy people, one of which was a princess. Or looked the part. Oh boy. He himself was smiling but his brows were angled at trying to make sense of this. He'd miss the announcement, and was beginning to believe that this was some kind of costume party or mass prank. But he recognized none of these people, and pranks normally were between people you knew. No one was even from the same town as him. Though he doubted a castle was operating any kind of trafficking, maybe this was going to be some real-life Clue game.

    In scanning the scene, a particular presence was felt when he saw a girl. He wasn't really understanding what was happening, to him she look and dressed boring, typical, there wasn't anything special he could physically see. But the longer he was peering to see her as if to find the answer the more a chill crawled up his back, and he may have even heard whispers scraping around his skull. At that point he'd turned his gaze away, crossing a threshold of discomfort. It took him back to the night he had a nightmare and his father died. He didn't want to be processing that right now among this crowd. When he seemed to rejoin the present, well, he noticed that his friend had found a snack.

    "Wheatie," his stallion had nuzzled, snorted, and then started casually nibbling and chewing a woman's golden hair. It was long and Yurei could only think the horse thought it smelled nice and that it was food, "we talked about this."

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