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Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Interacting: Yuan ( QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel ), Sion ( Prizzy Kriyze Prizzy Kriyze ), Erica & Grace ( CelticHero37 CelticHero37 ), Alma & Mayor Martin ( Lady Warlock Lady Warlock )
Meister: Sion


They were all right. What was she thinking, even considering retreating? She had been doubting herself too much as of late. She, along with the rest of her class, had been hand picked by Lord Death to participate in this class and the potentially-dangerous missions that came along with it, were they not? That being the case, Noelle had to have some sort of hidden potential that she herself had not yet discovered. She had let her emotions get the best of her. A stupid mistake.

Then, to the rescue, came Yuan. Before she could even react, Noelle was on the receiving end of a hug. As she was being reassured, a blush was brought to Noelle's face thanks to Yuan's warm, nuzzle-y, and hard to escape cradling. Did she hate it? Hell no. Was she flustered, due to her not being used to physical embraces outside of those coming from immediate family? Yep. In fact, all she could manage in response to Yuan's guaranteed morale-boosting statement were a few awkward pats on the girl's shoulder and a hasty, tense "Y-Yes! Y-You're right! T-Together."

The image of the two children, one of which she knew was missing, that Alma had shown the group had done nothing for Noelle but sadden her further, and fuel her desire to bring Hannah-- and, hopefully, others-- back home safely. Now focused heavily on her new goal, she was able to listen intently to the helpful information the mayor had gathered for them. Her authoritarian expression had swiftly returned, and she didn't even blink at Sion's retort against the mayor's comment-- something she would have for sure at least stifled a giggle at in any other situation.

While she thought her 'impregnable' focus would last until the end of their mission, what happened next had completely thrown Noelle off guard. Behind closed doors, there was a bang, a scream, a thud, and a loud barrage of... was that Scottish? She felt her feet carrying her towards the door behind Erica before she could even think to do so. Thankfully, no one was harmed, but what just happened was sure to bring down the expectations laid upon them by the mayor and the mother of the missing child. Right on cue, Mayor Martin screamed at her classmate at the top of his lungs, like she was an enemy and not this town's saving grace (pun intended). "No! Everybody calm down, now!" She hoped her sudden exclamation would gain the attention of the city official and bring him to his senses. "Do not get the wrong idea. Mademoiselle Grace is not an enemy. She is one of us, and she will prove that to you in due time. This is just... a minor issue that occurs sometimes. I assure you, she meant no harm." Once the situation had been diffused to a point, she knelt down, helping raise the unconscious Alma up and into the nearest seat. Hopefully, the brief contact with her healing wavelength would help wake her up faster. If not, she'd just wake up to hopefully see her daughter's bright face in front of her.

Sion's call made her gulp. It was go time-- the moment of truth. Before she made her way towards her unarmed meister, she turned her head back to the mayor one last time. "Perhaps we will be able to explain what just happened peacefully over some tea with young Hannah. And..." Her eyes trailed over to the destroyed table, and she prayed that it wasn't too expensive before she made her offer. "... I will personally pay for the table."

She stood in the doorway and addressed Yuan and the twins one last time. "Once you three are ready, please come outside. I believe it is time to finally see what is going on."

With that, she was outside in a flash, letting out anxious puffs of white smoke with every breath as she listened to Sion's breakdown and nodded with every word he said. Without wasting another second, her body glowed for a moment or two, and in the blink of an eye she was nothing more than an umbrella in her meister's hand. She shuddered at first, being immediately greeted by his harsh wavelength, but she could tell that she was slowly getting more and more used to it with every training session they had. "Do not be afraid to use me to protect yourself, Sion. I'm ready when you are."



White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Yuan (Meister)
Salt Lake City, Utah - Outside Mayor's House...On the way to Chief Vincent's Station?

Giggling at Noelle’s adorable response, Yuan reluctantly let go of French weapon as Alma showed them a picture of Hannah and Hunter. Her eyes scanned the image, nodding along sympathetically to Alma (and the mayor’s) explanation while she did her best to commit the picture of the two children to memory. Even with the mayor and his wife claiming that Hannah had ‘vanished’ in a different manner than all the other dead children, Yuan wasn’t confident that the child could be retrieved. Body not being found didn’t mean that they weren’t dead…and, even if she were alive, there’s no guarantee that she would be good condition after a ‘scuffle’ with a child-snagging zombie. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to keep her eye out.

Besides, if Hannah were alive, there had to be a reason why she wasn’t killed like the rest.

“May I take a picture of that photo for reference?” Yuan asked before taking out her phone and snaping a picture of the picture in Alma’s hand. She didn’t want to ask for the photograph in case the girl really was dead it was the last memento the old woman had of her granddaughter or something—especially when it wasn’t necessary. Praise be modern technology. Following the mayor to his home office, Yuan also took a picture of the map the mayor showed them—just in case. Sion could keep the original.

Biting back a snicker at the white-haired boy’s snarky reply to the mayor’s warning, Yuan’s brows nonetheless rose when he trailed off, seeming to hear something, declared it was time to leave, then rushed out the door. “Huh…”

She did recall him spazzing out during the first class when Cole and Callah’s loud resonance sounded off. Did he have especially good hearing? What exactly did he hear that prompted him into such urgency? Yuan might have followed him…if only to ask what exactly he heard…had Erica hadn’t suddenly asked about her sister. Eyes darting around the room, the redhead frowned when she realized she’d failed to keep track of one of her weapon partners. She’d seen Erica follow them into the mayor’s office, organizing the strewn papers on his desk in a strangely fixated manner, and automatically assumed Grace would be with her. Twins were two peas in a pod, weren’t they? “I don’t know. I thought she was with y—,”

Then came a scream, a crash, and a whole lot of Scottish cursing from the other room. Sadly, Yuan was still in the process of the learning the language, but she recognized Grace’s voice easily enough. Sharing a glance with Erica, Yuan followed the others—minus Sion—back to where they left Alma…coming upon quite the scene. Alma had fainted on the floor. A broken table. Grace arm partially transformed into an axe. Pushing up her glasses, Yuan quickly analyzed the situation—activating her soul perception—while the mayor automatically jumped to conclusions and Noelle automatically jumped to Grace’s defense. She appreciated her French classmate’s trust in her demon weapon partner. Even without knowing about the madness or fully understanding the situation, the dark haired girl seemed ready to stand by Grace…going as far as to offer to pay for the broken desk. Yuan, on the other hand, had reached for needles in her pockets…just in case.

Grace wouldn’t have attacked the mayor’s wife unless the girl had gone mad and she knew firsthand how tempting the drums of the twins’ insanity-inducing wavelength were. The meister could feel remnants of the odd fluctuations—which she knew to madness—coiled around Grace’s soul. What triggered the infection? Why now? Yuan hadn’t a clue. However, even if she had to fight her own weapon, Yuan wouldn’t let Grace do something she’d later regret.

Fortunately, the girl seemed to be in control of her senses. “Noelle’s right, Mr. Martin. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe Grace got a little overexcited because she saw a bee on the table, or something~”

One look in Martin’s eyes was all it took for Yuan to conclude telling the mayor that the twins might be crazy wasn’t the smartest of ideas. “We’re here to help you defend the city against the big, bad zombie that’s taking the children, remember?” Gotta reiterate the point. She remembered hearing somewhere that the overall grade they got for the mission would depend on the report of their conduct made by the initial requester…but, in all honesty, Yuan didn’t really give a fig about that. Grace’s well being mattered to her more. The mayor was understandably upset given the situation and getting him on their side might be helpful, but if he was brave enough to hand on either of the girls, he’d experience first hand what Yuan did to those that harmed her own. She didn’t quite know where her protectiveness stemmed from. The act of touching souls? Or was it because they reminded her a bit of her youngest sister whom she cherished?

“You wouldn't take money from children, would you~? DWMA will pay the cost of any damages incurred on the job. That sorta thing is kinda the norm when dealing with the supernatural.”

Or perhaps the girls will. They had long wealth lines after all…but why do so when they could use money from Lord Death (who was responsible for them) instead? Being a kid under the protection of the Grim Reaper had its advantages.

While Noelle helped the unconscious Alma to a chair, Yuan made her way to check on Grace, sparing only a quickly whispered “You might want to put the axe away” before ushering the girl out the door where Sion waited, hoping Erica had the tact to follow. One crazy weapon was difficult enough to deal with, yet fate blessed her with two. Noelle didn’t need to tell Yuan twice. She had no desire to stick around where the angry mayor might call the police on them if they didn't. Seeing Sion’s raised eyebrow at the doorway, Yuan shrugged. If he had good ears, he likely heard all commotion as well…yet he tactfully avoided sensitive topic and spoke of his plans as they walked instead instead. Yuan didn’t know whether to be grateful or not.

“Don’t worry about it. Being crass around civilians is nothing compared to damaging property around them~” Yuan replied amusedly to Sion’s apology, glancing curiously at the umbrella in his hand. She wasn’t sure why the girl was choosing to be in weapon form when her meister opting they speak to the police chief, but didn’t question it. The Japanese meister seemed to be an experienced battle tactician as his first instinct was to make use of their advantage and ambush the enemy. His manner of speaking was simplistic and straightforward as well. Nodding as he confirmed his ability to hear the mysterious child-like ‘laughter’ that some of the town’s citizen seemed to hear near the down town area, Yuan added her own input. “Magic resistance would certainly help. You seemed a bit offput when Mr. Martin called us children…but looking like a child may be advantageous to us in this case. We know the zombie, witch, or whatever it is after kids so we’d probably make for good bait…assuming we don’t want to endanger the children of this town of course. Instead of trying to track them down with soul perception, it might be easier if they come for us…and one the best ways to get a good strike at the enemy is to have them underestimate us as being just kids~” Yuan’s enemies (older siblings) underestimated her all the time. “If we can successfully convey that to Chief Vincent, I’m sure we can convince him to coordinate with ‘the children of DWMA’ and make the act realistic. We can ambush them then. With any luck, we can trick them to leading us to where they’ve kept Hannah as well…”

Or find out their reasons for taking children in the first place—besides just having a taste for young souls of course. Defeating the enemy didn't necessarily mean saving Hannah. Save Hannah. Protect the other kids. Defeat the Zombie. Only the highly ambitious (like her) that tried to succeed in everything. It was easier to pick a main goal and stick with it. Now that she was focusing, she could certainly feel a Kishin Egg somewhere in the town—an evil soul that indiscriminately consumed other souls. One at risk for turning into a Kishin if it wasn’t put a stop to…at least according to the textbook she read. It was too difficult to tell exactly where it was what with all the 'noise' though. Her perception, on a range scale, wasn't that good. She was better at reading individual traits (which she used to get a leg up on her enemies). “Oh, and Grace~? Just because we’re discussing plans, doesn’t mean you can get away without giving us an explanation.”

Yuan was content to give Grace and Erica their time to tell her more details of their infection, but not if it endangered the lives of others and could activate randomly as well. Noelle stood up for Grace when she was in a highly compromising position and even gone as far as to offer to pay for the table that Grace damaged. She, at the very least, deserved an explanation. More importantly, Yuan wanted to be prepared in case something like this happened again. She didn't even know what triggered it the first place. Where there any particular ticks about the madness they were infected with? Like it would flare up (be more difficult to control) in the company of old ladies or something? Did it not like tables? As a soon to be dual-ax wielding meister, Yuan would like to know if her weapons weren't comfortable with tables.

“What was that all about?”

Prizzy Kriyze Prizzy Kriyze Lady Warlock Lady Warlock Nobody Special Nobody Special CelticHero37 CelticHero37
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Roar That's me!
1627660316677.pngCallah Meeler
Sydney, Australia

A shiver ran down Callah’s spine at the mention of ‘earpieces.’ A look of disgust filled her expression. As one who relied on her sense of hearing more than any other sense she had access to, anything that blocked out her hearing and overwhelmed it with one specific thing was not pleasant in the slightest. Fortunately, she didn’t have to face that potential problem because although the team seemed to desire them, no one miraculously came forward with any. Callah was safe from that disaster.

Using that single sense that earpieces would have taken away, the demon weapon listened in to the conversations everyone was having without offering too much on her own for the moment. Her entire being perked up when she heard Lord Death’s voice because that was one she recognized, and she very much approved of the encouragement he gave them.

“Lord Death’s right! We got this guys! No matter what scary spooky building thing lies ahead of us, we can handle it! We are R.I.P. after all, and anything that doesn’t like us can rest in peace!” Unbeknownst to the red haired girl, she was very loud and managed to catch a few odd glances from the civilians passing through. Callah couldn’t tell, though. She couldn’t see, after all.

As Cole went over the plan one last time when their conversation with Death seemed to end, Callah did whisper something solely to her meister. “Uh, Cole… once I’m in weapon form, I’m gonna stay there because I can’t exactly get myself back to a regroup point.” She figured it went without saying which was why she only said it to Cole, but Callah still wanted to make it known. Communication was one of the reasons why they worked together so well.

Not at all nervous that anything could possibly go wrong, a silver light consumed Callah before her human form was replaced with a sniper rifle right in Cole’s hands. “Here we go!” she yelled excitedly, her soul’s sound echoing for her teammates to hear the excitement.

Lady Warlock Lady Warlock Sir Les Paul Sir Les Paul Mineczka Mineczka Nobody Special Nobody Special The Regal Rper The Regal Rper

Location: Sydney, Australia
Interacting: Luka ( Lady Warlock Lady Warlock ), Cole, Aiden ( Sir Les Paul Sir Les Paul ), Rio ( Mineczka Mineczka ), Callah ( Solarknight Solarknight ), Cei ( The Regal Rper The Regal Rper )

Weapon: Cei

"Hah?" Dai glanced over at Aiden, clearly confused by the fact that his partner's name wasn't yet known to the others. "She didn't tell ya while we were riding inside that bird?" His thumb pointed back towards the airplane, before switching places with his index finger and pointing at Cei. "Her name's..." His sentence slowly trailed, before drifting off into silence-- proof that he had completely blanked on his partner's name himself. He gestured towards her, catching her threatening glare with a confused, raised eyebrow. The fuck're you lookin' at..? He decided to disregard the confusing gaze he had received by breaking eye contact and clearing his throat, speaking up once again. "Cei, you should tell 'em your name. You know, so they can hear it from you."

Hearing everyone agree with his grand idea brought a cocky grin to Dai's face. He was about to begin spewing nonsense about how smart he was-- if not for Rio speaking up with her suggestion before he could start. He craned his neck to get a better look at the building, fixing it into his memory before answering Rio's idea with a simple nod of approval. They began to search the perimeter, and the call was made as they did so. Just like last time, Dai had once again opted to remain quiet and not speak to Lord Death. Instead, he kept his eyes peeled and his nose focused, trying to see if anything seemed particularly out of place. The only thing he could pick up was a faint scent of what was probably danger, and... what the hell was that?

As their precautionary search came to an end with them standing at the same point they had started at, Cole spoke up to give instructions. The plan seemed to be pretty concrete, and Dai had no objections. "Sounds good. Hopefully there's somethin' worthwhile in there." He held his hand out to Cei in a nonverbal request for her to transform. Once she did, he took a second to get a feel for her weapon form, which was completely new to him. Since she had been chosen to be his new partner, he assumed Lord Death expected that they would be compatible as partners-- if so, he was right. Not only was her weapon form similar to weapons he had already been familiar with thanks to all those years in the wild-- she was better than them. A sturdy wooden helve (with beautiful inscriptions that he was too ignorant to even fully acknowledge at the time), great swinging and lunging force, and, of course, that beautiful bladed tip. He couldn't help but grin out of excitement, giving Cei one last comfortable twirl before preparing himself to enter the Opera House first. "Just stay behind me," Ordered the young boy, obviously in a better mood than he was earlier thanks to Callah's excitement. "Ain't a damn thing gettin' past us!"

With that, the team entered the opera house, led by Dai. The first thing to catch his attention was the loud, irritating banging that resonated throughout the building. He gritted his teeth, growing more and more annoyed with the sound as it continued with no clear end. "The fuck is that?" He complained, keeping a tight grip on Cei just in case the origin of that noise decided to suddenly jump out from somewhere. As they continued to slowly move further into the building, Dai also picked up... music? Or, more like an infant with an instrument. He paused once he was sure the lobby of the building was clear, turning his head slightly to address the others behind him-- specifically Cole. "Oi, just tell me where you want me to go, and I'll go there. Doesn't seem like there's much goin' on so far, other than these annoying ass noises." He hid a mischievous smirk from the others, speaking again to address Luka. "You scared yet, runt?"


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