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~good vibes~
Hello! I’m going to keep this short and simple.
I’m looking for a Soul Eater roleplay with OCs and canons, and I’m looking for someone to play Lord Death/Shinigami-sama. Possibly as a romantic thing, but more so of a love-hate relationship.
I was thinking of a couple options for my character.
M/C was a priestess type for Death back in the ‘olden days’, and would actually be Kid’s mother?I was toying with the idea of maybe she was cursed while pregnant with her husband’s child and something happened to the baby’s soul so she talked with Death and they made a deal? I’ve got a few ways it could go.


M/C was one of the original weapons that gets brought back when some new big baddie comes along?

I’m willing to play any canon for you. I have experience with them all!

A quick bit about me:
-Full time nursing student
-Part time CNA (evenings 2-10)
-Horse, outdoor, and craft enthusiast
-2-4 paragraphs per post (depends on situation in the roleplay
-Open to violent themes (love damaging characters and breaking them down!!)

Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss things!

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