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Multiple Settings Small, Plot Driven Superhero RP

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Super Powers

Ms MistyEye

"Hi there and welcome to the lecture of the collapse of The Entente.

Now, I'm sure you are all aware that the Entente were the great peacekeeping force of yesteryear, a team of superheroes so valiant, so strong that they lead the world into an unprecedented period of peace that lasted almost thirty years! That was up until September 29th 2002 when, as you all know, UberMensch, the mightiest of all heroes, died in the line of duty. This severely crippled The Entente and in the years that followed other members met the same fate or simply lost the will to fight. By the summer of 2004, The Entente officially dissolved. It was a dark period of human history, discourse spread like wildfire and a combination of global conflicts and super villain's running amok lead to what's now referred to as the 'Dark Year' in which the global economy hit rock bottom and notable events such as the Bombing of Berlin took place. This took place in 2006, a year that has since gone down in infamy. It was only brought to a close by several governments implementing state sponsored superheroes who conducted covert actions in order to prevent wars and villains before they could disrupt the fabric of society. Notably, this saw the end of the non-violent heroism of the past in which villains were simply imprisoned. Now many met the same fate as their victims, a sudden and merciless death. As barbaric as this was, it had the desired effect, stabilising the world once again and allowing the world to begin it's recovery. A recovery we are still working hard to fully achieve thirteen years later. Most powered individuals now work in the service of a national government, those that don't are required to be registered and monitored in the interest of public safety.

Now with the basics covered, lets begin to discuss..."


This RP would focus on a second generation of heroes, struggling to find meaning and motivation in a world where the good guys lost. The ideals of justice and honour are simply a fond memory as most governments now rely on covert, super powered agents to do their dirty work. It's going to be a dark nihilistic and somewhat depressing ride with a hopefully optimistic outcome. My hope is that this story could reflect the Millennial and Gen-Z hopelessness in the face of the big issues that face our world (climate change, the refugee crisis, national jingoism, big brother states etc.). The idea being that this new generation have lost all desire to be heroes at all, simply living mundane lives, convinced that despite their powers, there is nothing that they can do as an individual to cause any meaningful change (Sound familiar?).

Starting Off Point
This new generation will be composed of the children of the mighty heroes of The Entente, reuniting under a common goal. Our Oc's will know each other from childhood, having served on a teen superhero team known as The Little Entente, but will have spent the last ten years or so fairly isolated from their heroic roots. The collapse of The Entente destroyed any desire any of them had to continue acting as heroes. However, when they are all summoned for a reunion only to find one of their childhood friends is missing they will stop at nothing to ensure their safe return. This will involve leaving the country, which is expressly forbidden by their government. The main part of the plot will revolve around this motley crew trying to track down their missing comrade through the criminal underworld, trying to find the individual that has taken them, whilst simultaneously being hunted by government agents being sent to recapture them.

I want to try and use the '5 man band' character frame work for this RP so that each character will have their own strengths that they can play to. (Five-Man Band - TV Tropes)

The Leader (Male)
The quarterback, the captain, the pack leader; someone able to think of plans, inspire those that follow them and retain a certain grace under pressure

The Foil (Male)
The rebel, the critic, the underdog; someone who always seems at odds with the leader, a reluctant member of the team who's weaknesses serve to exaggerate the team's strengths

The Heart (Female)
The lover, the righteous, the resolute; someone who's unwavering morals keep the team centred on the path to good, whilst not always the strongest, it is the strength of their will that raise the team up

The Strong (Male or Female)
The brawler, the soldier, the tank; someone who's best traits lie in their physicality, able to put themselves between harms way and the rest of the team with minimal damage sustained

The Smart (Male or Female)
The thinker, the strategist, the clinical; someone who always seems to find the answer, invent the solution, or simply think of an idea that gives the team that extra edge.

Beyond these basic outlines you have complete creative freedom :)

The Rules

Follow the standard RPN rules
2) I had hoped for this to be an intermediate RP, so 1-2 paragraphs per post
3) Similarly, an intermediate level of posting is required, around 3 times a week. If your OC is being addressed directly a prompt response would be appreciated.
4) No overpowered/ boring characters, I'm really hoping for a long term, interesting roleplay with a group of characters that feel both real and vulnerable in different ways. The superman's of this world have failed and died, it's the Tony Stark's who remain.
5) I'm going to serve as a sort of DM, playing both NPCs and enemies as well as try to drive the plot forward.

Feel free to ask any questions :)

Rusty of Shackleford

Six Thousand Club
I'll take the Foil! I'm thinking of a Rorsach/Question-esque truthseeker, who's become cynical and somewhat detached after seeing how truly fucked the world is.

Ms MistyEye

Awesome! Glad to see such a high level of interest, I've made the thread here feel free to submit CS's

Character's won't be first come first serve. If you submit a character and no one else submits a CS for that role in the next 48 hours then they will be accepted, otherwise I will chose the one I think best suits the RP (If it's too close to call I might make exceptions and allow two of the same role or add a slightly modified extra role however I do want to try and keep the RP small)


New Member
I’m interested in a few roles, but I’d only like to play one character if accepted. Should I submit a CS for each potential or do you want me to try and choose my favorite?

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