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  • Hey hey! Welcome to my 1x1 partner search thread. You can call me Rain (she/her), just your average teenager looking to spend some time writing with you lovely people on this site. If you like what you see here, shoot me a PM! I'm happy to discuss just about anything, and I make sure to check my inbox pretty frequently. Old replies will be purged from time to time, so if you reply here don't worry if I've deleted your message. I just like to keep things tidy-ish ^^

    - My age isn’t something I’ll be disclosing, but I'm under 18! I know that makes some people uncomfortable.​
    - Post-frequency wise, I should be able to get a reply out every 1-2 days. I'll let you know if I'm busy.​
    - I mirror post, but I typically go anywhere from 3-8 paragraphs.​
    * Give me something to work with description-wise! I don't care how long your post is, but no one-liners, please.​
    - I'm looking for a semi-literate or literate RP. Flawless grammar/spelling isn't important, we're all human, but I just want to be able to understand your posts.​
    - All/any pairings gender-wise, but I prefer to write f// for romance since I'm gay
    * On that note, I love platonic just as much. Even if a plot has romance mentioned in the description, we can totally change it up.​
    - I write about dark topics! If you have anything that you're uncomfortable with, please let me know.​
    - I draw a lot, so I might end up doing something for our RP- there’s no pressure for you to return anything, I just love art ^^​
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