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Realistic/Modern slow burn romance and drama


double bubble disco queen~
About me & my preferences
Hello! You can call me, Woo. I've been roleplaying for a really long time, like going on 9 years. I am still fairly new to this website. But I am not new to roleplaying. Fell out of the swing of things for a while, but I'm back and ready to go!

I am a mostly detailed when it comes to my writing. But right now I am looking for something fairly relaxed and casual. Maybe two to three paragraphs maximum per reply but nothing less than a paragraph?


I really only like to do modern roleplays.

I generally play female characters and I do prefer to play females because I myself, am a female. But! I've been working on the male characters and if I do say so myself--I'm getting pretty decent at it. So I'd be more than willing to double. But I wouldn't want any of that nonsense where your male character is a total dud and doesn't do anything. That's the worst.

I prefer realistic face claims/pictures for character sheets.

Im 24 with a full time job, and occasionally I do get swamped with work. But generally, I'm a fast responder (atleast once a day, usually more) and I will tell you if I will be away and not responding for an extended period of time. I'd appreciate the same from you, but I do understand sometimes it's not possible and life gets in the way. So I like to think I'm pretty understanding and not annoying. I won't bump you for like a month or two. However, the likelihood of me losing interest in the roleplays because I'm only getting one response every few weeks is pretty high, so just keep that in mind.

It is so important that my partner helps create a story with me. We both need to add ideas, details and twists. I don’t want a partner who simply responds and doesn’t give me anything to work with or add any depth to the story.


  • Childhood friend x Childhood friend*
  • Unexpected pregnancy
  • Professor x Student*
  • Roommate x Roommate
  • Best friend x Best friend
  • Loser/unpopular x Jock/popular (Possibly childhood friends reunion mixed in? I would be down for that)

Also more than willing to hear any suggestions you have!

I found all of these on Plotsforall 2.0 via tumblr!

several years ago, Muse A moved away from their quiet hometown to explore life in a busy city, only to discover that it’s not as great as they’d once hoped. Looking for comfort and a break from the hustle and bustle, Muse Atravels back to the place they grew up in with the intention of staying only for a few days. As Muse A crosses the town limits, they recall one of their favorite childhood places to hang out - a small field out by an abandoned farmhouse that had an old tree with a wooden swing. Taking a chance, Muse A drives out there, pleasantly surprised to see the tree and swing still there. Muse A remembers how they used to meet Muse B at this swing after school when they were kids. Muse B was Muse A’s first friend. They grew apart just before Muse A decided to move away and then they completely lost touch. Unbeknownst to Muse A, Muse B still comes to this spot to reminisce about the good, old days. When Muse A takes a seat on the old swing, relaxing in the gentle breeze, the familiar, but aged, voice of Muse B catches their attention.

(I have no preference here)


Nothing Left to Lose (based on a Wattpad novel)- It was Character A's eighteenth birthday when a man who wanted too badly to be her new lover brutally murdered her boyfriend and kidnapped her. This man kept her locked in his multimillion dollar mansion, taking advantage of her and abusing her while her parents, a California Senator and a clothing designer, tirelessly searched the country for her whereabouts.

Five long years later, after the police raided the man's house for drugs, A was finally found and rescued. After spending a few months in a hospital, where she was monitored for both physical and mental issues, she returned to the home where she once lived as an innocent carefree girl, as a broken, bitter woman.

Her parents urged her to carry out life as normal, so she enrolled in college, where she was quickly kicked out for punching a boy for hitting on her. She transferred to different schools, one after another, after being kicked out for acting inappropriately when men interacted with her.

Because her father was running for president, it was required for A to have a body guard with her at all times. Every single one quit within three months, calling A crazy and unfixable. That's where Character B comes in. Her father requested B straight out of the Military Academy. He graduated top of his class and really showed promise for the front lines. After receiving the orders that he was going to have to babysit some brat, he was furious, but B never turned down an order, and he most definitely did not give up.

To blend in with A at her new school, B was ordered to pose as her significant other, so it wouldn’t be so strange when he followed her around everywhere. The only issue is that Acan’t stand men, let alone being romantically involved with one, even if it was just pretend

(I would definitely want to be A here)


Muse A (barely out of college)meets Muse B(several years their senior)by chance when they jump into the same cab together during the morning rush. They quickly decide to share the cab and engage in small talk on the way to their destinations, which happen to be on the same side of town. Conversation flows easily and there is a definite physical attraction between the two strangers. When the ride is over for Muse A, Muse B generously offers to pay the whole fare. In exchange and somewhat on a whim, Muse A offers Muse B their phone number and the pair make plans to meet up sometime soon.

Despite their age difference, Muse A and Muse B have a whirlwind courtship. They laugh over the things they don’t have in common and eagerly introduce each other to what’s popular for their generation: Atari vs PS4, Vinyls vs MP3. They spend every possible moment they can spare with one another. After several weeks, Muse A and Muse B make their relationship official. Muse A invites Muse B to a special dinner at which Muse B will be introduced to Muse A’s parents. When Muse B arrives and Muse A’s mother/father turns around to greet them, they’re stunned to come face-to-face with their same-age business associate/boss.

(I'd like to be Muse A here)


Muse A is throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party for a friend at the local bar (or Muse A is the one getting married). Muse B is a dancer who’s hired to provide entertainment for the party. When Muse A and Muse B come face to face, they immediately recognize one another from high school.


I like the idea of ex's still living together because of money being tight. We could discuss this more if you're interested. (I've tried this one quite a bit but it just always seems to flop? Needs more structure for sure.)


I’m also always down for a group high school reunion. We each play one guy and one girl. They were all amazing friends The girls were like sisters, the guys like brothers. Maybe two dated and two almost dated, we can iron that out later.


Also, also, also been interested in dabbling in some kind of FWB plot. If anyone out there has an idea for one.


And if you have a plot you want to do, or if you want to knock ideas off each other, I would love to do that!

Let me know if you're interested! I hope to hear from you soon.
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//I love you, don’t you mind?//
I would be down to double on a roommates plot! I feel like there’s a lot of ways we can play that out :-)


double bubble disco queen~
Back after a decently long hiatus. Life has finally settled down a little. Looking for something not too strict and fun. Lots of drama and romance. Open to discord but prefer PM’s. Shoot me a message if you’re interested~

im jess saying

idk I just work here
I'd looooove to do a group high school reunion if we can find other dedicated people!

As foe one x one i'd love to chat with you and talk about what you're craving. I'm down for anything! <3


Habitual Procrastinator
I'm really new to this website and I'm looking to get my feet wet. I'm down for anything maybe the Professor x Student or the unplanned pregnancy. Just all the angsty romance you can possibly fit in an Rp. I usually enjoy doing the male character, but I am female for clarafication purposes. I really enjoy making and helping with the story. I looooove twists and turns as well. So if any of this sounds like what you're looking for I'd love to Rp with you.


double bubble disco queen~
I'm really new to this website and I'm looking to get my feet wet. I'm down for anything maybe the Professor x Student or the unplanned pregnancy. Just all the angsty romance you can possibly fit in an Rp. I usually enjoy doing the male character, but I am female for clarafication purposes. I really enjoy making and helping with the story. I looooove twists and turns as well. So if any of this sounds like what you're looking for I'd love to Rp with you.
Shoot me a PM!

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