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i'll never get to heaven 'cause i don't know how

hi everybody, how's it going~? well, as usual, it seems if i don't have a million different things on my plate at once, i'm just not happy. so here we are, back at it again for the millionth time. let's see what we can draw up together, eh? so. i guess i've got a few ideas that i wouldn't mind trying out, but they're all fairly loose in concept. try to bear with me and please make sure that you're willing to help me build & shape a plot if need be. i'll admit i'm not super great at plotting on my own, but as far as co-writing goes-- oh man. trust me, once i get into an idea, i will eat, sleep, and breathe everything about it. i am very enthusiastic and i will talk your ear off if you let me. if you're not down for ooc chatter, might as well look elsewhere.

about me--
for those of you who don't know me, my name is ely. i live in the midwest U.S., so my timezone is est, but i actually have a pretty shit sleep schedule, so0o0o~ you'll likely catch me up at all hours of the night. to those who care about age, i'm 26 years old, i'll be 27 in september - but let’s be honest here, i’m a damn child. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ just so you know what to expect: i am very energetic and tend to hyper-fixate on my interests. my life is very boring, so it doesn't take much to get me hyped up. i'm also just a really friendly person in general. it takes a lot to piss me off. :')

as for what i'd like to see in a partner, being honest is probably the quality i appreciate the most. if you lose interest in the rp, that's fine, i promise i won't be mad - just please try to let me know as soon as possible. i thrive with absolute transparency, so i really, really do not appreciate being ghosted. if you can drop me a line before you go, that's all i really ask; i've got way, waaaaay too much anxiety for flakiness. just don't be a dick, okay?

as far as my activity level goes, i can usually reply once a day, though sometimes depending on circumstances it might take me 2 or 3 to get around to. what i expect out of your activity level - anything is fine so long as we maintain an active line of communication. i really, truly do not care how long it takes you to reply -- a few days, a week? that's fine! need a little more time than that? just let me know and don't disappear completely! if you don’t have time to sit down and write, at least let me know how your life is going! i will ask, and i do genuinely care! i am just as much in this to make friends as i am to write!

x.) i write past-tense 3rd person pov only, and will expect the same from you.​
x.) my post length varies between 6-8 paragraphs on average, but normally no less than 4 at a minimum. you don't have to mirror length, but i would appreciate no less than 2-4 paragraphs (2 being the minimum as infrequently as possible). as long as there’s enough interaction for me to work off, most anything is fine (within reason) -- just please no one-liners.​
x.) partners must be 18+ for ALL platonic or romantic plots. all main characters must be at least 18 y.o. as well.​
x.) follow all rpn rules. i'm still fairly descriptive with scenes (considering my personal style involves a lot of exploring my characters’ inner thought processes), but any mature themes will be entirely fade-to-black as per site rules.​
x.) my preference of where we roleplay goes as follows: PM's > discord > public thread. i'm fine putting ooc chatter wherever, but i think i most prefer discord because it's quick & efficient.​
x.) at the moment, i am only interested in writing f/f and trans/nb pairings. any gender or pairing type is fine for side characters, but as far as the main characters go, i typically prefer writing from female or trans/nb perspectives.​
x.) i only use realistic face claims and will always, always provide you with a character sheet. please try to do the same, although if you don't like using FC's, that's fine, just make sure you're plenty descriptive!​

wordbank --
hurt-comfort; fluff-angst overload; post-apocalyptic and dystopian societies; red string of fate; reincarnated soulmates; friends-to-lovers; enemies-to-friends; enemies-to-friends-to-lovers; reluctant/unrequited lovers; broken hearts on-the-mend; modern with a splash of fantasy; bittersweet romance; slow-burn; opposites attract; gifted/mutants on the run; rekindling old flames; mental illness (must be respectfully & accurately portrayed); coming-of-age rebellion shit; blind x sighted; intersectional / privilege clashes; "i was just passing through, then i met you..."; supernatural x human; dark fairy tales (never done something like this before, but would love to explore)*; something pulling inspiration from the 2020 gretel & hansel movie?; demon or angel x human; polyamorous relationships; knock-off plots from popular media (the 100, black mirror, stranger things, it, anything by stephen king); feel free to suggest.

idk, as much as i love fluff, i've been craving a lot of dark/morbid and angsty vibes. as if i don't have enough damaged characters... geez. why's it gotta be so fun to play chaos, you know.

btw, the wordbank isn't all that i'm interested in - if you have anything you'd like to suggest and want to see if i'm down to explore, please feel free to reach out!

alright, that's about all i've got to say. sorry for the huge-ass wall of text. :l

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