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Fandom Small group Beastars rp? Who's Interested? :)

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Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, School


Chello Mello
I originally posted a 1x1 interest along with the fandom of the new Beastars adaptation on Netflix - an anime based in the anthropomorphic world. I have to say - I was skeptical of the show at first but I was hooked almost immediately! It deals with realistic and even sensitive issues, segregation, and relationship dynamics. I'm all caught up on the anime and have an oc in mind. I am also looking for more 1x1 interests if people prefer, but I wondered if a group thing would be cool as well.

I'm thinking of a small rp group of interested folk, who know the series.
Either original characters or OC's are welcome! Doubling is also welcome. I have an OC for this, but I may slot in with a canon character for the plot.
Ships, romantic interests - should be discussed between the players so that it sets the right footing before the rp.


Let me know if you are interested! Openly accepting - either PM me or comment below and then something can be set up if there's enough interest :) Depending on the number of responses, I'll set up a discord for this too.

~Hope to be talking to some of y'all soon!~

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