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Hello friends! You can call me Vex if you so please. I am from the EST timezone but I'm willing to work with anyone from anywhere! I have 2 other, separate posts.
Multiple ideas OR Fandom ideas
Also, I am terrible with coding so apologies for a "bland" post. My responses will be as quick and as often as possible. Never less than 2 per week. Without further ado, on to my rules and interests!

~~ Rules ~~
Any age 15+ is welcome
Ghosting NOT friendly
3 sentences at minimum
LGBTQ+ welcome!
Romance is required
Will not immediately move off-site
Semi-lit to literate preferred
Character sheets preferred
Not interested in doubles
Will only be my OC
Slow burn preferred

~~ Interests ~~
You Don't Want Me When I'm Sober by Boy Destroy
"...You only love me when I'm faded
One foot in the grave, yeah
You won't stop 'til I'm on my knees
No, you don't want me when I'm sober..."
This idea is considerably toxic. Drug addict and sober person is my idea. I imagine a lot of angst with this plot. Possibly more so than romance. Ideally a 55/45 split.

Obsessed by Elle Lexxa
"...You're a little obsessed with me
Beyond a doubt, you're out getting pressed for me
Even though you're throwing shade, you're not my enemy
'Cause, you're just a little obsessed with..."
Another very toxic idea involving stalking. I want this to be some type of... vice scenario. Like a fundamental to each character.

F**k Away the Pain by Divide the Day
"...F**k away the pain, erase him from your brain
Fake it like you love me, Come on baby touch me
Show me where it hurts this dirty little curse
Don't have to be ashamed if you wanna scream my name..."
Please don't flag me for the sensual themes of this one. I want a strong character to be there for mine after a very messy breakup or other trauma. Perhaps even being roommates until my character becomes a little more healed from what happened.

Disconnected by 5 Seconds of Summer
"...We put the world away
We get so disconnected
You are my getaway
You are my favourite place
We put the world away
Yeah we're so disconnected
Turn off the radio
Those late night TV shows
Hang up the telephone
And just be here with me..."
This idea is a personal favorite. A couple goes on regular vacations to unplug and make memories. Fluff is the goal of this song.

Paper Rings by Taylor Swift
"...I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings
Uh huh, that's right
Darling, you're the one I want, and
I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this
Uh huh, that's right
Darling, you're the one I want
In paper rings, in picture frames, in dirty dreams..."
Another rather fluffy one. I see this prompt being rather goal oriented. Starting with a proposal and ending with the wedding or perhaps even honeymoon. I want the stress and fights and getting attached to our characters wondering if they'll stay together. Maybe it's toxic, but they do love each other. One heck of a lot too.

Into It by Chase Atlantic
"...These girls they come and go between my bedsheets
And I've been doing blue and causing big scenes, yeah
Pull up and I'm higher than the big trees, yeah
She don't really like it but she needs me, yeah
She saying she don't really miss me..."
I want one character to be the player type. The other gets him to change his ways but denies loving him to begin with. It's very cliché but I deserve it.

why are you here by Machine Gun Kelly
"...From seeing you next to a friend of mine
We didn't speak but I read your mind
Both telling lies, our alibis didn't work this time..."
This song is about a pair that sneaks around. They're not good as a couple, but still have a connection. An undeniable bond. This too is a prompt full of angst.

Kiss Me Kiss Me by 5 Seconds of Summer
"...If I can let you go
So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
I'm dying just to see you again
Let's make tonight the best of our lives..."
I want our characters to be so in love. They would be the type that run and jump into the other's arms. The kind that are so happy together they make the other couples around them sick.

Sorry for so much to read! I promise I'm nice so don't be afraid to reach out!
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