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Fandom Small list of unusual fandom cravings~ (Anime/VG/Doubling)

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Hey everyone! At the moment, I'm currently looking for things I haven't really done before.
Because of that, there might not be that many fandoms/pairings listed...
Or they won't be very popular ones (hence my weird tastes).
But here's hoping I'll find some partners nonetheless!

I do Canon x Canon (usually MxF with me taking on the female role) and Canon x OC doubling.
While I prefer MxF for my side, I'd also be willing to do MxM or FxF for yours.
*Note: Doubling only applies to Canon x OC pairings, not Canon x Canon!

Just a few rules:
- I prefer to roleplay via PM only.
- I typically write around 1-4 paragraphs average but quality over quantity!
- Lately I've actually been enjoying shorter posts since it's much quicker.
- Not too strict on grammar or mistakes, as long as it's readable!
- I will say now that I can be VERY slow with replies. I do try for every other day, but...
- Sometimes life happens. Please have patience with me, as I will with you!
- I'm ditch friendly! I understand unpredictable things can/will happen.
- No need to be perfect with character portrayals. Let's just do our best?
- I can play NPCs/side characters if and when needed.
- I may not be the best at some AUs but I'm open to them, so feel free to ask!
- Most of all, let's just have fun together!

Key for the list below:
- Underlined = my preferred role
- Exclamation mark (!) = slightly bigger craving
- Question mark (?) = may be interested with the right plot/execution
- Crossed out = taken/no longer looking at the moment


07-Ghost (anime only):
Mikage x Teito

Bleach (pre-timeskip):
Uryu x Nemu (!)
Uryu x OC
Ryuken x OC (!)

Corpse Party:
Yoshiki x Ayumi (!)
Mayu x Morishige (?)
Kurosaki x Kizami
Aiko x Kuon (strictly platonic)

Danganronpa (all 3 main games):
Byakuya x OC (!)
Rantaro x OC
x OC
Byakuya x Fukawa/Genocider

Ask about other pairings (?)

Durarara!! (anime only):
Saki x Masaomi (!)
Kasuka x Shizuo (strictly platonic)
Chikage x Non
Chikage x OC
Masaomi x OC x Chikage (can play two characters for you too~)

Final Fantasy 15 (XV):
Ignis x OC (!)
Noctis x OC
Ravus x OC
Ask about any other pairings (?)

Fire Emblem Fates/Warriors:
Takumi x OC
Xander x OC
Ask about any other pairings (?)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:
Byakuran x OC (!)
Hibari x OC (?)
Hibari x Chrome
Mukuro x Chrome (?)
Haru x Hibari
Haru x Gokudera (!)

Kingdom Hearts:
Olette x Demyx

Kuroko no Basuke:
Midorima x OC (!)
Nash x OC
Wakamatsu x Sakurai (!)
Sakurai x Aomine
Sakurai x Momoi
Aomine x Momoi
Kagami x Himuro
Himuro x Murasakibara
Kagami x Kuroko (?)
Mayuzumi x Akashi

Persona 4:
Yosuke x Yukiko (?)
Shadow Yosuke x Shadow Yukiko (?)
Yosuke x OC
Sho x OC (?)
Adachi x Dojima (!)
Adachi x Sho
Yu x Ai (?)

Persona 5 (anime only):
Joker x OC (?)
Yusuke x OC
Yusuke x Hifumi (!)
Haru x Suggest (?)
Mishima x Shiho
Ann x Shiho

Sengoku Basara:
Oichi x Masamune (!)
Oichi x Nagamasa
Masamune x Kojiro (?)
Tsuruhime x Kotaro (!)

Natsuno x Tohru

Sweet Fuse:
Shidou x OC

Togainu no Chi (anime only):
Akira x Rin (?)
Akira x Keisuke (!)
Keisuke x Rin (!)
Shiki x Rin
Rin x Kazui

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (all 3 games):
Himuro x OC (!)
Hikami x OC
x Kou (?)
Ask about any other pairings (?)

If interested, please PM me instead of posting here if you can! Thanks everyone! ^_^
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Bump~ Probably will just accept one or two more partners for now!
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