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Fandom Small Pokémon Adventure Group.

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Anime, Pokemon


a white butterfly
As history details it, I cannot handle 6 + people all doing their own thing in a group so, I’m here asking for two or three to join me in a fun, light hearted and dramatic Pokémon adventure. I am taking on something much less complicated than usual, I simply went to exercise my skills and write in my favorite universe with some like minded people. There may be very light dice elements just for chance, and I’ll like have one or two pursuing the league as rivals while two are tag alongs. There will be a few over arching plots going on, and lots of chances for interaction and quest like adventures. But again, fun and simple!


• Please respect me as the GM. Run things by me, talk to me, I am happy to bring dreams to life but I also want order in this story. Please don’t go off in your own direction without talking to me.

• length requirements: Four sentence minimum, max a couple paragraphs. Absolutely no one liners, script speaking, or anything that isn’t 3rd person.

• Activity requirements: I am very busy, I assume everyone is. The more we post the better, but I only ask for a couple a week even if they’re just a small contribution so we can move along.

• We will use a discord server for OOC, and a thread for the story.

• One character per person till we get someways into the story. We’ll discuss teams and starters when I get my small group together.

Please post here with your interest, I don’t expect constant activity but please just be ready to commit. Even if you have issues and have to be away for periods of time I am fine with that; just come back to us. Excited to meet some fellow trainers!


roleplaying is fun!
I'm definitely interested and will join! Can't promise too much activity—just ask my other RPs haha—, but when I saw this... I had to join. I'll try... ♫ my very best ♫! I'm very excited for it, though! Totally hooked with light-hearted, fun stuff :D.


a white butterfly
Hey friends. So who is still interested? Giving a little more detail, this will be a group of four pursuing their dreams. Two will be rivals going after the league, and two will be tag alongs but all are main characters. This will be in the Kalos region, and will likely have light dice elements for random treasure finding, wild encounters and status effects, just light things like that.

For those interested I will be sending out Character Sheets, more than four people can apply but please understand I will only choose four for now for the sake of a cozy group it is not personal if you are not chosen.

For those interested please tag me here that you’d like the character sheet. (:

@Emolga @Zufaix @animegirl20 @Theo713 @Nico @Darkmaster006
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a white butterfly
Can we use fakemons? Like do the pokemon we use to have to be Canon?
No fakemons, sorry. All must be actual Pokémon!

@Emolga @Zufaix @animegirl20 @Theo713 @Nico @Darkmaster006

I will send you guys a character sheet within the next couple hours. Please have them sent in by Monday. It is not FCFS but instead a matter of quality. We will be starting off as new trainers, acquiring our starters or with a starter already if you are wanting to be a tag along. Thank you all for your interest I am so excited to write with you (: if you cannot join it is totally fine just tell me.

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