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Fandom Soul Eater: Pull of Magic

What kind of character are you currently interested in playing in this rp?

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Comet Lady

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Soul Eater: Pull of Magic

Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy! Basically, we are an organization built to protect and preserve peace. I guess we’re not exactly a typical school. Oh well; that isn’t important. For now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!
Lord Death
So, what happens when keeping peace within an organization meant to keep peace becomes a challenge? What happens when Lord Death makes the controversial decision to trial witches as students within his esteemed academy? Students within the academy have long worked towards the goal of creating or becoming death scythes and that requires a witch’s soul. Now their goal is practically right in front of them, but they can’t have it anymore. Alternatively, the witches who are now students still are pulled by magic that lures them to destruction. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Can they control it enough to maintain Lord Death’s trust?

Meanwhile, in the background of it all, the Witch’s Order remains and they have their own rules they follow. One of them establishes that no witch shall befriend or side with anyone involved in the DWMA. Everyone knows their wrath is coming, and that it’ll likely come down on both Death Weapon Meister Academy and the witches who joined them. That tension bubbles among all of them and only makes conflict more likely to spark.

DWMA Students
This is, of course, the option that’s always existed and leaves a lot of open room. Play as an EAT student at the academy and choose to be either a weapon or a meister. Pair with another student to be a part of a team and make your decision as to which side you take in this Soul Divide.
Young Witches
A unique option within this rp allows you to have access to magic and to cause errant destruction throughout, but your fate depends on your level of control. Play as a witch and conquer the pull of magic while trying to spite the Witch’s Order who’s held you under their control too long.

This will be a semi-detailed to detailed roleplay that will require posts at least once a week and that will ask that all posts be at least two paragraphs in length. It will encourage interactions between roleplayers and between characters and everyone will have to pick a side sooner or later. What drives that choice, though, is ultimately up to you. Although, don’t be surprised when elements appear in various places to gently nudge you in one direction or another. There is no wrong choice, but character development can be awesome sometimes, and we hope to encourage a lot of it throughout the story we’ll be weaving.


The Man, The Myth, The Monster
Question tho, would this be from the lore of the anime or the manga? Cus each bring out different aspects (the manga more so cus the manga is better) about souls, magic, madness, kishin, etc etc

Comet Lady

Still an RN
Question tho, would this be from the lore of the anime or the manga? Cus each bring out different aspects (the manga more so cus the manga is better) about souls, magic, madness, kishin, etc etc
I usually pull lore from the Soul Eater Fandom wikipedia which does include information from both sources.

Comet Lady

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For those of you that haven't noticed yet, I added a poll to the top of the thread to start getting a feel for what kinds of characters people are looking to play. You are allowed to pick up to two.

Comet Lady

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Update for Peeps: I am aiming to have character submissions open starting Wednesday or Thursday. I won't have time to put together a skeleton for character sheets until at least Tuesday.

I am just trying to keep everyone updated on timeframes for things.

I am hoping the actual rp will start shortly after next weekend.

Comet Lady

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Character skeleton will be available before midnight CST tonight! I have also officially started writing the first post which is good progress for me!!

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