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Sighing out of relief when he sees her back to normal, normal for her, he placed a hand on Bill's shoulder.

"Thank you for trying sir. No reason to apologize. You did your best," Kyle replied to the man.

Turning to Charlie he blushes at her confession. Stepping up to her he hugs her tightly. He thought he had lost her for a second after all.

"I would never trade you to another trainer Charlie. You're not a possession or some creature that I trophy hunted that I'd mount on my wall," he said aloud. "When I mentioned trade I was referring to the Professors remember? The professors stated that if I trade you at least it might help from Team Rocket being able to control you anymore with the command words."

Turning back to Bill, Kyle gave the man a sad smile.

"Thank you sir for trying.....what was that last part? What did you just say?"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Well," says Bill, "When we split her apart, we basically rebooted her brain -- which is why the Gardevoir looked so blank while the human looked so confused. In doing so, we deactivated the command parameters because they were transferred to the human host, where they wouldn't work anyway. You're welcome to test my theory, but from my calculation, she may be a Gardevoir, but she is a free one."

The hug just makes the sense of warmth grow as she gingerly returns it, trying very hard not to accidentally injure you with the horn on her chest. She laughs, but does not say anything.

Cynthia grins at the two of you. It seems she's enjoying the show. As soon as the hug ends she leaps back onto Charlie's head.

"I can feel my power is growing," says Charlie. "Mayhaps I'm the strongest Gardevoir out there...or perhaps I gain my strength from you?"
"So what you're saying is that we shouldn't have to worry about her being subject to any of the command words that she was previously programmed with Mister Bill, sir?" Kyle questioned eagerly.

Looking between Charlie and Bill his smile slowly grew as his hopes were rising that they wouldn't have to worry about Team Rocket ever forcing Charlie to do anything ever again. Maybe if they spent some time bonding more and trained a little they could stand a better chance this time against the Rockets? He wasn't going to rush it but the thought did cross his mind. Right now he was still relieved and happy that she was unharmed by the genetic splicer. Smiling down at her he spoke aloud again.

"Not to stroke your ego Charlievoir but I'd like to think it's a combination of both."


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Right," replies Bill. "Basically the genetic splicer activates...um...factory settings, if you will, without harming the memories or personality. Think of it like rebooting a computer -- everything works, just a little cleaner and some ugly stuff vanishes."

Charlie smiles. "It feels good to be free again -- I have a feeling this next time we face Team Rocket we'll be better prepared. Still, I imagine I need to keep adjusting."

Cynthia begins licking Charlie, purring the whole time.

"I suppose we're both Kyle's Pokemon now, huh, Cynthia? Well, good thing he can cook, but we still need to hold our own, okay? Just because we battle doesn't mean we won't still need to take care of ourselves from time to time, so don't you forget how to hunt. Looks like I may have to learn!"

"You can stop with the 'sir,' by the way," says Bill. "Here -- this device allows you to measure psychic power. You can train with it. Anything else I can help with?"
Nodding as Bill explains further about what happened with the splicer Kyle turns and smiles at Charlie and Cynthia.

"I can't wait to make it official Charlie. Once we finish saying our goodbyes to Bill here you think you've recovered enough to teleport us back to Pallet Town and Professor Oak's lab?"

Turning back to Bill when the man spoke again Kyle accepted the psychic measuring device. Stumped for a moment he looked back to Charlie and Cynthia at Bill's question.

"Can either of you think of anything that he might be able to help us with?"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Sure, I can handle another Teleport! As for your other question...nothing comes to mind!"

Cynthia, on the other hand, has walked up to some strange object and begun bumping it.

"Whoa now, young lady, careful with that - it's still in the experimental stages, and Charlie here is a cautionary tale about what happens if it goes wrong. You should stay clear."

"Come, Cynthia. Don't make him worry."

To both your surprise, Cynthia keeps bumping it, ignoring Charlie.
Kyle looks down at Cynthia and then to Bill.

"That is unusual for her. She usually jumps at Charlie's every word and has been known to even listen to me from time to time. She's never disobeyed like this before," Kyle explained before picking Cynthia up away from the object before she did something they would all regret.

Turning to Bill with her in his arms he questioned the man.

"What exactly is that thing Bill?"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Uh..." Bill hesitates, "It's a machine to turn Pokemon into...uh...humans. It's just an experimental device -- I'm not sure it works, I haven't tested it or anything, frankly I'm not even sure it's a good idea, but I wondered if something like that was possible, and...well...the idea just kinda went from there."

"I'm sure I mentioned this, but he's eccentric." Charlie laughs.

Cynthia squirms a bit, but settles down, looking at you a bit confusedly.
Looking from Bill to Charlie then Cynthia, Kyle backs away from the machine.

"Let us know if and when you test that device Bill. If you can discover that it's safe and if Charlie ever feels like being human again we'll be happy to visit again and try it. As for right now we are going to go enjoy each other's company as is."

Turning to Charlie he nods his head towards the door to signal to her that they should get going.

"Thank you Bill for all of the help you have given us. I apologize that it didn't work out the way we wanted but we appreciate the offer of assistance anyway."

Kyle doesn't set Cynthia down until they get outside of the building.

"Cynthia you really need to stop playing with things that you don't know what they are or what they do. You could have been zapped by that thing and turned into heaven knows what okay?"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"I'll be sure to let you know, although I was actually looking for an Eeveelution--" Bill stops. "I mean, um, you're welcome. It was nice to meet you and I hope you have many safe travels together."

Cynthia still looks like she wants to go back inside, but licks your face.

"Silly girl -- you trying to trade places with me? Anyways, I suppose we should keep moving, hm? Am I to teleport us back to the lab immediately, or did you want something else done first?"

Even now you can hear devices and unusual noises coming from the house.
Setting Cynthia down gently he turns to Charlie and hugs her again. He doesn't even care about the horn on her chest poking him as he squeezes her tightly.

"I'm just so relieved that you're alright still. I was worried I had lost you when he split you apart. Let's walk back to town first. Enjoy some quiet time together as we travel along the route. Maybe stop in that patch of grass across from the bridge and find a pokemon or two that neither of us has caught yet? Sound like a plan?"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"It would take a lot more than a genetic splicer to take me away from you!" She laughs and the warm feeling suddenly flares up.

Cynthia gives the road one last regretful look before finally sighing and following you both down the path.

"Some battles with wild Pokemon would be helpful, I think! We could exercise my abilities more thoroughly! I'm right behind you. As is Cynthia."
Walking down the path he notices Cynthia look back towards Bill's as they walked in the opposite direction.

"You alright Cynthia? You're not upset because I yelled at you, are you? I'm sorry," he spoke to her.

Smiling over at Charlie as they make their way he hands her into her paws the device that Bill had given them to measure psychic power.

"I don't know how this thing works so you can try to figure it out there Charlievoir."


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The Vaporeon nods. She's not upset, just wistful, it seems.

"You just point it at me. The higher the needle, the more power I'm exerting. Also, look! I think I see a Lycanroc -- those don't appear in the wild normally here, so what's it doing here?"

The referenced Rock-type doesn't take any notice at your approach.

"Shall I probe its mind?"
"If you can do so without hurting the poor thing go for it," he replies as he folds his arms akimbo and watches with a smirk on his face as she hands him the machine and wanders away to try to sneak up on the little critter.

Watching her work he points the machine in her direction to see if he'll even get a reading from the thing.


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
Sure enough, the needle starts to move as Charlie's eyes glow.

"Looks like it's traveling with a trainer from far away. Named Jackson -- likes sweet flavors...wishes it was stronger...sings...and oh..."

The needle drops as Charlie walks back, blushing a bit.

"I forgot reading minds sometimes makes you learn things you didn't want to know."

Cynthia chuckles.
"You're blushing Charlie. You discover something you didn't want to know?" he stated with a chuckle.

When she telepaths to him he laughs out loud.

"Hence why I warned you about reading my mind. Dirty thoughts are rather embarrassing."


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
She huffs. "It's not dirty! He misses his sister! She...was lost a few years ago. Not everyone is as nasty as you think."

For the first time, she looks actually upset, but the look changes when she notices that

"He seems to be coming this way. Maybe he noticed your laughter."
Calming himself down Kyle pats her on the head as he watches the pokemon she had linked to momentarily.

"Well that's adorable that he misses his sibling. Let me guess. You were blushing because you want to help him?"

Seeing the wolf-like creature approaching them Kyle crouches down to be at eye level to the pokemon.

"Hello there little man. What are you up to huh?" Kyle asked it with a friendly smile on his face and reaching his hand out for the pokemon to sniff.


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"I was blushing out of guilt for intruding upon his grief." Charlie looks at you, a bit perplexed. "I wish to help, but matters such as these are beyond my power to repair."

The Lycanroc sniffs you up and down, then Cynthia, then Charlie. It snuffs, and a voice can be heard.

"Oh! Found one, eh, Jackson! Just a moment!" A second later an Ultra Ball sails through the air, nailing Charlie on the head but then bouncing off harmlessly.

"Ouch...I daresay I might have been captured just now were I not already in your team."
Rubbing her head gently Kyle looks around to find where the human voice had come from.

"It's rude to try and steal someone's pokemon whoever you are. I'm literally standing right next to her before you threw that ball. You think that would happen if she was wild?"

Picking up the Ultra Ball he tosses it back to the trainer of the Lycanroc.


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Oh!" says the trainer, finally appearing. "I'm sorry - I didn't see you there."

"No lie -- they didn't see either of us! They must be shiny hunting."

"A thousand apologies. Who are you? And who's this fine young lady you've raised?"

Charlie blinks, then looks at Cynthia.

"I bet he's talking about you."

Cynthia mutters something incoherent.
Folding his arms in front of his chest Kyle watches the new trainer to ensure that he's not going to try anything so foolish again.

"Apology accepted. My name is Kyle and the young lady you're referring to is named Charlie," Kyle introduced.

Smirking over at Charlie he was waiting to see if she'd blush just so he could tease her a little later. Looking at Cynthia as she makes some subtle noise Kyle can't make out if or what she said. Turning back to the new trainer he speaks again.

"And your name is?"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Well, hi Charlie!" says the enthusiastic trainer, reaching down to pat Cynthia, who instantly recoils. "She's not fond of strangers, huh?" he says, a bit sheepishly.

"The trainer must be seeking Eeveelutions for his team. What an amusing mix-up."

"I'm Laurence. Nice to meet you. Please excuse me -- I'm quite fond of Eevee. I'm looking for genetic changes in them, to see how new Eeveelutions are discovered!"
"She is not. I'm shocked she likes me some days," Kyle replies.

Listening to Charlie before the trainer introduces himself.

"Eevee is a rather unique pokemon with how many evolutions it has. I forget what the current number is but I thought it was based on time of day you evolve them and what stone you use as well as how high your friendship is with the pokemon. You can essentially make a well rounded team with just eeveelutions."

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