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Answered Sorry I have no idea how to do this, how do I delete my account,


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I don't think RPN has it set up for you to delete accounts on here. Just make a hard to remember password and leave is about all you can do if you want to leave.

You could try contacting one of the staff members as well. This is just what I have garnered from looking at other messages of members wanting to leave the site.


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From our FAQ:
How do I delete my account?
Users are unable to delete their account. What you can do if you wish to prevent yourself from accessing it later is to change your e-mail information and password to something else and make yourself unable to recover your account.

In regards to GDPR we will not delete accounts. In this situation we will:
  • Randomize your account name.
  • Remove your e-mail address, birthdate, gender identity, and other private information.
  • Remove your avatar.
  • Remove access to your profile.
Any non-personal or private information such as, but not limited to; posts, PMs, profile posts, gallery items, post attachments, will be retained by the site. This process will result in being unable to restore your account and is permanent. You can file this request by making a thread in Staff Contact.

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