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Fantasy snowbrush village! harvest moon group interest check(OPEN)

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LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Slice of Life


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surrounded by mountains, snowbrush village normally had colder weather. its’ winter season was the most popular season when it came to tourists coming to visit the naturally beautiful scenery. lush gardens replaced the snow once summer rolled around. the spring season started a little later than most places here, so it felt like winter was always extra long. none of the villagers seemed to mind this, however, and had grown accustomed to it over the many generations they’ve resided there. for many, it was home and would always be home. for others, it was an escape from the city life and stress of living in a completely modern area. along the outskirts of the village, there are three large plots of land, each varying in different farming or ranching. the one nearest the mountains was calm terrain, though a lot of wildflowers tended to grow. the one closest to the river had many swampy areas throughout the property. and the last one nearest the village tended to get plenty of wildlife coming and going.

within the village itself, there were a variety of homes and buildings, all occupied by both old and new villagers. the mayor had their own home, passed down throughout the generations since the first occupants of this place. there were shops built along the way, as well as the tavern, town hall, the church, the clinic, the library, the small school building, and the general store. festivities unique to snowbrush village and around the world were held in the center of the village throughout the year. many of the occupants of snowbrush enjoyed participating, and has become a sort of tradition.

job positions:
mayor: @Captain Lycanroc
mayor’s assistant: @dovahbean
priest: @feralsb2s351
general store manager: @Captain Lycanroc
general store clerk:
tavern owner: @Tetro
tavern worker: @purplemarble
farmer(specializes in raising/selling livestock):
farmer(provides produce for the village): @screaming armadillo
farmer(specializes in growing/selling vegetables/fruits):
doctor: @Vagabond Spectre
receptionist for the clinic: @Yennie
librarian: @Blackguard

please join in on the festivities and become a welcomed member of snowbrush village! friendships, romances, and familial bonds are a big part of the culture here. please let me know if you would be interested in joining this roleplay!! it is heavily based off of harvest moon. only continue onto character sheets if you were approved here! the OOC thread is here!
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