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Multiple Settings ⭒ sol's 1x1 search [UPDATED FEBRUARY 5, 2023]


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“ɪᴛ ɪꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴅʏ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛ.”​

This is my thread request! Hurrah! My name is Sollie, a 21 year old (majorly exhausted and overworked) college student
that has been writing for about 10 years now on various roleplaying sites! I haven't officially done a full thread request
in a hot sec so this will be my official OFFICAl thread request for anyone who dares to continue on and see what's in store!
↳Novella; I am a advanced-lit and novella writer! My responses average from 300-1000, and I usually do my best to mirror
my partners writing style! I am not a stickler for word count, but I do usually prefer at least 2 or 3 good paragraphs! For me,
one-liners are a no-go!
↳ 3rd person POV; In order to keep things understandable and consistent, I stick to third person only and would prefer
my writing partners do the same!
↳ Plotting; I am a big plotter! As much as I love improvisational writing for the bulk of stories and don't usually plot out
every second, I do think it is important to plot out the key points of a story, usually from start to at least middle way through
the RP. This keeps us on track and able to focus on a goal or a destination a bit better! Of course, I am always super flexible
with this and always open to repotting things in the story!
↳ Genre; I love multi-genre stories! In fact, I prefer them! I love fantasy and action and drama and all sorts of them! I love
romance as well and love seeing it through my stories and writing, but usually keep it as a sub-plot. It can be important in the
story, but must not be the only reason we are writing. That being said... Pining, longing... All that stuff... That's my bread and
↳ Must be 18+.
↳ Write in 3rd person past tense.
↳ Help cultivate the plot and help propel a plot forward.
↳ Write advanced-lit to novella.
(As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a stickler for word count and I always prioritize quality over quantity.
Not every response has to be a book and shorter replies are good for pacing, but the level of writing is
preferred to be this.)
↳ Be willing to communicate OOC throughout the course of the story!
↳ The Jewel of The Sea (CLOSED)
Tags: Pirates, Princes/Princesses, Corrupt Monarch, War, A Long Journey, Enemies, Deceit, Many Highjinks
Pirates are supposed to be horrible, nasty beings with a taste for gold and a very small moral compass, right? Perception can be a nasty mistress.
Kingdom A rules the world with an iron fist, controlling everything and everyone in its grasp. The royals in charge are ruthless and unforgiving to those
that come from Kingdom B. Their ancestors fought and massacred 3/4ths of Kingdom B and took control of the world power for good. There is no
safe refuge for Kingdom B's citizens on land, so they take to the sea, living a nomadic life and traveling from island to island to remain free. One group,
however, has taken it upon themselves to take back what was lost so many years ago. Captained by Muse A, the crew of [ship \name] seeks to reclaim
the jewel of their people from Kingdom A and restore honor and land to their people and take back what was lost.. Muse B is the heir to the throne, a bit
estranged from their family, but following in the footsteps of their parents. They love a lavish lifestyle, spending their riches, frequenting brothels. Which
makes them an easy target for Muse A. Muse A kidnaps Muse B in order to find the jewel and reclaim their Kingdom. Only thing is... Muse B has no clue
where it is. To keep their life, Muse B must deceive their way tolead Muse A to the jewel. What will come of this deceit? Well, we'll find out...
↳ It's Infinite
Tags: Found Family, Multiple Characters, Heist, Bad Things Happen to Good People, Rivals, Crime?, Unlikely Heroes,
Fantasy Ocean's 11, Not All the Muse's Have to Be Mains, Slow, Slow, Slow, Slooooowww Burn
Outside of the ritz and glitz of the city, away from the wealth and luxury of royalty, misfortune runs deep for those unable to make ends meet. In tough times,
people do what they can to get by. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Kill. Whatever it takes to take care of those that mean something to them. In the alleyways and shady areas
of the city, Muse A works as a for-hire theft, the best of their kind, stealing from the corrupt, wealthy, and whoever they are paid to steal from. In essecene, they
are the menace of the city, known to work in the shadows, quick, silent, and successful in every theft they've ever been hired to complete. Of course, their identity
is concealed. Not many know who this person is. Enter Muse B, a notorious owner of a bar that fronts the league of criminals that run rampant in the city. Hated
by all, they are a close team of experts in their fields. Muse A the theft/pickpocket, Muse B the leader, Muse C the marksmen/sharpshooter, Muse D the seductor/
sedcutress, Muse E the brains.
Eventually, they fight with a rival gang and come close to losing. Desperate to recoup their reputation and some of the funds
they lost, Muse B agrees to take a dangerous job that will pay enough to free everyone of what keeps them in the crime loop.
Dangerous, unlikely to succeed, and in a far away land, it's up to
the team to successfully pull of the job or lose all their heads.
↳ For The Dancing And The Dreaming
Tags: Viking-esk?, Medieval, Low Fantasy, (or High Fantasy) Childhood Friends to Lovers, Soulmates, Secluded Community, War,
Separation, Slow Burn, Reunited Love, Saving the Entire Village, Scary, Mean Muse Likes One Person And Is Very Soft To Them
The Village of X has existed for years, undisturbed, untouched, and completely content to exist by its lonesome. Though secluded, this village
bursts with life, tradition, and history. Living on the coast, with rolling hills and endless fields, the village is self sustaining and self protected
by rocky coasts and its island location. The village is color, music often hums through the streets, and the people have a jovial attitude. With full
bellies and warm hearts, these people are fulfilled in life. Muse A is the child of the village king/chief, stoic, solitary, responsible, the perfect heir
to protect and watch over the city. Muse B is the child of a warrior, destined for the arts. Though not following in the footsteps of their parents,
Muse B is not discouraged from pursuing music. Though the village is full of people, Muse A and Muse B have a unique history. Growing up close
to each other, they have a unique bond in adulthood.
All is well in the village, the Summer Solstice Festival is celebrated each year, without miss, and as preparations for the festival begin, a brewing,
distant storm threatens the happiness and prosperity of the Village. With war mongering invaders setting sails for the village, it is up to them to
defend their home and protect their loved ones. Only, these war mongering take the one thing the soon-to-be village cares about-- Their Muse.
With Muse B apprehended and kidnapped by Muse C(?), it is up to Muse A to pick the Village up from the ashes and save their love.
↳ I Know The End
Tags: Assassins, Hatred, Misunderstandings, Arranged Marriage?, Fake Relationship, Betrayal,
Born into a harsh and cruel world, Muse A has faced many hardships in their life. Having watched their parents execution and living alone for some time
in their childhood, all they've ever known was hurt. However, they were taken in my a guild of skilled killers and were given an opportunityto cultivate that
grief into rage and murderous talent. Making a name for themselves as a talented and deadly assassin and mercenary, Muse A has taken it upon themself
to eradicate Muse B's family. Muse B is the next in line for the throne and has a very hefty price on their head. Fueled by bounty and revenge, Muse A takes
it upon themself to craft an elaborate plan to infiltrate the Castle and take out the royal family. A fake family, a fake name, fake royalty, and a fake marriage
proposal. With excellent forgery and a guild of talented liars and killers, Muse A enters the Castle under the guiseof marriage and seeks to take out the royal
family one by one. But there's only one thing getting in their way; the accidental connection they share with Muse B.
↳ Journey to Earth's End
Tags: Warring kingdoms, Enemies/Friends?, Darkness and Evil Taking Over, Prophecies
A war has ranged on for a century between Muse A and Muse B's Kingdoms, bringing death, famine, and despair to each Kingdom. Petty wars over land and
riches has divided these two lands for longer than their children can remember, but a great darkness threatens to disrupt the world. Setting aside their hatred
for each other, Muse A and Muse B must journey together to restore balance and light back to the world; before it's too late. But can vengeance and long lived
rivalries be set aside long enough to save the fate of humanity?
{I've done an adequate amount of world building for this one!}
1811-1890 (Regency and Victorian Era)
Tags: Enemies/Lovers, Childhood Friends, Fake Relationship, High Society, Victorian London, MxF
The favored daughter of a wealthy Duke, Muse A is the only daughter of a large family of boys. Adored by her father, celebrated and favored by her brothers,
and revered by her friends, it seems her life is completely perfect. Well, for the most part. Muse A's mother has constantly chided her about marriage. With at
least three rejected proposals under her belt, her mother is beginning to get antsy about the chances of her child becoming a spinster or a nun. Despite the
constant fussing and disappointment shown by her mother, Character's A passion for writing far exceeds her mothers disdain for her lifestyle. Marriage would
prohibit her from exploring the world and experiencing her life as an author.
Muse B is the heir to his father's estate, is a man of high regard but with little passion. Send away to London to study at Cambridge, while he is in his third year
of formal education, his Father also encourages him to participate in the marriage season in London. The brooding and sardonic man agrees, if only to stay in
the good will of his father.
Muse A's mother sends her to London to stay with her Aunt during the Season, forcing her away from the countryside and in front of the eyes of London's High
Society. It is here where Muse A and Muse B run into each other-- Having known each other and greatly disliked each other as children, have found themself in
a predicament. And even outside of balls, they keep running into each other. Their deep seeded dislike of each other slowly begins to disappear and something
else, something far more strange begins to blossom.
{For this one, I've got a pretty fleshed out character for Muse A}
↳ Survive or Perish
Tags: Survival, Forced Alliance, Unlikely Friendship, Cult, Isolation, Fighting For Your Life
After war, disease, a climate shift/natural disaster or occurrence or some sort of major societal collapse event, the world has returned to a quiet, uninhabited
state with the human population dropping to unprecedented lows. After years of surviving and avoiding others while searching for the truth behind what
really happened, the normal of Character A's life is interrupted when their home/base is discovered by a stranger (character b). Distrustful, frightened, and
desperate to survive, Character A will protect their information and their home at all cost, even if this means violence. Character B, however, is also just trying
to survive, foraging for food, desperate for shelter, offers a deal; Work together. It takes a while for trust to be built between the two, but eventually, a bond is
formed through the need for survival. All isn't as it seems though. After finding radio evidence of a colony of survivors, Character A and Character B decide to
risk making the journey to the colony. They face much peril and itis later revealed that Character B was not who they said they were.
(Inspiration from The Rain Maze Runner, In The End and In The After)
↳ Deceptions Game
Tags: Government Corruption, Resistance, Revolution, Betrayal, Espionage, Deception
Distrust or obedience. In a world governed by strict rules and regulations, those that dare diverge from their set path risk imprsionment, punishment or even
death. Opposition to the powers at be is an unwise idea for any who wish to keep their life and what semblance of freedom they have. But resistance is the only
way to break free of the tyrannical nature of those that rule above them. A resistance is alive and well in the shadows of society, safely hidden and tucked away
from eyes that would threatened to dismantle the movement. Through small acts or big acts, the resistance begins to set off and encourage others to join
the resistance and fight back against those in power that unjustly rule society. The ones in power wish to crush the rebellion. Character A leads or works with
the resistance, working to infiltrate the government or organization that runs society. Character B is an enforcer/part of the opposing power. Character A
successful infiltrate and operates as a spy, collecting data from Character B and working alongside them. Eventually, Character A starts to either see Character B
as a friend orsomething of the sort and wishes to free them from the haze they've been under or slips up and reveals that they are not who they say they are.
Character B can either turn in Character A or hunt them down if they escape or join the rebellion and help topple the government from the inside out.
(Inspiration from The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Young Elites, Foundation)
↳ Wandering Under The Moon
Tags: Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, Art, Civilization, Cults, Community, Found Family, Survival, Extreme Environments
As human beings, we cling to several things to make sense of the world. We cling to normalcy, the daily routine, in and out of work, home, school, like a cog
stuck in an ever winding machine. We cling to technology and the convenience of all the knowledge one could ever want at the tips of your fingers. And we cling
to each other. We hold on tightly to those around us, like lighthouses becoming ships to port during a foggy night. These are the things that make life comfortable.
Easy. Bearable. But to be stripped of those things... To grapple with the slow realization the world will never return to the way it was... Still, with time, the beauty
and resilience of humanity sprouts once again.
With this plot, we would explore a dystopian/post-apocalyptic world many years after the apocalyptic event. There is an element of world-building here, as we craft
and develop the intricacies of the Incident and the World After. In this story, there are a few different routes to take in terms of flow. Our characters could already be
together, having survived the Incident and relied on each other as they kept each other breathing and finally emerged to find others. Or, our characters meet as one
muse finds a hidden community that flourishes and functions well after the Incident. Of course, not all would be as it seems. There's tons of wiggle room with this one!
(Inspiration from Station Eleven)
While I do a lot of Original stories and worlds, I do love a fandom story. I will do OC x OC, OC x CC when it comes to fandoms.
Occasionally, I will indulge in a CC x CC but I'm very picky about this one! With stories involving romance, I will do FxM. FxF, and
FxNB. The characters listed under each fandom are the characters I will main, I have more that I will write and play as secondary!
Just feel free to ask, if need be!
If there are no characters listed underneath a fandom, this indicates that I will main ocs in a rp in the fandom.
**Bolded characters are characters I play.
** My muse level for each fandom is ranked out of 5 stars, with 5 being most wanted.
** High muse for a character is indicated by a ☼ (sun).
↳ Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit ★★★★★
↳ Avatar and Avatar 2: Way of Water (James Cameron) ★★★★★
↳ Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows ★★★★★
Nina Zenik ☼
Alina Stakov
Inej Ghafa
↳ Harry Potter ★★★☆ ☆
Hermione Granger
Ginny Weasley
↳ Percy Jackson ★★☆ ☆ ☆
Piper McLean
Annabeth Chase
↳ The Hunger Games ★★★★☆
↳ The Maze Runner ★★☆ ☆ ☆
If any of this sparks your interest, feel free to PM me at any times! My PM's are always open and I'm more than happy to plot with anyone!
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Bump! Updated plots! I've updated my fantasy plots! I'll soon be phasing out my fandom plots in the next few weeks or so!

Check out ↳It's Infinite and ↳For The Dancing And The Dreaming for some new plots!!

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