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Realistic or Modern Some honour amongst thieves.

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Welcome to my thread, kind viewer! I’ll cut right to the chase then, shall I?

Pretty much, I want a criminal kind of roleplay. The type with two main people dressed sharply wearing various masks going on a crime spree across the United States. Sort of a Payday 2 kinda vibe going for it, with a bit more downtime for characters. I’ll lay out the basic idea for the plot here.

Plot: Pretty much, two characters are career criminals. They’re at the top of their game currently, but they know that it’s only a matter of time until they get caught and dragged under. They still have families to return to, and they still got goals to fulfil, so they have to wrap things up. So, they tally their money to find how much they’d need to steal to get back to normalcy. The big goal? 25 Million. So, they plot out their spree of madness. Starting in Boston, they plan on going across the entire country to gather the needed funds before eventually breaking into the Whitehouse itself for the unsigned pardons form the Civil War. It’s the biggest job they’ve ever done and ever will do and will take every ounce of will they have to get it done. But after all, how hard could conducting the heist to end all heists be?

I also have a start to the map. Some minor edits are a given.
San Francisco
San Diego
Las Vegas
New Orleans
Way up to Chicago
New York
Washington DC.

So, are you game?

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