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Fandom someone to be trash with (og plot!)

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uh, hello! i'm crea, or cory, or whatever the heck you want to call me, and the lowercase is just for the aesthetic i promise. i love weeping over gay trash because i, too, am such. m/m definitely preferred if romance is involved, but i'm totally cool with platonic goodness. timezone = EST, though my sleep schedule's a wreck so i tend to be up throughout the night.

i'm not too sure what else to write but gjbjgbsjdgb

here's some fandoms, i'm cool with canon kids or original brain babies

Good Omens (god i adore this)
Sally Face
All For The Game/Foxhole Court
(again I adoreee)
Legend of Zelda
maybe something D&D/Shadowrun-esque??
Kingdom Hearts
Fran Bow/Little Misfortune
Supernatural (craving)
Tokyo Ghoul
Hannibal (CRAVING THE MOST, would prefer hannigram, can play either but prefer will)
Death Stranding (CRAVING)
The Mandalorian

extra! I have a plot I've been wanting to do about kids who, after experiencing some sort of trauma, have developed superpowers. those who are found out get sent to a facility for alleged treatment. we can obviously expand upon this!

ps: i adore darker themes and fluff is my weakness
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Always Happy to See You
Yooo you seem super nice I'd love to do some Good Omens with ya if you're interested, but tbh I'm always down for anything, lemme know if you're still looking~


Lesbian Extraordinaire
I have an interesting scene set in the Bioshock world if you're interested, and I can fill you in on the stuff you gotta know for it as well!

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