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Multiple Settings Something Horrible, On the Edges of Sanity...

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Head Rattler
Hello there! I'm Connor (He/Him), a soon-to-be grad student. I've been roleplaying for a couple years now, and am eager to once again make my own interest check! I'm a big fan of horror movies and games, and so this time around, I thought I'd mostly focus on that genre, though I'm still pretty flexible. I've been thinking up all sorts of spooky, creepy ideas that I think would be fun to play out, some more open-ended than others. But first, a few details:

The Potatoes:
  • I'm not really looking for any one-liners in these rps, but I don't expect anyone to write any novels! I tend to write a few paragraphs myself with posts, but I don't like forcing anyone to match post length.
  • I'm pretty ditch-friendly, I'm fairly used to it by now! I'd prefer to be told that you're not interested in the rp anymore, but hey, it's not like I can force you to lol.
  • I shoot for posting at least once a week, and I'm not gonna demand my partners to post any more often.
  • I'm comfortable with playing characters of all genders and species, and if our rp has a pairing in it, I'm fine with doing any kind! F/M, F/F, M/M, whatever. No matter your gender or orientation, you can't escape the terror!
  • I'm also fine playing multiple characters. You probably won't have to, but you're certainly welcome to!
  • I'm kinda expecting a lot of dark and mature themes this time around. Be warned: I do have a liking for gore and graphic injuries in horror stories. It always makes them seem grittier to me. Just let me know any limits or topics that are too far when we discuss the rp!
And now,

The Meat:

I have quite a few ideas swirling about, so I'm gonna post a bunch of rough ideas. I'll try and list any influences/inspirations I had for the concept. Let me know if you think any might be interesting!

  • Backwoods Nightmare Mansion: Some urban explorers decide to check out a decaying old house in the middle of the swamp for their Youtube channel. This proves to be a massive mistake, as they're kidnapped by a deranged family of cannibals and killers. Can they escape, or will they end up on the dinner plate? Heavily inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Resident Evil 7, and Murder House

  • Darkest Depths: The apocalypse has already occurred. After a devastating series of cosmic events and ecological disaster, the surface is now little more than a charred cinder. The last remnants of humanity now reside in underwater research bases constructed before the cataclysm. The scientists at one such base receive a distress message from one of the other bases. Naturally, they send out a crew to help. But what that crew discover at that base defies explanation, something beyond horrific. Heavily inspired by Soma and Nick Cutter's The Deep.

  • Hunters, Prey: A hunting trip goes horribly wrong when the hunter is mauled by a horrific beast and left for dead. As they struggle to survive, they discover that the very woods themselves have changed, twisted into something alien and sinister. Only with the help of an unnerving new ally will they have any chance of survival. Inspired by Uktena 64 and Darkwoods.

  • Liminal Horrors: Monsters aren't just destructive creatures, they're breaches in the veil between our world and...somewhere else. Their very existence is poison to our reality, and so must be exterminated. After a series of mysterious disappearances and brutal murders, a fledgling monster hunter must stop this incursion of monsters into their city. Inspired by r/liminalspaces.

  • Harvest Horrors: After being granted a farmstead after their grandfather's tragic passing, an overworked office worker sets out to their grandfather's village to start a new life. But something is wrong. The mistrustful villagers behave oddly, the farm is completely barricaded, and there are very strange noises at night. It soon becomes clear that evil is stirring in this little town... Inspired by Mundaun, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Stardew Valley (seriously lol).

I also had a few ideas that were even less structured!
  • Ghost x Human
  • Small Town Werewolf
  • Hell (Just, something in Hell lol)
  • Servant to Vampire/Monster
I hope you find one of these pulse-pounding plot ideas interesting! Leave a comment or PM me if you did. I'm also open to discussing any other horror rp ideas you had that were too scary to discuss anywhere else. I wanna hear them! :closedeyessmile:


New Member
I have been fascinated with liminal spaces for a while so I am very interesed in that premise. I would like to try to explore that premise a bit more. Are the monster also inspired by artists like Trevor Henderson?


You've got my interest! I'm a sucker for gore and horror, and your darkest depths idea sounds right up my alley if you're still looking!


Head Rattler
I have been fascinated with liminal spaces for a while so I am very interesed in that premise. I would like to try to explore that premise a bit more. Are the monster also inspired by artists like Trevor Henderson?
Trevor Henderson is one of my favorite horror artists, so I would definitely use him as inspiration for any monster designs. I was also thinking of using grotesque versions of classic monsters, such as the werewolf design used in Resident Evil Village. I thought that one was delightfully creepy!

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