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Realistic or Modern Slice of Life: Lets Build a Town Together!

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Adventure, LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


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I’m back at it again!

So I thought of this really cool idea for a Slice of Life Roleplay. I want to build a town, a living and breathing town. It can be anywhere in the world but I’m thinking it’s a small town where everybody knows each other and everybody who lives there had been living there most of their lives. Everybody’s intertwined somehow and they all live rich and detailed lives. Everybody had secrets, triumphs, and failures.

This will be a 1x1 roleplay where we play as multiple characters. Now we won’t play everyone all at the same time because that would be convoluted and impossible but we each have a few main characters and then a bunch of side characters. These characters can be any gender identity and any sexual orientation. We can have any pairing in the book, FxF, MxM and MxF. Every pairing that we have can have their own time in the spotlight as well. I’m thinking that we can also do events like a town wide Christmas party or Thanksgiving party.

I think this could be a really fun idea and a great way to get out some creative juices. I would prefer this either be over Google Docs or Discord. Maybe Discord more for the organization that it has. I want this to be longterm, something that grows with us as we mature and grow.

I’m thinking we can start with our two main characters just moving into this town and take it from there. So they have to get to know everybody and such.

Some Rules:

~ Be 18+ This will contain mature themes
~ Be literate enough to at least write one paragraph
~ Be able to post once a day
~ Love OOC chatting as much as I do!

If this interests you at all please message me!​

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