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Fantasy So it's come to this, has it? (1x1, Long Term Partners, ignore reply count please)

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do mine eyes deceive me???? is this truly what it feels like to find someone whose recruiting post i f u l l y vibe with????

no but seriously PM me because i’d love to do this monster x human thing and i feel like we’ll get along

Hella Downweather

The witch of the quill
Hey !
If me being new here doesn't turn you off, your ideas of monster x human and college roomates (mix of both depending of what you had in mind?) really appeal to me.
This is honestly perfect for me! I’m completely active till 3 pm, then my times for when I log on become little shaky. However, I can stay up late to rp.
Before we look into the rps we maybe wanna do. I wanna learn about your character. But, I am interested in two, college roommates and bounty hunter. We could find common ground on those rps. But anyways bye, Hopefully you respond back to me!

Tairneanach Eun

Aspiring Websurfer
Well, hello, literate person. I wouldn't mind doing a MxF cop-criminal/mafia member-normal person rp, if you're still looking.


New Member
I’m interested. I’ve been having a real fantasy itch recently. I have a few plots in mind and a few of yours seemed interesting as well. I’d love to see your OC if you’d like to PM him to me.


Timezones are a mess
So many of these pairings are super interesting! Mafia or college roommates are something I've really been itching for lately, so send a PM if you're still looking~

Desert Rose

Adored Muse
I think we could be a good fit as far as partners go. You have a lot of pairings I think Poor x rich would be fun! Please pm


Hey, I was interested in a few different pairings if you're still looking for an Rp partner. Adventurer x Bodyguard, Next Door neighbors, or possibly College Roommates?

A Friendly Shark

I don't bite!
Hey there, I've been looking to get into roleplaying again, and I'm interested to hear your ideas for a 1x1 for Monster Hunters, Next Door Neighbours, College Roommates, or Monster x Human! I'm most interested in either College Roommates or Monster Hunters (maybe with Monster x Human mixed in for either if possible).

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