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Tende altum, volare altius
Owen hadn't noticed the clouds. If he had, perhaps he could have been prepared. He felt Myra relax, he let himself breathe, and then the panic returned in her eyes with a vengeance. The wind picked up, tossing leaves, branches, people's belongings, and suddenly, the full force of it hit him in the chest.
He felt his feet leave the ground. The wind had lifted him bodily up, and he was flying backwards, but..Myra was with him! Had be not let go? No, she was holding onto him. The gates came up in a split second and Owen reacted on impulse again, he pulled Myra close and protected her. The force of the gates never came, and instead Owen hit the ground on his shoulder and back, the blow just missing his head. He'd kept hold of Myra, shielding her from the worst of it.

Orion's playful demeanor turned serious as the wind picked up.
"Oh? It has begun in truth Alex dear. This is getting interesting."
Everything happened at once. The first pair came sailing over the threshold, landing hard on stone and ice.
Orion took a quick look back at the other students, to make sure none of them had been hurt.

Owen slowly came to his senses. His ears were ringing. When his vision cleared someone was standing over him. A man with long read hair and stunning blue eyes.
"Well!" Orion exclaimed. "That's one way to make an entrance. Bravo." He began to applaud them, smiling.

Myra's hair tickled Owen's nose and he realized he was still holding her tightly. He let go and tried to move.
"Ah, I wouldn't. That was a pretty rough landing boy. Let me see to the girl first."

Orion knelt on the cobbles. "It looks like your bonded here made sure you didn't break anything girl." He concluded with a sigh.
"Are you in pain?"

It was then he noticed the imprint on the stone, under Owen's body. It looked like the stones has given way, just a bit, changed shape to cushion their fall.
"Well indeed." Orion turned to his peers, standing. "Does someone want to come claim this mess?" He pointed down at the pair, Owen and Myra.
"They're both all right. So says your humble doctor!" He stepped away from them dismissively.

Orion had his own pair to worry about.

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It was fine at first. At least that’s what Elle told herself as she shook hands with the man who introduced himself as Owen. Elle glanced back at the woman in the pink dress who was definitely a princess according to Owen.

And then it was all NOT FINE. Definitely not fine.

The princesses' big blue eyes widened with some sort of recognition and for some reason, it felt familiar to Elle, like she knew who she was. But Elle most definitely had no idea who the short blonde was and that was shocking enough for her.

And then she moved towards Elle and every single alarm was going off in her mind. She went to raise her arms in defense, but the princess was quicker than she had anticipated, wrapping her arms around Elle’s torso. Before Elle could even react, she could feel the shadows seep from her, billowing all around her and clouding everyone in darkness.

It didn’t help that the redhead– Myra is what Owen called her– was also freaking out, the weather seemingly changing as she lost her composure. The window began to pick up, carrying Elle’s shadow along with it, smothering everything and everyone.

Elle couldn’t control it, she couldn’t stop the darkness that was definitely coming from her… but she was… okay? She wasn’t dead? The princess hadn’t… Attacked her? The tight embrace she held Elle in was weirdly comforting and almost reminiscent of when her mom- No.

She couldn’t think about the past, not here and not now. She stumbled out of the embrace, apologizing profusely.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t-” She choked on her words, panic rising in her throat as the darkness continued to rise from her hands in a smokey manner.

Deep breaths, Elle.
She told herself mentally. She closed her eyes and hoped it would calm down as she calmed herself down, but she wasn't sure and that just made everything feel worse.


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As she stood there, blue eyes gazing up at him, she had never simultaneously wanted to run away and step closer to someone so much before and that confusion frightened her a little bit. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something about this man drew her towards him in ways that she couldn't explain or even begin to analyze. He was practically a stranger to her, they had literally just met a couple of minutes ago, so why did it feel like she had known him for much longer than that.

As she awkwardly held up the container of cookies, she could feel the strained silence between them as he just stood there sipping on his beer. The longer he went without saying anything, the bigger her anxiety grew. Did he not like cookies? Was he allergic? Did he just want to be alone and she was intruding in his space?

She was just about to apologize and turn tail when he shifts and takes a cookie and Olivia's tension over the awkward moment drains away, a small smile spreading across her face. It wilts only slightly as her eyes catch sight of the beer he offered and she shakes her head. "No thank you, I don't really drink." She said politely, placing the lid back on the container and cradling it to her chest.

Something inside her warmed with happiness at the sight of him accepting the gift she had brought and she wondered if this man was her Twin Flame like the letter had mentioned. It could explain why her feet had brought her over without conscious thought, or the reason why she continued to stand there even after he had taken a treat.

His offer of sitting in his car caught her off-guard, but instead of declining like her common sense was demanding she do, she found herself seriously considering it. It was pretty cold outside and she wasn't sure how long they were going to have to wait outside the gate for. "Thank you, I'm not used to the cold yet so sitting somewhere out of the chill would be nice." She said. She highly doubted anyone was going to touch her suitcase so it would be fine to leave it where it was. "My name is Olivia by the way." She said, holding one gloved hand out for a handshake.
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Ahn Jong-Su
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Winter. A season that could more often than not signal incoming hardships. It brought cold and dreary weather. It brought disease, sadness and sometimes even death. To some, it was beautiful. Dark blue eyes -rimmed scarlet- fixated outside the frosted glass pane, staring at the lightly falling snow with a sense of unease. A normal feeling for this particular day. Today was that day. A cold sensation took Jong-su out of his thoughts to look down at the nose of a dog nudging at him to pay attention to what was going on around him. Seoli stood attentive next to her master, blue service vest standing out from her snow white fur. She was a wonderful canine and for that he gingerly pat her head with his one gloved hand. She leaned affectionately into the touch for a moment then returned back to her seated position beside him. Yes, he should be focusing on what the doctor was telling him but after hearing the same thing said for sixty plus years, it became dull to listen to. "I know you dislike hearing it Jong-su but..." The female doctor, just a normal human woman, hesitated. In her hands she held his other hand, bare and for all to see. Stark white markings crackled up and down his hand, scars that tightened his skin and left painful looking scald marks, left a bitter feeling in his stomach. He disliked looking at them and would have frowned at them but he kept his composure, looking at the doctor with an indifferent expression. I know. The nerve damage is getting worse as I age and with it, my control. Yes?" His voice was soft in a way that one couldn't tell what emotion he was trying to get across. She nodded her head grimly, releasing his hand so he could cover the ugly wounds with a black wrist length glove, adjusting the strap comfortably.

He granted her a nod of acknowledgment in return, rising from the chair. Seoli followed suit and stood on Jong-su's left side where she always stood alert for changes. The Korean man left the office without another word intending to return to his room. The other Guardians could do as they pleased and rush to greet the new souls but he had no intention of following. If he shut his eyes for a moment, he could sense them. While the feelings were still faint -new- he could tell that his two would be alright without his intervention for a while. Jong-su continued a leisurely walk from the medical office to head upstairs to his quarters, hopefully to brew a cup of chamomile tea to sooth his nerves. Literally. The hot teas were already a favorite activity for him but the added benefit it had to his hands was magnificent to say the least. His hands twitched slightly, feeling one soul -the green one- have a moment of distress which in turn caused the red one to startle. It was interesting. Jong-su could distinctly remember when the two entered the world. The red one had woken up violently, wild and unhinged like a Mustang. It fascinated him and worried him at the same time; a worry for later down the line. The green one, however, was a steady awakening -shaky like a newborn fawn. Jong-su had wanted to hold it, envelop it in a safety net and hold it close but knew the rules and allowed it to blossom without intervention. But now here they were, just on the other side of the Gate.

Frost began to creep along his neck and shoulders as his body temperature dropped below freezing, ivory skin now decorated with thin ice crystals that glinted off the lights. Winter was both a blessing and a curse for him; his powers were at there peak performance, leeching off the already cold environment but also causing them to be "supercharged" and go a little haywire. Even for a Guardian as old as himself. He didn't intentionally try to have a colder temperature but the sudden decrease didn't bother him and he made no effort to will the frost away. Jung-su had just made it to his room when he stopped, hand hovering over the doorknob and Seoli paused, staring up at him anxiously. These two souls were troublesome. He could feel there powers running rampant, one in defense and the other in offense. Normal bursts of uncontrollable power were on small scale but these. These were much too big. Jong-su waited a minute to feel out how the situation was progressing but as the red one grew more out of control, his decision was clearly made. Without anymore hesitance, the Guardian entered his room, eyes scanning the comfortably filled space to grab a dark gray shawl -much too large on his slim frame. His black turtleneck would suffice to cover the scars and warm up his neck to push the frost away and an equally black pair of flared dress pants would do well. Jong-su had been dressed more comfortable to relax but because of this small situation, he had to change to be more presentable to these children.

"Jangso, Seoli." The lightly spoken Korean was enough for the service canine to leave his side, hop onto the bed and curl up to wait patiently for her master to return. With a slow flick of his hand, snow flew in from the open window; a thick flurry of white and cold swirled around him, incasing his frame in a harsh whirlwind tighter and tighter until nothing but a few snowflakes were left behind in the room.

"Does someone want to claim this mess?" The first sentence Jung-so heard as the snow on the ground rose up to form a human shape before falling away to reveal the Guardian, standing with arms crossed over his chest and shawl hanging loosely off one shoulder. Some of the snow remained scattered throughout his brunet locks that curled softly around his face. In front of him laid the green one, Owen, a mess in the chilly snow with the red one, Myra, in his arms tightly. Orion was nearby as well but didn't pay the doctor much attention; he was neutral with all of the Guardians and intended to keep it that way. Oh, how he wished that his two had not been the first to cross the threshold but lo and behold, here they were. "Let her go. She'll be fine." Jung-so looked down at Owen, observing the boy quietly and taking into account his injuries. All manageable. He raised his left forearm, flipping his gloved hand over with the palm facing up; the ground gave a deep shudder as snow and ice moved out from underneath the two fallen souls, creating a small patch of ground for them to get there bearings. The guardian could already feel an oncoming headache from having his plans rushed but he could adjust as the day went on.


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"Shit, I have light beer" he offers before shaking his head. "Yeah right, still technically alcohol in it." He sighs and shakes his head. He is unsure why he is so out of sorts. It isn't clear to him, thought he suspects it's a side effect of twin flame soul mate fuckery.

Why did he offer her a seat in his car? Why is he worried if she is cold, while wearing a dozen layers? Why is he slightly disappointed at her wearing layers?
Okay that last one is mostly normal hormones.

He hesitates for a second to shake her hand but he looks away and then does it. Holding on for just a moment to long to be natural. He hesitates to let go and when he realizes this a blush creeps onto his cheeks so he turns away.He moves to take her bag into his backseat, almost going for the trunk before flushing and thinking better of it. Throwing it into the back unless she stops him.

Since the cat is on his side he has to walk around to the passenger side. While their he unlocks the door and opens it for her. Not intending it as a romantic gesture, it's simply an older car, no power locks, he has to walk around to unlock it.

It's when walking back to the front that he realizes how cliche of a romantic gesture that was. He sighs softly to himself, watching the heat of his breath in the snow filled air.
Fuck she can see if I sigh.

He gets into his own car. It's warm from the drive, with heated seats which certainly aren't original but the car is pristinely clean and obviously well taken care of and loved either a passion project or brand new.

How do you ask someone if their your soul mate?

"So, I'm guessing you got the same fucking useless letter as me and I didn't say how to find your soul...partner twin flame thing?"

He doesn't face her instead watching the snow and the castle while trying to supress a blush.


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Yurei Hoshino.

Some people may have taken the train, or the bus. Some people may have driven the way here, or even walked. Yurei, well he rode in on a horse, his last sentiment from a ranch he'd grown up on and was now repossessed. Wheat Thin, part of the ranch, was supposed to stay behind too, but Yurei didn't understand all that political and economical vocabulary anyways. Not much better than the letter he received from whoever this Headmaster is. He got that it was a school, supposedly, then it started getting into soulmates and twin flames, things he didn't understand and could no longer take seriously. He even wondered if it was some kind of scam, to rope him back into the kinds of dark places he experienced in his early life. But he felt like he was older and beyond that now, surely. He also felt more capable, he wasn't a defenseless child anymore without a window to the real world.

"And yet I question if whoever wrote this is with us in the real world." He says to no one in particular, though Wheat seems to nod at the sound of his voice. Even in his skepticism though, he was on his way to the location printed on this wordy letter. He found it odd when mentioning this place that locals didn't seem to know what he was talking about. Their faces made him think this to be a prank. And even stranger, he found that more of a reason to try finding it.

It was a small town he came into, with people who did seem to know what he was talking about. And within perhaps an hour he saw the towers and ops of the castle peaking into view. "Well would you look at that." He rides further onto the cobbled street and nearing the gate, there is a mass of people of varying appearances. Some looked like city folk, college tryhards, a frat a few very fancy people, one of which was a princess. Or looked the part. Oh boy. He himself was smiling but his brows were angled at trying to make sense of this. He'd miss the announcement, and was beginning to believe that this was some kind of costume party or mass prank. But he recognized none of these people, and pranks normally were between people you knew. No one was even from the same town as him. Though he doubted a castle was operating any kind of trafficking, maybe this was going to be some real-life Clue game.

In scanning the scene, a particular presence was felt when he saw a girl. He wasn't really understanding what was happening, to him she look and dressed boring, typical, there wasn't anything special he could physically see. But the longer he was peering to see her as if to find the answer the more a chill crawled up his back, and he may have even heard whispers scraping around his skull. At that point he'd turned his gaze away, crossing a threshold of discomfort. It took him back to the night he had a nightmare and his father died. He didn't want to be processing that right now among this crowd. When he seemed to rejoin the present, well, he noticed that his friend had found a snack.

"Wheatie," his stallion had nuzzled, snorted, and then started casually nibbling and chewing a woman's golden hair. It was long and Yurei could only think the horse thought it smelled nice and that it was food, "we talked about this."

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Sapphire Saturn Star

"Oh, I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Noticing her distress, Star let her grip go, but still held one of her hands firmly between her small ones, not allowing her to let go. It wasn't intentional, of course, it was just her body reacting to another form of abandonment, she couldn't stand the thought of her own twin soul rejecting her and throwing her away like everyone else did.

Looking around her and seeing the shadows forming, she then looked back up to Elle with her big blue eyes that filled with sadness. She held her hand tighter, and she began to emit a kind warmth that soon was able to be seen. The princess was literally glowing and helping chase the shadows away with a small smile on her face. "I'm sorry, I must have surprised you....I'm P- I'm Sapphire, Sapphire Star. You can call me Star or Sapphire, or you know--Whatever you like."

She then looked back to the gate, and having found her twin, she tugged her arm slightly. "We should go now, I really don't want to be late, I heard they have a ball afterwards!" So, with that, the princess's warm smile returned and the light around her faded, but the warmth she created in an attempt to comfort her twin stayed just in case Elle needed it.

"By the way, what's your name? I have a feeling it starts with an E, but I can't put my finger on the rest of the letters."

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When the blonde woman stepped away, Elle could’ve sworn she was glowing–no, she WAS glowing. Her big blue eyes gazed up into Elle’s and it was like everything was okay. There was something familiar about her gaze, something that screamed home and made Elle.. want to return the embrace?

Taking a steely breath, she shook her head and grounded herself. The shadows dissipated, seemingly taken away by the glow of the princess. She then introduced herself nervously and Elle felt bad for making her sad.

Her name was Sapphire Star, and Elle found that poetically ironic. She was basically the embodiment of darkness while this princess named Star was the light. The light in the darkness. She remembered listening to a song with some lyrics going on about how stars are only visible in darkness, but she didn’t dwell on this thought for long.

“Uh yeah, it’s Elle. Elle Sterling, but I just go by Elle. Is there really a ball? I’ve…” She frowned, pausing a bit. “I’ve never even worn a dress.” Did she really have to go to a ball? This just made her all too nervous but the warm sensation from Star tugging on her arm seemed to quell those thoughts.

The previous red-headed Myra and Owen had flown into the gates after the random flurry? Elle wasn't quite sure what it was but what she was sure was that it was one of their powers. And they must've been soulmates too.

“Yeah let’s just head in.” She nodded, shuffling towards the gate. Would it open for them? It felt so strange, arm in arm with a stranger who didn’t feel so.. Unknown. Almost like there was some hidden memory lying in wait, ready to reveal itself at any moment, but Elle was sure she did not know any princesses.

“So you’re really a princess?” She now asked, raising an eyebrow at Star as they made their way over. She surely looked the part and radiated royalty. The crown on her blonde hair glimmered in the cold sun. “That must be a lot of responsibility.” She murmured, trying to imagine it all. Elle would definitely crash and burn if it were her. If anything, she was in awe of this short woman who seemed to hold the light of the sun in her very being.


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The feeling of his larger hand wrapping around hers causes an unexpected flush to rise in her cheeks, even through the glove she can feel the warmth he seemed to radiate and it flustered her and she couldn't even pin-point why. Luckily he had glanced away in time to miss her blush and even if he did catch, she hoped he would just mistake it for her being cold.

When their hands part she has to shove down the desire to reach out for his hand again, realizing that she shouldn't want to hold hands with a complete stranger as much as she does. If she hadn't suspected earlier, she was almost sure that this was her Twin Flame but the fact that it seemed like so much more than a simple partnership like she had originally thought it would be was making her a bit worried.

She had never felt this drawn to someone before and it worried her about what it could mean for the both of them. She had always been good at keeping people out but the fact that she didn't want to with this man made her nearly want to run back down the path and head back home. But then again, she really didn't have much of a home to go back to. Plus, this was her only chance to learn more about her power and that thought kept her feet firmly in place.

She blinked in surprise to see him turn away and grab her suitcase but it turns into a warmth bubbling through her chest as he drags it to his car to place it in the backseat. Feeling a shiver race down her spine from the chilly wind, she hurried through the snow to the passenger side door he had been kind enough to open for her. She slid inside, taking a moment to hover her feet outside the door to knock the snow from her shoes before bringing her feet inside the car and softly shutting the door.

Relaxing back against the warm seat, she rubs her fingers together, hoping to get blood flowing through them again, glancing over at him and nodding at his question. "Yeah, the letter definitely left me with more questions than answers." She's quiet for a moment before she speaks again. "Do you think we're partnered together? As Twin Flames I mean."


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Now that her panic had abated some, she sighed anew. Her gaze raised to the sky, but there was no trace of the earlier storm that had picked up those two people entirely. The wind was calm once more. She had half a mind to go check on the two fallen herself, but someone beat her to the punch. And, well, what would she have done if someone hadn't checked on them? She had no medical expertise.

So she decided to let it go, albeit reluctantly.

Instead, she picked up her suitcase and was fully prepared to head through the gate herself, but a shiver crawled down her spine. It froze her in place. Something said that she had to take another look, that she would regret turning away. But that was ridiculous, she'd seen all that there was to see. What would another person be that would amount to that? Maybe it's a prince this time, she thought with some degree of amusement as she decided to give in and cast the area one last once over.

It didn't take long for her attention to snag and hang on someone new. A guy had literally rode in on a horse??? Why not just make it a white horse from a fairy tale, while they're at it? His clothes were somewhat extravagant, but not nearly so much as the princess (she sincerely doubted that anyone could match that woman's penchant for the extravagance). And yet, there was something about the way he held himself that made him equally dramatic.

There was a strange pull, something that said, it's him.
He's the one I'm here for.
The one I'm meant to spend eternity with.
The one that--

She shook herself, annoyed at the state of her thoughts. It was utterly ridiculous. Sure it's been ages since she's actually crushed on anyone, but she couldn't be having that happen now. Especially not to someone she didn't know. Or maybe this was the Twin Flame nonsense...? Surely not! It sounded like something straight out of a fairy tale!

Whatever connection they had, it pulled at her, threatening to make her go insane just from not answering it. Her heart pulsed in time with the thoughts circling her head. It hurt to stay there. But the thought of turning away hurt more. Before she realized what she was doing, her feet took her in the direction of the guy sitting on a whole ass horse.

Once she was there, she hesitated only briefly. But anything she could've said seemed... abysmally small. After a moment, she sighed and settled for, "Quite the dramatic entrance." She had to crane her head back just to be able to stare into their face. Once again, her arms were crossed, though whether it was because of the chill or because she was closed off, no one could say.


Alexander started to feel a familiar warmth that started in his chest and spread to his extremities. He watched the two souls he had been most interested in make their way to to gate. One looked like she was straight out of a story book, with the bouncy smile attitude that one would have The other looked more like what a tortured veteran appears after coming home from war, scared, frightened and even pained a little.
They looked like another pair of Souls he knew long ago. In another life. A pair of souls that fought, bleed and died in times when happiness was scarce. Pain was certain. The powers matched up too, almost exactly as clumsy and un-trained as they had been.
'God Marcus' he thought to himself 'You'd think we came back again'
He pushed his old thoughts to the back of his head and approached the girls as they entered the gates.
He stood six feet tall, jeans, white shirt and old combat boots. His complexion was that of a southern European, but when he spoke his accent couldn't quiet be pinned down. Vaguely Italian, vaguely Greek. You couldn't pin it down if you wanted too.
"Hello!" He said with a loud boisterous voice, large grin already on his face.
"Welcome to Soulbound Castle. My name is Alexander and, if you would have me, I would like to be your guardian from now on"

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Sapphire smiled softly and nodded as Elle introduced herself. "That's such a pretty name, like Cinderella!"

The princess then violently gasped when she heard her twin flame of all people had never even worn a dress. "I should make you one! Well, I don't think I'll be able to make a gala worthy dress overnight, so you can borrow one of mine, I should be able to let it out a bit to fit you." Star explained while she examined the outfit Elle was currently wearing. Pink probably wasn't a favorite color of hers. "I have a few that aren't pink that you might like. Ooh, I can do your makeup too! You're really pretty already so it should be easy peasy!" Noticing her wording, the princess stopped herself.

"Um- sorry, I meant to say you are already beautiful so...Applying makeup to you would be very easy."
She said, as if she had to think about her words carefully before saying them, her hands gesturing a bit nervously as she spoke. They walked through the gates as the princess corrected herself, the beautiful metal opening for the bound souls with ease and Star walked through like it was no big deal, one of her hands still holding Elle's.

The princess question made Sapphire visibly uneasy for a moment, and then she smiled in an attempt to hide her feelings. "Oh, well, it is pretty great, but I was always the younger one so a lot less responsibility since I'm not going to be a queen, you know?" She started to pick at her manicured nails that were a dainty light pink, but with crimson around it where she had picked the skin off completely. "Just um...Ever since we got the letter my mother has been very strict with how I talk and how I act, which is super important but...I just can't do some things." She admits.

"It's okay though, I'm here now! And I know you got scared or something when I hugged you, but now that were together I'll make you feel better when I can. Um, or I'll try my best."
She gave another sweet smile, this time it was more of a wide childish grin. Her warm glow appeared again, however it was fainter, like sitting far away from a fireplace but still being able to feel it.

Then they met their guardian. Suddenly she was back to complete sunshine and smiles. "Oh woah! You're our guardian?! You're huge!"

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'That's such a pretty name, like Cinderella!'

Cinderella? Elle furrowed her brows as she tried to recall that. It was a Disney princess she was sure… Wasn’t it her favourite? She could remember it now, her older brother teasing her about it while her older sister defended her, saying it was alright to like princesses.

“Oh gosh! Don’t worry about the dress, I’m sure the school will give me something.” Her eyes widened in fear. She did not want to be forced into a fancy and showing dress that would put all attention on her.

“Makeup?” It was something she rarely considered. The only time she had worn makeup was to… well she didn’t like to dwell on those thoughts. “And don’t worry about it, it’s a compliment really. I’ve had a whole lot worse said to my face.” She joked, hoping to ease the tensions a bit. Then Elle noticed her previous question made Star uneasy. The brunette was normally a perceptive individual, yet when talking to Star it was like she wore her feelings on her sleeve. Was that because they were twin flames? Or was Star just naturally an open book?

Noticing the nail picking, Elle gently took one of Star’s hands. “Hey it’s alright, I understand.” She didn’t actually understand the stress of royalty, but having high expectations? Elle understood that very well. She also understood the creation of bad habits from stress.

“The hug just took me by surprise. I, uh, haven’t been hugged in a good while.” She decided to be a little vague about the time frame. Truth was that it had been 16 years since she was last hugged. To say she was touch starved was underestimation. Just holding Star’s hand felt weird and odd... But it was comforting and it almost made her just want to hug the young blonde even more. It gave her warm feelings of home, as if Star was her sister.

“I’ll be here for you too if you need it.” She gave a warm smile, meaning every bit of it. She truly wanted to be here for the blonde even if they had only just met.

As they passed through the gate, Elle could feel some sort of sense of relief, as if any chance of being ambushed was alleviated. She glanced over her shoulder one last time to see if there were any figures lurking in the shadows, but it was just other students waiting to find their twin souls.

Turning her attention to the man who was now speaking with a loud and boisterous tone, she found her head gazing upwards. Her head tilted at the phrasing of his question.

“Are we able to just… not choose a guardian?” She asked aloud and then realised it was probably just niceties and politeness. “Sorry, that was probably you just being really nice.” She quickly corrected herself, looking at his attire. It looked so simple compared to what Elle assumed were the other guardians, yet she had a feeling this whole thing wouldn’t be so simple.

“I’m Elle.” She held out her free hand, the other one still remaining in Star’s, for a handshake. That was the right thing to do right? Someone else had shaken her hand and it went pretty well. Maybe that wouldn’t be the right thing to do with a guardian, but it wasn’t like Elle knew any better.


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Gale tried to flatten out his shirt, wrinkling his nose as it refused to. He knew he should’ve listened to his mom’s advice and taken everything to a dry cleaner, but nope! He just had to do things his way. That’s alright though, whoever his twin flame is will just have to deal with his wrinkly clothes.

Besides it wasn’t like most people actually cared about how you looked, and if they did, well it didn’t bother Gale. Shrugging on his wool coat, he thought back to how he broke the news to his parents. He didn’t say the whole truth, just something about accepting a scholarship to some cool school in the middle of Europe.

Of course they had a million questions, but he always could pull the cancer card that let them leave him alone. He didn’t have cancer anymore, but used to and it tore his family apart. Since then, his parents agreed on one thing, if Gale pulled the card, they’d have to shut up and accept things. Such is the way of life and life could’ve been very short for Gale if cancer won the fight.

Running a hand through his fluffy hair, he wondered what type of person his twin flame would be? Supposedly the opposite of him, so would that mean an angsty and depressed person? That wouldn’t bother him, he could just be the light like Leo was for him. He took a deep breath at the thought of Leo. Man he’d be so excited about this too. Maybe Leo would’ve had a twin flame out there, who knows. Nonetheless, Gale was excited.

He made his way to a taxi, trying to give them directions. Apparently ‘a big castle in the woods’ was too vague and there were plenty of them. It took a couple of hours, but eventually after visiting MANY castles, they arrived at what seemed like the school.

Handing a wad of cash to the driver, he stepped out of the cab and breathed in the cool air. It was absolutely beautiful. The castle was huge and the area was just perfect. As the snow crunched beneath his boots, he kept admiring the view and telling himself how lucky he was to have an opportunity like this. He was lucky enough to learn he had powers, but a soulmate and something like Hogwarts?

Maybe he did win the lottery of life. As he walked up, he noticed most people were around… Someone on a horse, two in a mustang, a couple behind the gate. So how would he find his partner? He glanced around, his blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

His twin flame must’ve been late! That’s alright, life can happen like that. He’d simply just have to wait for them. Finding a rock, he brushed off the snow and took a seat, patiently waiting while he hyped himself up for this adventure.


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"Twin-flames, ah, yes I think so." Now he is blushing looking out his side window turned away from her completly. He was just put in a social situation to admit that he thinks, this girl that makes him feel soft baby bitch feelings, is his fucking soul mate.

After a moment of quiet he puts the car into drive and starts to head into the gate. "So, I'll drive you in, fuck the cold."

His heart beat is heavy enough he can feel it in from his toes to pounding in his ears. The lump in his throat feels like a baseball and he really wants another drink.


Alexander took Elle's hand "My pleasure" he said with a little bow before releasing.
"You are allowed to decline my invitation, and I won't hold it against you. However I recommend that I be your Guardian, as I have dealt with similar powers to you both"

He turned to the young girl in the big dress, after her through examination that yes, indeed, he was tall.
"Haha, thank you young miss" he gave the girl a little bow "and, may I ask, what is your name?"

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Everything happened in rapid succesion and went so damn fast that Myra couldn't keep up and seemed to surrender to her fate. From one moment to the next, both of them were launched like a rocket and then the gate swallowed the two of 'em up.
Reacting fully out of some primitive survival mechanism, the redhead squeezed her eyes shut at the moment of impact....

The blow that should have come was as light and soft as someone experiencing just bumbing into another person instead of solid matter. The soft and almost elegant fall (which by the way seemed slowed down by something at the end...) was the opposite of what she had expect upon crashing down straight and fast onto the cobble stones of the courtyard. How could this be possible?

After their unforeseen emergency landing, Myra couldn't stop shaking as the girl opened one eye carefully. Afraid of which crazy event might be happening next. She was however taken aback by the tickle of a certain someone's breath on her neck. "Wha-what?" she stammered, becoming instantly aware of two strong arms wrapped around her. The same ones.... which had shielded her from that goddamn avalanche earlier which was a close call, looking back. Owen's arms seemed not to let go and squeezed her lightly. "Owen...OWEN!" She yelled once, alarmed. Immediately concerned how her travel buddy was doing, she tried to wriggle out of his rigid arms, succeeding only partly due to his strong grip and determination to not let go. Myra heard someone talking next to her and she finally looked up at the - incredibly fairytale courtyard and.......well, several different even more fairytale-like..... figures who seemed to be looking at them half amused and somewhat pitying or annoyed. One of them was standing so close that she almost shot backwards like scaredy cat, if it weren't for the fact that Owen still didn't release his hold. The boy himself seemed to be in shock too, his face somewhat pale and his eyes fixated on the ground.

"The cobble stones.... they...." Myra began cautiously, confronted once again with that which should never be able to exist.

Magic. Elemental magic. And a random bunch of adults just finding out after living twenty, thirty years they possessed this shit-

"... stepped aside.....for.... us....".
Myra took a deep gulp of air, her eyes as big as saucers for a moment, as she had once again beheld Owen as he .... seemed to be bending the earth, like it was literally nothing and mere child's play.

This was impossible, but impossible didn't seem to apply in this place. This play was creepy as hell. But thinking about this place was none of her big concerns at the moment.

"Owen, are you OK? Where did you get hurt? Oh Owen- I'm really terribly sorry, I don't know what happened... but I think this was my doing. I didn't-" Myra rattled on, trying to express all her guilt and worry using only one breath. And to make matters worse, with regards to their audience, she seemed on the verge of hyperventilating and could very well enter the final stages of losing her mind for good. Her shaking hands clasped together, as if by doing so she was trying to prevent another gust of wind blowing them of their sockets. She did try to compose herself as she reminded herself to slow her breathing down to an acceptable frequency, only to be distracted and stopping her efforts as one of the strangers spoke up. From the shadows of the corridor slipped a guy, fancy overdressed like he travelled through time and space. His short smile so broad, thát his facial expression should have hurt. He seemed not to have any problems taking the lead and becoming the latest center of attention. At least, that would hopefully take the spotlight off them, for a little while. "Well, that's one way to make an entrance. Bravo." The perpetrator, his hair as red as Myra's, couldn't react more differently than Myra at the moment did. He was just making fun of their situation, that was for sure. Was he mocking them? Is this for real? Did she hit her head this hard she was seeing this ancient Frenchman kneeling in front of her, like this was some filmset? Why did he wear old-fashioned clothes?

Owen finally did release his hold on Myra and this guy continued, as he knelt on the scattered stones:
"Ah, I wouldn't. That was a pretty rough landing boy. Let me see to the girl first."

"Oi, ehm, Mister, wait a minute-!" Myra tried to stop him from her touching her, but he never came as close doing so, his blue eyes gently and cheerfully scanning her like he was piercing through her Soul, nothing standing in his way to analyze this "situation" in front of him. "It looks like your bonded here made sure you didn't break anything girl." The guy added, whilst he let out a sigh, but Myra wasn't paying attention after the words "bonded" reached her airs. She bit her lip trying to stop herself from jumping and screaming, thoughts racing through her head, clouding her problem solving abilities and keeping her like a statue frozen in place.
"Are you in pain?" he asked and she was glad he let her be after she managed to shake her head decivisely; her inner turmoil not visible to the naked eye for regular people, but unmistakingly and unfortunately visible to the selected few standing close & observing them. "Owen protected us, I'm afraid he took the brunt of the blow, of the impact," Myra answered, her tone of voice full of guilt.

"Well indeed, does someone want to come claim this mess?"

At that point Myra finally scrambled to her feet and held out her hand to Owen, in a friendly gesture, knowing he was the only one who probably would be as suprised and as cautious about what was unfolding and happening, as Myra herself. Who wouldn't be suprised at the turn of events and all these unfamiliar, kind of eccentric faces?

With that, another eccentric person decided to join and suddenly appeared from the ground. First it seemed snow build from the ground upwards, but soon, she was looking at a small man as the snowflakes melted with a hiss, his ash-black hair slightly hidden under a grey scarf, his hands sheathed in matching dark gloves and a set of piercing blue eyes like daggers, and his walk undisturbed and lightly tapping the castle stones as he moved a little closer. His movement as fluent and quiet as a cat on its latest mission to catch mice during a New Moon. Like he was on a hunt.

Myra closed her mouth, which opened subconsciously for some seconds as she was blown away by another suprise, revealing to all she somehow recognized this soul. Just as she was experiencing a familiar feeling upon meeting Owen, she experienced a total different - and as familiar vibe - as this man approached the two of them. Though.... she sensed their connection felt.... troubled. As if some deja vu reminded her of past events which....well....could have never happened, right?
She wanted to help Owen get up, but somehow she felt mesmerized as she observed the man's energy.

The man's arms crossed over his chest and signaled Myra he was probably not very in for a discussion or her opposing his....authority? He seemed to breath authority, though she couldn't pinpoint why that was the case.

"Let her go. She'll be fine." the man calmly said, while he looked down at her companion, his eyes focused on Owen like the other redhead did with Myra, quietly taking into account his injuries. Myra respectfully stepped back with her left foot, wary of the....enormous energy radiating from the man in front of her. She wanted to give them some space, so the man could do what he obviously had or wanted to do. She couldn't be mistaken this small guy was... powerful. He didn't radiate authority because he wanted to, like some jerk in town. No, thís guy truly resembled someone with authority and she realised for now it would probably be best to stay put and listen. Fortunately her breathing slowed down a little as Owen did seem to be alright..... Well, he hadn't collapsed already and no blood was to be seen.

The guy raised his left forearm with his palm facing upwards and the ground shuddered as all snow and ice moved out of the way of the three of them standing there. Myra at first didn't understand. "Did you just now.... bend ice, mister?" she asked, her eyes widening and tone of voice demanding of answers. Oh well, now they could finally stand. "Ah Owen, are you able to stand?" Myra tried again, both of her arms extended towards him, as she still watched the ice-bender out of the corner of her eye.

Earth &

And all those people standing in front of the Gates.... "We're all....elemental...benders?" Myra concluded, talking out loud, finally reaching the only plausible conclusion anyone could deduct thus far. Well.... Owen probably put one and one together way before she dared to finish the puzzle for now... But at least, Myra didn't look away and faced the daunting fact reality has always been different and nothing like she thought possible in all years leading up to this moment, combined.


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Orion gave Jong su a mock-wounded look as the man brushed past him to tend to his charges, not even offering the red-haired menace a cursory glance.
"I can't believe it. I haven't seen you all day and you don't offer me the simplest greeting. I made sure your wards weren't dead just now and this is the reward? How cruel you are to me Jong-su."

Seeing a chance to make a further nuisance of himself, Orion sidled over to Alexander, who was happily introducing himself to his own charges, moving to lean on the Roman's broad shoulder.

"You want this one as your guardian, trust me." He patted the shoulder affectionately. "He might look a little rough, but a more decent soul you cannot find. As much as I try to corrupt him."
With that he turned to the doors. "Come come! Let's get inside. We're here to train these new souls, not freeze them solid in this blighted winter weather."

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Owen had his eyes closed for most of the goings on after they landed, but Jong-su's soft command caused him to open his eyes, even as he loosened his grip and let Myra go. Awareness came rushing back, and he realized he was lying in a depression in the cobbles, surrounded by strange people. He suddenly felt very self-conscious.
The man who had spoken was elegant and calm in a way that unsettled him, and though he didn't look much older, Owen felt an age that was well beyond his. Deference was a new sensation.

"Um..." Owen began as he sat up slowly. He noticed the snow around them was gone. Slowly his mind began to work again.
"I didn't feel that at all." Owen observed, noting there was no pain where he'd his the ground.
Then Myra was speaking to him, it took him a few seconds to realize she was trying to help him up. He took her hands gingerly, standing as he did.
Myra looked okay too. Whatever happened, he knew it had something to do with magic.

Then something else prickled his memory. The strange man in the red coat had called them "Bonded". What the girl at the gates had said returned too, and the letter. Owen pulled his hands back quickly.
"Um, sorry." he apologized, not entirely sure what for. The magic he'd had time to sit with. The week after he'd nearly killed his father, and on the journey over. Magic existed, he'd almost gotten his head around that, but this? A soul mate? Was that what this was supposed to be? What Myra was supposed to be?

The entire concept was...uncomfortable for him. He tried to put it out of his mind. Maybe if he ignored it, nobody would bring it up again.
Myra provided the distraction he wanted.
"It looks like we are." Owen added carefully. "I suppose...that makes sense. Who better to teach us magic than people who can do magic right?"
He gave her a half-smile. "Your magic's pretty impressive by the way. You blew us through the gate yeah? Champion.

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