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It may not be entirely obvious from my profile but I am actually a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I have been since I was a wee little girl (6 years old to be exact) so I have a deep attachment to the series and especially the character of Sonic himself whose become a sort of role model for me. And with the excitement in me for the third movie, the Knuckles series coming out and Sonic Dream Team on the horizon, I believe it is time to share a prose of mine that I have tried to do in the past but sadly could never finish.
But before I describe this prose, let me lay down some ground rules!
  1. No “fade to black”! These are animals, and most of them are 12-18 so why would you want to? And don’t even try using innuendoes. I will block with no hesitation or warning if you try sneaking something in.
  2. There are two couples I’d like to use for this and I would like to be the female counterparts to them. More will be described in the prose but this is strictly male loves female.
  3. Most of my roleplaying style has been focused on novella or advanced literature. Though for this I will take casual literature as well. For me, casual literature means 2-8 sentences per response, but I will take one sentence responses if it makes sense (like a conversation). PLEASE don’t give me one word responses! Give me substance!
  4. I am NOT ghost friendly. Things happen, I know, but you gotta keep me in the know. I don’t have to know every detail but just let me know if you’re gonna be MIA. I will message you after four days of no response and if you don’t respond in a week (while still being online whether on Discord or RPNation) I will close the roleplay and block you.
  5. You don’t need to know everything about Sonic and the Black Knight to do this roleplay! I’m more than happy to assist you with any questions! Though I’d like to keep this strictly game canon like the original game.

All good? Now to the prose!

We know the Arthurian legend. And we know how SEGA created a story driven by character development and deep thoughts by using this legend along with some of their most beloved characters.
But what if I told you that SEGA left out some crucial details to Sonic’s misadventures in Camelot? What if I told you that there was a lot more to the story than you were told as a child playing on your Wii? Well, let’s open this book back up back to the beginning. And let’s see what really happened…

Merlina, the granddaughter of the legendary Merlin, cries out to the heavens for a savior when she’s surrounded by the fallen King Arthur’s armies of ghouls. And the skies bestowed their precious hero of the wind- Sonic the Hedgehog. And after running Arthur and his men off, Merlina and Sonic pull the sacred Excalibur from the stone and Merlina sends Sonic into town and to the… Queen? Wait, there’s no Queen in the game right?
But Queen Guinevere is very much alive in this story. She’s been forced to rule this kingdom alone because of Arthur’s turn to the world of evil. And with the Knights of the Round Table join him in this debauchery, Guinevere is desperate for someone to help. And that’s why Sonic has appeared. Her prayers have been answered and she asks for an audience with him immediately. Though when he appears… she looks awfully familiar to him. Emphasis on “family”.

And it’s ultimately Sonic who brings peace to Camelot, and returns Guinevere’s favorite Knight back to her side…

Now, who IS Guinevere, you’re asking. For that answer I shall give you some backstory:
Back in 1994 there was going to be a port of the Japanese game “Popful Mail” that was to star a new Sonic character. And this character happened to be Sonic’s sister! Hence the name “Sister Sonic” was given to this project… however when fans heard of this they sent horrible letters and demanded that SEGA scrap the idea… so they did.
Now it’s 2012. I have made myself a Sonic fan character meant to be my persona. But then I catch wind (Sonic Wind, teehee) of this cancelled game. And thus started this character’s evolution from a generic persona to a full fledged character that now serves as an ambassador for what we could have had if the game were to be- complete with the more strange aspects of “Popful Mail’s” protagonist kept intact. And what is the name we have given this ambassador?
Sapphire “Sister Sonic” Hedgehog. Sonic’s little sister who adores him and their friends, and above all else longs to join The Resistance to fight Eggman and bring peace back to their home. And she may or may not have a crush on Shadow despite Sonic’s protests and Amy’s teasing.

~She can be found in these videos and this collection of pictures some absolutely wonderful people have drawn for me! And also some by me!~

But in this story she’s not related to Sonic (since Sonic doesn’t have an Arthurian counterpart like the other characters do) though she develops a deep familial bond with Sonic as time goes on. And instead of a plucky girl who’s accident prone and goofy, she’s a valiant Queen who has the world on her shoulders.

~Guinevere can be found in these pictures!~

TL; DR, this will have many aspects of the game but introduces a new character, romance and a new take on the Arthurian and SaTBK stories!

Questions you may have for me;

Q- who am I playing as?
A- you will be for sure Sonic and Lancelot (because I will be Nimue and Guinevere- the romantic counterparts). But we can divvy up the rest of the characters to whoever you’d like! And if you have an FC you’d like to be one of the Knights of the Round Table, go ahead!
I've been told I roleplay really well as Sonic but I've done him for years. Change time!

Q- what couples are being roleplayed?
Sonic and Nimue (Amy), and Shadow and Guinevere (Sapphire). They won’t be the primary focus of the roleplay but I want some nice 1-on-1 moments with them.

Q- is this bar for bar what the game has?
A- the basic plot will be the same but we will be adding our own twists! Including after where the game ends!

Q- does Sonic have a counterpart in Camelot like Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and Blaze do?
A- he doesn’t! At the end of the game (spoilers) he’s knighted as the “True King Arthur” but he doesn’t have a doppelgänger.

Q- should we do this here or on Discord?
A- I’d much prefer Discord but if you’d like to keep it here, we can!

With all of that said, I hope you will consider joining me with this prose! Please comment or DM me if you’re interested!

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I read all of this and I must say it has been a HOT MINUTE since I have been into Sonic but Black Knight being my second and still one of my most loved Sonic games to this day, I would absolutely love to play a different take on the story!! I may be a bit rusty in writing characters but I think I'll get back to my groove quick enough. I love this idea of inserting a different character to the rp and maybe we could discuss other things to add as well.

I'm about to bed but feel free to shoot me a message when you can! I also have a Discord and either area is fine for us to RP. I can tell you more in a message.

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