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Shadow The Hedgehog

Infected with The Metal Virus.
*In G.U.N headquaters.*
Commandar Price: Hello Team Dark. I am glad you contiune to provide good results on all of your missions.
Rouge: We really do try.
Omega: Yes.
Commandar Price: I know. Anyways here is your mission pay. *gives all 3 24 million bucks*
Rouge and Omega: Thank you Commandar.
Shadow: We'll be on our way now.
All three leave to their quaters.


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
(What happens when you give a teenage girl the opportunity to procrastinate instead of actually working on important things? You get over three thousand written words of text and a whole damn soundtrack to go along with it!! Trust me none of my other posts are going to be as long as this bullshit. Anyways, if you really really aren’t in the mood for reading a whole ass novel then you should be able to skip to the line break where it says “Current Day” without being too confused. But I’d really appreciate it if you did take a look at all of my hard work 😚)


November 14, 2XXX
Location: New Eggmanland

New Eggmanland at night could at best be described as melancholic and at worst a hellish nightmare, where the only sounds to be heard from the city were from the metallic steps of New Eggmanland’s sole populace; robotic monstrosities with no free will of their own. There were no pigeons cooing from trees as those had been eradicated long ago, years of pollution and grime making it impossible for any to exist. There weren’t even any rats scurrying for food as they wouldn’t be able to find any here. For despite its name and appearance, it was not a normal city by any means. It was a factory and playground for one single deranged scientist; Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

The uneasy peace which cloaked the dystopian wasteland was soon interrupted by a burst of light hailing from a nearby alley. Stumbling out of the cranny was a certain grey furred mammal who was none other than Silver the Hedgehog. Before he could even get a bearing on his surroundings Silver couldn’t help but go into a fit of harsh coughs as he choked on the city’s polluted air. After a minute or so he finally forced himself to stop, knowing the fit would never finish if he tried to let it end naturally. Silver’s hand rose to wipe his watery eyes as he finally examined as much as he could of the scene. Through the thick fog Silver looked out from the alley to an unsettling sight. There wasn’t a single person to be seen in the city. Even worse, he caught sight of hundreds of robots milling about. Before they could have the chance to find him, Silver quickly retreated back into the alley way to collect his thoughts.

“What happened? I thought I finally managed to fix the future this time...what did I miss!?”

Another wave of coughs tore through the hedgehog as his mumbling turned to angered shouting. He’d soon come to regret this act as it seemed that something, no, many things had been alerted by the noise. The city went dead silent for just a moment. Time itself seemed to stop until a wave of alarms blared throughout the city. Silver needed to get out of there NOW. An aura of teal light enveloped the hedgehog as he began to float out of the alley and onto a nearby roof, just barely dodging gunfire aimed at his way. He hadn’t even noticed how quickly the city’s residents had arrived onto the scene, the speakers implanted into them repeating one set of statements over and over.

“1 life form detected. Species: Hedgehog. Orders: Exterminate on sight”

Silver’s momentary break on the roof was quickly interrupted by another onslaught of gunfire. Before a single bullet could piece through him the hedgehog created a forcefield using his psychic power, causing each one to ricochet in various directions with some even managing to hit the robots themselves. Those who did get hit however were soon quickly replaced by reinforcements. It seemed every single resident of this hell scape had been alerted of his existence. If he didn’t find somewhere to escape soon the chances of him becoming nothing but a splatter of bullets and gore was becoming more likely each moment he stayed out in the open. Letting down the shield for just a moment Silver took the opportunity to crush as many robots as he could see with his psychokinesis, disfiguring their bodies into one large boulder of scrap metal to hurl at even more of them. Taking the chance that this had given him, Silver took to the dingy black sky, hoping to find the outer bounds of the city to make his exit. Maneuvering out of the way of whizzing bullets, Silver flew high into the air, but as he ascended further and further, the city only seemed to expand in size. It was like it was an endless sea of a dystopian nightmare one could only ever think of in dreams. Yet even the bliss of being able to wake up was unable to be found in this unforgiving hell. It was all Silver’s proof of his own failure. This future could not be saved.

A whirring jet engine broke Silver’s attention on the horrors in front of him. The Egg Fleet, how could he possibly forget? And the laughter that rang out from the plane was yet even more unforgettable. It was the owner of one maniacal man that plagued the minds of him and all of his friends.

“It’s a pleasure to see you once again, Silver the Hedgehog.”


“Eggman! What did you do!?”

From the airship’s speakers Silver heard the man’s laugh ring out once again.

“What do you think? I’ve won. Two centuries ago I finally collected all of the emeralds, ripping them out of the paws of every little rodent who stood in my way and then....” Silver could hear the disgustingly rotten pleasure in Eggman’s voice as he continued. “I eradicated every single life form on this miserable little planet. Well now, except for you....but that can be taken care of quite easily.”

Eggman went silent as a row of hatches across the air ship began to open all at once. Knowing that he’d better prepare himself, Silver on instinct surrounded himself with a shield before it was too late. It was a good thing he did as immediately after Eggman barked out one word, “FIRE!!!”

A barrage of missiles bloomed out from the Egg Carrier, gliding their way towards the hedgehog and one by one each made impact with his shield breaking it down little by little. As soon as the protection did crumble Silver switched to the offensive as he psychically grabbed the remaining missiles and sent it back towards the airship’s way. The sound of explosions rang out in the sky as they made impact with the ship but the hedgehog knew it wasn’t going to be as simple as that. The ship was an absolute behemoth that’d take way more than some missiles to bring down. There’d be no way for Silver to win if he were to continue this line of attack. His thoughts were soon quickly interrupted by another flurry of projectiles hurdled his way as he dodged each one, each missile getting closer and closer to hitting him. Silver needed to think of something fast or the chances of Eggman getting a lucky shot on him would continue to get higher and higher the longer he waited. Examining the hatches themselves, Silver sprouted an idea. They looked to be big enough for him to sneak into, that way he could take the Airship down from the inside. Hurriedly Silver flew closer and closer to the ship and waited for the next row of missiles to be sent out. The moment they were he took the opportunity to fling himself into the hole before it could close. He was now inside of the ship.

Landing onto the floor with a heavy thud, Silver hastily looked to see if any badniks were nearby which thankfully didn’t appear to be the case. After his last encounter with the robots it seemed that they were all connected in a way where if one robot were to seem him everyone else would in turn be alerted. He needed to be extremely careful as one slip up would quite literally spell doom for the hedgehog. Luckily, since Eggman had assumed that he’d killed everyone it was likely that his defenses would be more lax. Silver shivered at the bleak thought. Speaking about Eggman, Silver couldn’t help but ponder as to how he was even still alive. Last time he checked people could live to be over two hundred years old. Had he done something to himself that made him live longer? Never mind that, he needed to keep going.

Silver looked around the area, ammo and weapons of all sorts were stocked up in neat boxes, this was likely where Eggman kept all of the ship’s weapons. Further examination then revealed a vent that he could crawl into. Hovering over to it, Silver quickly tore off the cover and hastily climbed inside before putting it back on behind him.

Anxiously he crawled through the vents, hoping to find an opening soon as the small space was already beginning to make him feel claustrophobic. Luckily in the distance he saw light poking through. Heading his way over he found his exit. Looking through the air vent’s cover, he spotted a lone robot guarding a door. Taking a deep breath, Silver closed his eyes and focused on his power, using it to crush the poor robot’s head before it could even notice. Grinning, Silver opened his eyes once again and kicked the cover before jumping out of it. Landing next to the robot, he surveyed the area. Surprisingly, it looked like quite the average hallway, something he wouldn’t be surprised to see in a hotel or office building. More importantly, there weren’t any other robots nearby, expect...Silver heard footsteps coming from the left side of the hallway. Seeing no other hiding place, he quickly went inside the room that the badnik had been guarding, just barely missing the oncoming robots.

Now inside, his hands immediately went to cover his eyes as they had to adjust to the bright lights that illuminated the room. Squinting, he noticed the place was alarmingly bare, with the walls and floors all painted the same shade of white and the only things of interest being a singular pedestal standing in the dead center of the room. He carefully walked, taking mind to be on the lookout for any possible traps but there didn’t seem to be any. Eggman truly hadn’t been expecting anyone to be left alive to warrant any sort of defenses. The pedestal itself strangely enough displayed nothing but what appeared to be...some sort of necklace? The hedgehog picked the item up, watching as light danced across it’s translucent surface. The jewelry itself seemed to have been broken at some point as all that hung off from the string was a jagged crystal of some sort. Whatever it was, Silver didn’t doubt that it had to be of some importance so he decided to pocket it for himself before exiting the room.

After that Silver continued to explore the interior of the ship, taking mind as to not stumble in front of any robots and alert them all of his presence. After an hour or so of this he finally found something that seemed to be of importance. He stumbled upon a large metal door that differed from all of the others he’d seen so far. Upon examination beside it was a rectangular nameplate, to which Silver read out loud. “Energy room, this must be it huh?”. His search had reached its end, he took one of the handles and turned it, opening the door and entering the room.

Compared to the room that the necklace had been stored inside, this area of the ship was quite the opposite in appearance. Darkness shrouded the area like a thick fog and hung from the walls, ceiling, and floor were thick wires all connected to a large box which illuminated with the only light available. Silver let out a small gasp at what was inside the box, they were the Chaos Emeralds but...something was off about them. Their once brilliant shimmer had now been rendered to a dull glow and it almost seemed as if all saturation had been sucked out of all of them. One thing was obvious, they had been drained of their power for who knows how long. Even worse, Silver was unsure if even with all seven combined that they’d have the power to send him back in time. Even if they couldn’t, Silver had to try. After he’s tried so many times to fix the future the boy refused to give up now and live in a world with Robotnik as it’s sole resident. Reaching out Silver’s fingers graced the surface of one of the gems, only for the entire room to be bathed in a deep red light as alarms began to sound off. Quite eloquently, Silver let out a simple “Crap!” as it was quite obvious that he’d been found out.

“Thought you could sneak around MY airship eh? Metal Sonic! Bring me the rodent’s head!”

Metal Sonic busted through the entrance, with the doors themselves quite literally breaking off their hinges and flying off as Metal made its way inside. Without giving Silver a chance to react, the mechanical beginning had him by the throat, fully prepared to choke the life out of the hedgehog. Gurgling and gasping Silver scrambled to raise one of the broken off doors and slam it into Metal Sonic, forcing the robot to drop it’s grip on him. Falling to the floor Silver took in large lungfuls of air but that too would be interrupted by Metal as the machine would recover from his attack and dash his way, crashing a Metal foot hard into Silver’s ribs, causing the boy to be sent flying into the nearby wall.


Silver coughed out a hot sticky glob of saliva and blood as he desperately tried to steady himself, Metal already making its way over to him. Grabbing the other broken door, Silver used it as a shield, causing Metal to fly into it. A large clang met his ears as the impact the robot made had been strong enough to leave an indent of his foot into the metal door. Frantically Silver bent the metal door around Metal Sonic, hoping to trap the mechanical being inside of it and crush him. Metal in turn responded by using all of its strength to punch a hole and rip it’s way out. If the robotic copy of Sonic had any emotions, Silver knew for sure that the only thing it was feeling in that moment of time was pure unadulterated bloodlust and to be truthful, Silver was absolutely terrified. He needed to get to those Chaos Emeralds now and not spare a moment longer in this fight between himself and Metal Sonic. A teal aura would cover the already escaped Metal Sonic as Silver would catapult the robot as far as he could out of the room. The robot slammed into the hallway’s wall, breaking through it and the walls behind it, landing in a whole different room entirely.

The engine in it’s back began to whirl as the machine launched itself back to where Silver and the Chaos Emeralds were, slamming itself into Silver just before he could grab the gems. The machine grabbed onto Silver by his quills and slammed him into the floor, each thud earning a pained cry from the hedgehog before slamming him one final time. Just as the machine was going to deal the final blow Silver remembered all of the large wires that resided in the room and in one final desperate bid he psychically grabbed hold of as many as he could. Metal was soon then enwrapped by all of them as the cords coiled around his body like large snakes. Looking Metal dead in it’s unfeeling, cold, red glare. Silver used the wires to crush Metal, squeezing until the machine was compressed into nothing but a heap of scrap metal. The fight was over but Silver couldn’t wait any longer as Eggman likely was already in the process of sending reinforcements.

Silver limped his way over to the emeralds, holding onto the side of his torso that had been kicked in just moments before by Metal. He stared down at the gemstones and with a deep breath, stuttered out, “C-chaos control!”, vanishing within a flash of light.
Current Day
Location: South Island, Freedom Fighter’s HQ

One second Silver had been standing on Robotnik’s ship, the next he was crashing down onto a cold tile floor, taking down with him a fancy glass soap case, the hand towel rack, and the toilet, breaking all of them in one fell blow. He always hated when this happened. Nine times out of ten he’d be safely on the ground after traveling back to the past, however it seems the universe was out for him at the moment. Thus, here he was, laying crumpled on the destroyed bathroom floor surrounded by a colorful collage of destroyed toiletries. With a labored breath, Silver mentally prepared himself to get up. The side of his ribs where Metal has so rudely kicked him was aching horribly, making any bit of movement a challenge. Unfortunately though, he couldn’t simply just lie on the floor and give up, no matter how attractive that option seemed. Quietly he counted down from ten,

“...Nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three... two...ONE!”

A grunt left Silver’s mouth as he used the sink to pull himself from the ground. Immediately a flash of pain caused the hedgehog’s vision to go completely white, almost sending him careening right back to the floor. Thankfully Silver’s death grip on the sink saved him from starting the process all over again. On two shakes legs Silver stared at himself in the mirror, finally realizing just how banged up he was. Dirt and dust caked him to the point where one might assume he was simply covered in light brown fur. That wasn’t even the worst of it as, parting the fur on his chest as to reveal skin revealed a swollen mixture of purple and yellow hues. Looks like Metal had definitely bruised a rib or two at bare minimum. He’d definitely need an ice pack-


....And maybe some pain medication. But overall, Silver was all good to go. Sure his ribs still were crying in agony and his legs threatened to give out at any second but Yep, totally 100% ready to rock n’roll. Speaking about rocks, that reminded him of something. His eyes widened in realization. “The Chaos Emeralds! How could I forget!” Silver exclaimed as he scanned the room for any sign of them. Unfortunately it seemed that they didn’t manage to come along to the past with him. It’s a shame, even if the gems were weakened it still wouldn’t have hurt to have them at his disposal. Oh well, there wasn’t any use dwelling on the past...even if he was literally dwelling in it by definition. Looking on the bright side, he managed to steal that peculiar medallion. He took the necklace out from where he’d been storing it just to confirm that yes, he didn’t lose it. It really was strange that someone like Eggman had been keeping something like this. Just what was it? Well, Silver would have to save his curiosity for later as he needed to figure out just when and where the heck he was in the first place. For all the teen knew he could have just crash landed in Eggman’s bathroom. Holding his breath in anticipation, Silver opened the door and stumbled out, hoping for the best but ready to face the worst.

Maybe the universe didn’t hate him quite as much as he’d assumed as Silver quickly realized he knew this place. With the bathroom wrecked he couldn’t tell beforehand but now he could tell just exactly where he was, The Freedom Fighters’ Headquarters. The biggest sigh of relief in existence left Silver’s mouth as he stood in the hallway, thankful that he wouldn’t have to fret about fighting his way out of there in the shape that he was in. Now all the hedgehog had to do was worry about not falling back on the grab. Silver did his best impression of the leaning tower of Pisa as he used the nearby wall for support, making his way down the hallway. If there was anyone else in the build then they surely must have heard the chaos that’d been going on in the bathroom. Silver’s cheeks flush a bright scarlet as he mumbled to himself, “Ah jeez how am I gonna even gonna explain everything to them...”. Sure, the whole destroyed future part wouldn’t be that hard to elaborate on but the bathroom?...well hopefully he won’t have to pay for the damages.

After a minute or so of walking Silver began to hear voices up ahead. Hurrying his pace Silver felt a smile grace his face. Even if he needed to fix the future again at least it meant he’d be able to be with his friends for a little while longer. Honestly if it weren’t for them Silver couldn’t imagine that he’d still have the strength to continue fighting on like this. Creating a future where his friends’ descendants can all live happily together simply added fuel to the burning fire that kept him going.

And finally, there they were. In his immediate sight Silver spotted Knuckles, the guardian of the Master Emerald and last of the echidna race, as well as Tails, Sonic’s right hand man, genius prodigy, and the smartest person Silver knew. Leaving the wall that’d been used as support, Silver used the hand to wave at them, getting their attention as he hobbled on over to them. Remembering that the entire purpose of traveling to the past was to warn them of the future, Silver’s joy of reuniting with his friends was quickly sobered and replaced with panic. Anxiety seeped into every word as Silver hurriedly sputtered out, “Please tell me you guys know where the Chaos Emeralds are, Eggman’s planning to use them for something BIG. I-I just came back from the future and he managed to wipe out all life on Mobius!!”

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Shadow The Hedgehog

Infected with The Metal Virus.
Screenshot 2021-03-24 12.05.32 PM.jpg
Shadow The Hedgehog: He was making his normal supply run to the Freedom Fighters since G.U.N made an alliance with them a few years ago. In a matter of minutes he was outside the base in the truck with the suppiles in the trailer. He got out and went and banged on the door to the base.


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤

Location: South Island, Freedom Fighter’s HQ

“I don’t know how he got them and I wasn’t able to-“

A round of knocks broke through the hedgehog’s hurried ramblings, causing the young boy to shoot up in surprise. It took a few minutes to register what the sound had been in the first place but he quickly realized that somebody was at the door. He waited a few seconds to see if anyone else was going to open the door before deciding to just do it himself. Not even bothering to limp over there, Silver used his telekinesis to turn the door handle and open it for the person on the other side, immediately regretting it as using his powers just left him with quite the nasty headache. He really needed a nap or a cold pack. Just something that’d help ease the overall strain of all he’d gone through after being put through the wringer.

The handle of the door Shadow stood in front of illuminated a teal hue, the only kind of warning that the hedgehog would get before the entire door would aggressively slam open nearly tearing off the hinges. Once Silver finally saw who it was he quickly beckoned Shadow and Rouge to come inside. “Please tell me that either of you know where the emeralds are, if Eggman manages to collect them then the world’s going to be toast!” Silver fretted, repeating himself once again so they could get the run down of what exactly was going on.

Interacting with: Shadow, Rouge, Tails, Knuckles

Shadow The Hedgehog

Infected with The Metal Virus.
Screenshot 2021-04-08 11.33.27 AM.png
Shadow The Hedgehog: We have one but that's it. Why? Rouge start unloading the supplies!
Screenshot 2021-04-08 11.33.09 AM.png
Rouge The Bat: OK! *Rouge begins to unload the trailer of suplies including food weapons and drinks for everyone.

Shadow The Hedgehog

Infected with The Metal Virus.
Shadow The Hedgehog: Here I found this after being batted around space by Nazo *hands her a white flower of sorts* I ain't got time to keep it alive so I was hoping you would for me


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
Location: South Island, Freedom Fighter’s HQ

“Only one? I guess it’s better than none” Silver thoughtfully remarked, somehow seeing the brighter side of the abysmal situation they were all in. Luckily having one at their disposal meant that Eggman wouldn’t be able to get a complete set of them if he had already begun r was in the process of searching for the Chaos Emeralds. However, Silver quickly added on, “but no matter what Eggman can not under any circumstances get all seven of them! In two hundred years there won’t be a single inform left on Mobius besides Eggman. He basically replaced everyone with machines and converted the planet into an entire factory! Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around to find out much more since I got into a little scuffle”

Silver vaguely gestured at his battered body to solidify his point. However, as evidenced by the bumps and bruises littered over the hedgehog’s body, it was clear that the fight he’d gotten into was anything but little in regards to severity. Though perhaps after dealing with apocalyptic hellscapes on the regular, it took him a lot truly to rattle him badly. From the teen’s perspective even if getting hurt like this did suck a whole ton it could always be much worse.
Moving on, He continued. “I’m sorry that I don’t have much more information than that, but at least now we can make sure that whatever Eggman is planning doesn’t happen. We just need to find the other six Chaos Emeralds before he does and show him what we’re made of-OW!!”

Silver’s expression scrunched into one of pain as he breathed a little too hard in, causing his bruised rib to loudly retort back with further discomfort. Knowing he couldn’t put aside his injuries any longer, Silver looked over to where Rouge had previously been unpacking boxes of supplies.
“...Would you guys happen to have an ice pack in there?”

However Silver would quickly change his line of thinking at the mention of someone he’d never heard of before.

“Who’s Nazo?​

Shadow The Hedgehog

Infected with The Metal Virus.
Shadow The Hedgehog: A being made of Negatitve Chaos Energy from the white emerald and the being who pushed me to near death. *Shadow lifts his cape to revel his one arm* even my own regenration skills can't heal this yet. Nazo did this. *he drops the cape to hide it again and grabs the Green Emerald from his hand* Lucky for us this emerald responds to my energy only due to the bond it and i have made.

Shadow The Hedgehog

Infected with The Metal Virus.
(no he can due to an abiltiy I gave him that will come later on. It allows him to make a real looking arm out of chaos energy but for no longer than an hour and he needs a 30 minute break in between each arm. Anyways back to rp)

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