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Fantasy some moden fantasy/supernatural ideas

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One more god rejected(Hiatus)
I finally have an OC to be proud of! So it's time to have...normal pairings, plots? Personally I do not care about what character you play. Male, female, non-binary, I don't care. As long I can play my female character I'm happy! You can also play canon characters from any TV, movie, or series!

Speaking of character: Here's mine!

So here are some ideas:

1) Our characters are in a world close to our own; supernatural/fantasy creatures exist but they are very well hidden. Perhaps my character Obilo is doing her daily thing as a Nightcrawler; (a videographer who cruises the city or whatever area after dark while listening to the radio chatter of first responders. All to get to crime scenes and accidents as fast as possible; films it before the police, or anyone comes by then sell to a news outlet.) Maybe your character is somehow involved in the crime or accident? Maybe your character is human and finds her in her other forms? Maybe your character wants to work for her? IDK I don't know your character yet!

2) Magic shenanigans? IDK how your character meets Obilo but they somehow get into a magical predicament? We will have to do some deep plotting.

3) I don't mind inserting my OC into any series. If we both have a series we enjoy, we can do an RP based on it! Dangan Ronpa, SMT, Boyfriend to death, I'm all ears! Though keep note....I'm not changing anything about her. So if she doesn't fit into that universe..then she doesn't fix! Who knows, it could be fun! I love weird crossovers!

4) Your idea!!! (I'm still using only my OC though and it must not conflict to what I have in her bio)


1) you must be interested in plotting. Not 'lol, yeah'..I need a real discussion.

2) You must have a character bio. Appearance, name, age, species, etc. If you're playing a canon character then you're all good. BTW, have your character be around 18+.

3) Multiple paragraphs only. Please write at least two paragraphs or more. You can match my length if you wish.

4) You must be 18+ to do any romance RP
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