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Hello! I made a few search threads awhile back and one yesterday but I thought I'd make a comprehensive one now with all my plotting ideas. Feel free to shoot me a DM with any ideas you have if you'd like, I'm pretty open idea wise.

I tend to only do F/M pairings unfortunately and enjoy romance coupled with other genres though I don't like forced romance. We can build the angst and romance and if it doesn't work out then its no harm done but I at least want the effort there to develop some kind of connection. I don't have any experience with steampunk and very little experience with sci-fi but I'd be willing to give either of those a shot.

As far as activity goes I will be active as much as I can. I appreciate long, detailed responses and paragraphs of writing! Hit me with it all and I'll try to match, with that said if I shoot you 6 paragraphs, you don't also have to do 6 paragraphs. I really care about how you describe things.

Along with response quality I also appreciate contribution. It is YOUR character; use your creative juices to add and keep adding to them. If you like your character then it should come naturally to want to keep developing them.

I can double and usually have quite a few side characters or NPC's just to keep the story moving but my general rule is that aside from 1 or 2 of my main characters, all side characters are disposable and killable so long as you tell ahead of time. Another note on doubling, if you want to play whatever Muse as well as another character within plot, you can do that so long as we discuss it first! For example: School plot, you can play Muse A/B as well as a teacher if you'd like or a human student or vampire student.

Plots!! These go for the darker tones and anguish because I like to make my characters suffer lol Because of this I prefer my partners be 18+ in age. I also enjoy my plots to have equally flawed sides. No one side of a plot is going to be perfect or right in the situation, there needs to be room for growth and that can't happen if YC is on the side thats always right. Its also not fair to either of us if one of us is just painted as the bad guy the whole plot so please that in mind when pitching plot ideas.

Muse A is one of the first of a small group of humans to transfer into a formerly all-vampire boarding school. Muse A and their human friends are selected to attend this school not only for their impressive GPAs but also because of their rare blood types. Tuition for the human students will be paid by means of bi-weekly blood draws administered by the school nurse; this blood will be rationed and used as nutrition for the predominantly-vampire student body. For the safety of the humans, vampire students are by no means allowed to drink directly from their classmates.. or at least they’re not supposed to. Soon bad things start happening at the school. Random bullying attacks, stolen items from lockers, pranks and chalkboard notes attacking both populations of the school. As if tensions weren't running high already a murder strikes the school. A human girl, the school sweetheart that everyone adored, is found murdered in the bus parking lot outside. The human students are quick to retaliate with hateful words towards the vampire students and the vampire students must defend themselves. After the initial reactions calm down and are sorted out by the school, tensions still rise but now any offenses of bullying will be met with expulsion. Muse A wants to protect her friends and Muse B does as well. The way the human girl was murdered doesn't even match what any of the vampire students would've done.

(Potential partners are free to play Muse B and can choose the rest of his detailed background!)
Some ancient books are printed in only gibberish, and the only man in the world who can read gibberish just died. The world split in half—right down the middle—and no one knows why. The only scientist with answers has been kidnapped. Could these coincidences be connected? Shortly after these tragedies, people began to get sick. One right after another, a pandemic on astronomical proportions. The hospitals became over populated and fatalities slipped into the 1000s per day. People were dying but coming back and infecting others; a zombie virus. The world fell into chaos with cities being abandoned, people being snacked on by these monsters, and very few rising up to fight. Muse A is one o the few who chose to fight off the attack but there's still thousands around the world. They are determined to find the cause until they meet Muse B. Muse B appears out of nowhere near one of the makeshift towns. Muse A has more knowledge of the area and the people around and offers to help but what will become of their journey?

(Potential partners are free to play Muse B and can choose what a wife NPC and the rest of his detailed background!)
Muse A is a violence demon. She thrives from bloodshed and battle and like a rabid dog, will lash out when given the chance. Among a secret society of other demons who also have their respective themes and desires, there is a fighting ring. Each demon presents their prized fighter but the kicker is, they're all human. Some with modifications, robotic limbs, unbelievable mutations, special training, but each contestant must be human. Any kind of armor is permissible but the face must be uncovered. Ranged weapons are not allowed but any close combat weapon is permitted.

Muse B is a human and upon seeing someone close to him dragged away to fight in the underground ring, he pleads to also join. The bouncers tell him never to come back if he wants to live another day and if he wants in, he needs a sponsor. Muse A sees potential in Muse B and reluctantly agrees to sponsor his admittance. She wants the grand prize, which she won't tell Muse B what it is, and Muse B wants to find his friend in the ranks and get them out. How will they work together to achieve their ultimate goals? Will Muse A truly be willing to allow Muse B to duck out once he has his friend?

(I would prefer to play Muse A. Partners can play Muse B and choose the relationship of the friend he's saving whether it be his wife, girlfriend, old time friend, sister, brother, etc)
Muse A stumbled upon a beaten man. He's nearly dead and beaten to a pulp. Muse B follows soon after him, demanding that Muse A step aside. Muse B is a demon coming to collect what he is owed of the man and the man refuse to pay up. Muse A, not understanding the demonic court affairs, offers to pay whatever is owed on his behalf. At first, Muse B declines. There is nothing he could gain from a mortal he couldn't get on his own. But upon realizing there were places she could go that he could not, he changes his mind. He draws up a contract to be signed in blood and soon, Muse A belongs to him until the debt is paid in full.
Muse A is a princess of her own nation. When tensions arise between the borders of her land and another, her parents agree to ship her off to be married to ease national relations. Muse B is the King of the neighboring nation. Their land and resources seem appealing. When both Muse A and B are kidnapped however at a banquet for her arrival in Muse B's land, feelings begin to change. They are awoken in a completely new country with new surroundings and must ban together to escape their captors and find their way home.
Muse A has ascended a gang ladder to finally being leader after struggles and various obstacles. To solidify his gang's presence, he needs one valuable item from a private collector and aims to leave his mark everywhere. He acquires rare items to sell back for a massive amount of wealth, almost like a heist gang. Trouble is, he has a ton of rare items but this one item he wants he has no information on it's whereabouts. He has a lead of someone who might know where it's located but cornering the person proves difficult, as they are aware of the gang's presence and are always surrounded by guards. They make an effort to be anywhere the gang isn't.
Muse B is an investigator. She goes undercover for the gang as a personal waitress. Whenever he returns to his home or holds gang related events, she is present as well. He's been conducting himself rather secretly until one day he shoots someone execution style at the gang's headquarters. Upon seeing this Muse B wants out of the operation but her superiors aren't letting her as she's the closest they've ever gotten to nailing the crime lord. Things get even more intense when Muse A learns that someone leaked information to his person of interest, causing them to not appear at a party he had planned to go to in order to get them alone. Now his ideal plan A has been foiled and he's angry.
Muse A was happily in love with her significant other. But every day he dabbled more and more into taboo magic and art that threatened their safety. One day Muse A's significant other changed completely, their body being taken over by someone else, Muse B. After discovering who has taken up residence in Muse A's significant other they figure out that the transformation isn't yet complete. Muse B needs their relic weapons to complete their transition into their new life and new body. Muse A can convince Muse B to hold out until they find a way to separate the two but the cry of Muse B's weapons grows stronger by the day. Muse B has been locked up for a long while as well and can't be sure that another chance like this will come again. What will happen on their adventure? Will people try to stop them?

(I plan for a long adventure with groups trying to kidnap Muse B and tap into the Godlike power, use them, etc. Muse A will have to protect them at some points depending on how much power is at Muse B's disposable! I plan to also play Muse A! If you really want to do this but don't have any ideas for a character I can tell you what the original plot is. I left out a lot of details to give possible partners lots of creative freedom but I did have an original plot in mind for a long time before bringing it to RpN)
Everyone has a spirit guide. A creature with its own personality that follows them and guides them in their own way. They can only be seen by their human or if they choose to, can show themselves to others. The spirit guides have mutual partners, other spirits that they click with and are more powerful around. Musa A and Muse B just so happen to have spirit guides that are partners and can't stay away from each other; they're like magnets. Events keep happening to draw the spirits to each other. Both Muse a and Musa b have lives they need to attend to and can't keep bending to the wills of their spirit guides, what can they do to fix the spiritual handcuffs they've found themselves in?

(This needs a bit more plotting but I'd love to do that with a partner!)
Muse A was a princess of a vast, wealthy nation. Everything was peaceful and thriving until another nation attacked. In an attempt to save the last of their kingdom the queen ordered what was left of them to flee. They dispersed all around, settling into new areas and lives with new identities years later. Muse A lost her whole family and everyone she knew, now living as a traveler.
The kingdom that took over Muse A's nation is on the hunt for her to uncover the secrets hidden under the rubble. Muse B happens upon Muse A as she's detained by local authorities in a merchant town.

(I'd love to do some plotting with Muse B! I left it open for any partners to create their background and motivation for either believing Muse A , helping them or not!)
Musa A lives in a small, bustling town. Little do they know that the townspeople have been slaughtering local werewolf tribes in the area. They believe the werewolves are to be blamed for the deaths of their livestock and missing villagers. There is no proof that this is true and until now, the tribes in the area had been peaceful. They often traded with the villagers along the countryside and kept to themselves. Now they see the villagers as enemies for killing their kin and retaliate, creating a war between humans and wolves. Muse B is a werewolf of a local tribe and gets captured by Muse A. Musa A has to decide if they'll turn him into to be slaughtered or help them escape. Can Muse B show them the damage the villagers have caused to the tribes without falling under scrutiny from their own people?
Muse A and Muse B are both part of an intergalactic space expedition. Their team sees an abandoned ship and decide to dock and take a look inside. Its completely destroyed and barely functional. After getting back on their ship its clear they brought something back with them. Some alien life form has taken up residence on their ship and killing crew members one by one. Muse A and B have to work together as they quickly become the last remaining survivors.
Other pairings I'd be interested in:
Princess / Prince - Knight
Thief / King
Witch / Demon servant
High school student (or college) / HS student (or college)
Receptionist / CEO
Human / Vampire - Werewolf
Demon / Human
Scientist / Thief - Assassin
Medieval slave / Captured prisoner of war

Feel free to DM me if you have any plot ideas you think I might be interested in!
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