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Fantasy ...Somebody shatter me...

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One Time Luck

“Beats til the song disappears..”

Jaeden sang quietly, her headphones turned to a volume so high you could hear it as if it was playing on a Bluetooth speaker. Her black, naturally curly hair was looped around the wires connected to her headphones, as if they were a safety hold on them.

Her pencil, sharpened to the point it could break if someone pushed to hard, made a small scratch against her knock off, dollar store drawing paper.

“Somebody shine a lig-“

She was stopped by a small shattering noise, as if someone was downstairs creating a ruckus. She took out her headphones, letting out a small hiss as they pulled on her hair. “Ow fuck!” She groaned before pausing the song.

She bit her cracked bottom lip as she slowly made her way downstairs, “Hello?” She asked quietly, her shy tone echoing throughout the house, the only other sound being her footsteps down the old, broken stairway. She felt like the bombshell blonde in a horror movie, her body shaking as she made her way to the kitchen, once she turned the corner she let out a loud scream... there stood her black cat, Salem and his cat bowl, once in the counter, now spilled to the floor. She dropped her pencil before she began to let out giggles, “You dumb kitten!” She laughed out.

Jaeden picked up the bowl and grabbed the sweet kitten, holding him in a ball, “you scared me!” She kissed all over the kittens face as she ran upstairs, moving to set the feline on her bed, returning to her desk to draw, completely missing how her door, that she had shut tight, was open when she came back up.

She slipped back in her headphones, humming along almost instantly..

“I’m frozen by the fear in me..”

Jaeden turned around to look at her cat, letting out a scream when she saw a black hooded man instead. She immediately went to stand up, but the man grabbed her throat and pulled her off of her seat instead, her headphones ripping out of her ears, letting the music play aloud now, filling the room, covering the sounds of Jaedens sobs.

“Somebody make me feel alive.”

Jaeden didn’t have time to register what the man pulled out of the dark jacket, she was too busy shutting her eyes, hoping it was all a dream.

She opened her eyes as she felt the pressure of something stabbing her in the stomach. She let out a cry of pain, blood immediately beginning to ooze from the wound. Jaeden has never felt something like it, something that hurt so bad, something adrenaline couldn’t numb. She felt the sharp object being pulled out, moving to stab her stomach again, unlike last time the man didn’t leave it in, he gained confidence, repeatedly pulling it out and shoving it right back in...

Jaeden felt so cold, not her body, she couldn’t explain where she felt cold, but she felt it, even as her eyes began to shut. She didn’t hear the grunts of the man, or the broken cries coming from her own mouth, no she only heard the last verse of the song she was listening to, one that had been playing as she was put through this excruciating torture no 18 year old should have to go through.

“And SHATTER me”


Two years ago Jaeden Woods died. Two years ago, Jaeden Woods died.

Those were the words Jaeden repeatedly mumbled to herself, but the truth was, she didn’t. Two years ago, she woke right back up, she woke up to the sounds of sirens, to the sounds of a coroner bagging her body. She had begged for them to help... but they couldn’t hear her. She watched as they carried.. her body.. out. “I’m right here! Please!” She screamed at them, no one turned around. No one even fucking saw her!

That was two years ago, no one had moved back into the now empty house. Her parents came to take her stuff, most likely burning it. She hated the looks on her parents faces, the once emotionally abusive family was now crying at the thought of there lost daughter.

But hey, she’s a ghost, if you haven’t figured that out, what’s better? Being alive or being able to roam the world as an invisible being. Hah, oh wait. Jaeden laughed to herself, she couldn’t leave the house. She had tried countless times but nothing, something was keeping her in, isn’t that great!?

Today was like no other worthless day in this dumb house, Jaeden was laying upside down on the couch, kicking her legs back and forth. She heard the front door twist open, she yelped and rolled off the couch, not used to anyone coming inside like this.

“And here we are!” The realtor said in a high pitched tone, letting (YCH) enter the house.

HELLO AUTHOR HERE, Hi hi! This is a roleplay starter for a slow romance, horror, thriller thingy! I’m okay with fxf and fxm.

Imagine this story as like.. American horror story murder house, if you get it you get it.

AS FOR DETAILS AND OTHER THINGS, you can have a family move in along with you, and YOU will be in charge of them, you can do as you wish if you choose that path, I mean I wouldn’t even care if you made the dad of the family be the killer and just suggested they move into the house to like relive his crime. But anyways, yeah!

So if you’re interested please DM with your character information, or any other information! I prefer for you to be semi-adv lit but it doesn’t matter, and I’d prefer +6 lines but again, doesn’t matter! So yeah I hope you liked.

That song is Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling! Check it out it’s cool.

OH OH YEAH, here’s Jaeden! Art by me!


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