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Who is your Favriote Sonic Charcter

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The 4th Espada
does anyone like where im going with this and also hes from another universe where he, Felix and Jack are a Agent trio and somehow he got stuck in the Akuma surviving for the past 5 years. and searching for a way to return home to kill his worlds evil villain The Reaper.


The Ultimate Procrastinator
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Name: Ocean and Violet
Age: 16
Few know the true Ocean and Violet , but the two traits most people enjoy the most are that they are courteous and warm. Of course, they are also spontaneous, athletic, and daring, but in a way, they're lesser traits and trained by behaviors of being Confidant as well.
their courtesy though is what they most well-liked for. On many occasions, people will count on this and their precision whenever they need help.
Family: They are sisters
Crush: none
Side: Good
Powers/Ablites: Basic Sonic Ablities
Appearnce (Picture or descrption):1610554881757.png
Outfit (picture or descrption): ( Her sister looks like) 1610554912383.png

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