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Mr. SleepyTimes

"Sleep is just death being shy."
What am I looking for?
  1. Someone who is descriptive in their writing and can go toe to toe with me in reply count. I'm not asking for much but one or two detailed paragraphs should be in order.
  2. Grammar is important and while I'm not your English Teacher, I do expect some level of decent grammar in your writing.
  3. Someone who is going to help me further the plot of the story and not just ride the wave so to speak. It takes two to tango people!
  4. If you are busy or are going to be replying late, please let me know! I'm not going to flip out or send a hit out after you or something. That being said, please don't freak out when I tell you that I might also be busy and be late at replying. If you do feel as though that I missed your message, by all means, send a friendly reminder to me!
  5. If you have an idea, let me know! We can work things out and incorporate both of our ideas and make the roleplay great for both of us!
Original/Fandom Roleplay Starters:

  • The Jarl's Promise - A For Honor RP
The Jarl’s Promise – A for Honor Rp

“The English think that they can come to our lands and get away with it. They think that they can call us savages, whores and lower than the scum of the earth…and get away with it. I say bullshit to that! Do those imbeciles not know that they have brought the wrath of the Ugrak tribesman down upon them with their mere presence? Do they not know that we are the blessed of Thor and are not afraid to see Valhalla in defense of our homeland?!? I have had enough of it brothers and sisters…and I know you have as well. I say we take the fight to them and show them what we are fucking made of!” Glogir slammed his large fists on the table and stood up after his miniature speech, causing the tribesman all along the great hall to scream in approval. They were indeed tired of blunting their fangs when it came to the English and if this kept up, Jarl Krrish was going to have to make a decision. Tensions were hurriedly rising amongst the clans, and something had to be done about the issue.

An older figure stood up from amongst the tribe and calmed the room with his demeanor alone. It was Enok, the oldest Jarl still alive within the community. The thick strands of his braided white beard were mere centimeters off the floor, but his body was still lined with glorious tales of battle from his younger years. Once everyone in the room had quieted down, he spoke in a clear and concise tone. “Let us not forget that we are the ones who started this conflict brothers. Glory in battle is good and fine but only a fool rushes to his death. We do not have the full scope of their weapons and tactics. I say we study them for a few more months before making our assault.” There was wisdom in his words, but they fell on deaf ears. The horde of Víkingur had already decided their plan of action and it was less of asking for permission rather than telling them what was going to happen.

“While you speak of waiting Enok, more of our people die.” The voice that came next was rather surprising, as it was the current Jarl himself, Krrish. Krrish had been on the fence about taking the fight to the English lands but after debating back and forth in the great hall for a few hours, it seemed as though he had reached his breaking point. “While I would have been the first to speak of waiting a few moments ago, you all have managed to change my mind. I have heard the cries of my people and I want to make a statement before you all.” Krrish rose up from his seat and took the crown of bones from his head before placing it on the table in front of him. He took out the ceremonial dagger from his boot and made a deep gash along his hand, allowing the blood to drip onto the crown as he spoke the decree that would shake the English to their very bones.

“I, Krissh Ragnarson, son of Ragnar and ancestor of Thor have sinned against you all this day. I would be likened unto a coward if not for the mercy of my people, but I want you to know that the sin ends today. If you will all continue to trust me as your Jarl, I swear that the English will pay for everything they have done. Their sons will be our slaves and their daughters will be the concubines of our greatest warriors for now until Ragnarök.” The blood stopped seeping from his hand momentarily and he smeared the rest of it onto the crown before holding it in his hands once again. “If this does not come to pass by the next full moon, you are all welcome to put my head on a pike and let the crows pick at it for all eternity.” The humbleness of their Jarl was very surprising to the rest of the tribesman gathered in the hall and one by one, they all let up a mighty shout in support of his decision. Sure it had come later than expected but as the old saying goes, its better late than never at all.

“The love that I have for you knows no bounds my friends. Come, let us release the hounds of war and show them the wrath of Thor!”


“Their daughters will be our concubines.” This was just one of the many things that Vesh said every few minutes in his mind as he waded through the battlefield. There was a large armor-clad knight currently barreling through his squad and he couldn’t let that stand. The knight turned around and spotted the Víkingur charging down towards him before raising his sword to cut the animal of a man down. Vesh saw the swing coming from a mile away and parried away the knight’s sword with the handle of his Dane Axe before rushing them from a low stance. The enemy hadn’t expected such a tactic and was completely surprised when they suddenly found themselves up in the air and tossed off the cliff. The crunch of bone could be heard as the man hit every rock on the way down. Vesh laughed a devilish laugh and rose his axe in the air with two hands, letting out a roar that inspired his men to push forward into the enemy lines. He had taken out the biggest threat to their push and but still wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. There needed to be some more fire set to these houses and with a decisive point of his finger, the ranged members of his squad sent a volley of flaming arrows towards the English homes that were still standing.

This is what he was talking about! More screams of the innocent filled the air now and Vesh felt himself coming ever closer to his goal. He was about to go tearing through some of the homes when there was a loud commotion coming from where he just sent some of his armored units. Jumping through and over some of the flaming barricades that the knights had set up, Vesh soon came up upon what the commotion was. It was the wildest thing to see as it was something he would have never expected. There was a female knight in the middle of the unit, absolutely obliterating them with pure skill. The great sword she wielded cut through the tough leathers they wore, pierced through the thick wooden shields, and smashed against the helmets to those who thought they were strong enough. Once she had finished dealing with the last unit, she turned around to see who the commanding officer was…most likely at least.

It was there amidst the burning rubble that the two of them faced off. Vesh, the Víkingur warlord and this one in a million female knight who was determined to defend her home. Vesh twirled his axe in a flourish and roared like the bear that resided in his heart. She would be the first and if she was lucky…the only one.


Greetings peeps! This is a For Honor style rp but you need to know absolutely nothing about the game except that it is a war between different factions. This rp specifically focuses on The Vikings vs The Knights where I will be playing a warrior named Vesh. I would like my partner to play the role of a female knight. The overall goal for the rp is for one of our characters to be captured by the other and be integrated into their society, showing them the war from a different side. There are all types of possibilities here and we can discuss them all in PM’s or down below! Vesh’s character sheet is down below if you want to see it by the way! If that be all, Stay Sleepy Friends!


Note: This character was created based on The For Honor world but belongs in an Alternate Universe and not the canon of the story. Please keep that in mind!

“The strength of a man’s arm means the most to his society.”
“A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.”
“The halls of Valhalla call to us men!”

General Information
Name – Vesh Juggarson
Gender – Male
Birthday – September 25th
Age - 27
Zodiac – Libra
Nationality – Icelandic
Sexuality – Heterosexual
Occupation – Warlord Veteran

Height – 6’5
Build – Heavy and Built
Hair – Braided and Black
Eyes – Deep Blue

Likes – Hunting, Skinning, Sports, Philosophy, Combat, Carpentry, Wrestling
Dislikes – Deep Water, Laundry, Laziness
Addictions – None
Phobias – Sea Demons (Sharks)
Positive Traits – Protective, Loyal, Athletic, Honest, Trustworthy, Creative, Wise
Negative Traits – Brutal, Arrogant

Víkingur Training – Vesh was trained to be of the warrior class of his tribe since he was a young man and has never stopped his training until this day. He is proficient in Axes, Swords, Shields, Javelins and unarmed combat.

Carpentry Proficiency – Vesh is also a skilled carpenter, having participated in the crafting of several things requiring woodwork over his twenty years of doing so inclusive of weapons, ships and other miscellaneous equipment.

Extreme Physicality – Growing up in an environment that emphasizes physique has pushed Vesh to the apex of human possibility. He has shown the ability to wrestle a young bear, pick up a fully armored knight while also running with them on his back and fight for an extended period of time without fatigue.

Spoilers. Will be revealed in the rp as time goes on.
  • Two Sides of The Same Coin - A Tokyo Ghoul Rp
Two Sides of The Same Coin – A Tokyo Ghoul Rp

Well, one could take the news of multiple Special Class Investigators coming to the 6th ward to mean one of two things. On one hand Haruto wouldn’t find himself bored at every interval when he wasn’t managing the shop and he could once again start training new recruits but on the other hand, it could lead to utmost disaster for their ward. Of course, this whole thing had started because of the war his gang, The King’s Court, was having with an opposing gang known as The Pack. Their war had obviously been about who was going to be the primary force feeding on the humans of the 6th ward and those bastards just wouldn’t submit. Each side had ghouls of considerable strength who acted as commanding officers, rarely stepping out unless it was something major. They were playing a game of chess here and the inclusion of the Doves threatened to throw everything out of whack. No matter, though. Haruto hadn’t become an SS+ ranked ghoul just to let a few investigators ruin everything he worked so hard for. There would certainly be hell to pay, they just needed to be as one during these next few months.

The first plan of action was of course, to bring as many of the unknown or unregistered ghouls onto their side so that their numbers would increase. The King’s Court told many of the ghoul society that if one wasn’t with them, that they were against them. They had connections that sprung into different wards and used their power to strongarm new recruits into joining them, which only cemented the fact that they were going to win this conflict. Everyone was aware of the potential for spies to join their side so the price of admission would be the killing of a known Pack member and the retrieval of their head and kakuhou to the commander of your training unit. Once this was received, one would be admitted into the gang properly and be welcomed as members of the King’s Court, free to enjoy all the benefits that came with it.

Times were dire of course and as such, Haruto decided that he was going to take on a unit for himself. He was one of the most senior operatives of the King’s Court and wanted to see the potential future for the gang come to life before his very eyes! He subtly let the underworld know that there were going to be some more tryouts for the new unit of King’s Court members and before he knew it, the day of the meeting had arrived. Haruto looked around him cautiously as he closed the shop for the night, pulling his hoodie over his head as he disappeared down an alleyway. He knew these streets like the back of his hand and quickly but quietly made his way over to the abandoned factory where the meeting was scheduled. The senior ghoul stopped at different intervals, making sure that nobody was following him before taking the secret entrance into the factory itself. Once he had gotten inside, he saw that there were about thirty of what smelled like ghouls waiting for him to sort through them. This was going to be a spectacular time indeed!


Life was moving at an alarming rate for Okome. It was only last week that he had passed the CCG’s training test without ever having any formal instruction from their institution. One of the examiners could only describe him as “a natural” when it came to his movements, decision making and ruthless efficiency when it came to destroying the ghoul menace. He was very versed in weapons of all kinds, but his signature was a very weird combination of Bikaku quinque that took the form of a rapier and a western style revolver that fired specialized Q bullets from its chamber. The other examiners or students could say what they wanted about the form but one thing they couldn’t say was that it didn’t work. It made perfect sense in Okome’s head, using the rapier for close engagements while also doing the job from afar with the heavy hand canon of a revolver he carried on his hip. While others preferred more traditional things like only using quinque or the more brute force of koukaku, he found that this made enemies think. That bit of thought could be the difference between life or death and so far, he had been the one standing every time.

He had been told that he was going to be assigned to a senior officer as a partner to continue his training in the field which was standard protocol but what Okome hadn’t foreseen was the ward where they were going to be putting him exactly. The driver cruised his way from the twentieth ward all the way to the sixth without much conversation, leaving Okome with his thoughts for the entire ride. It was the way he wanted it though. He detested conversation that wasn’t meaningful and would rather the silence hang in the air than to kill it with small talk. It also gave him the moments of clarity he needed to get his mind right for the task ahead of him. Everyone knew the stories of warfare in this ward and if he was going to be front and center, he had better be concentrating. The ghouls would have no doubt heard about their impending approach to the ward and would be looking to go on the offensive. He wasn’t planning to be on the casualty list.

When the car came to a full stop, he took his quinque case out of backseat and waved off the driver as he tilted his glasses in their direction. He had never been to this ward before but was very excited to explore it with someone who had been on the job much longer than him. His revolver danced in the sunlight as he walked through the lit interior to the front desk operative who quickly redirected him to your office. He could feel in his heart that this was going to be the start of something beautiful and with appropriate force, knocked on your office door.


Greetings peeps! Tokyo Ghoul has always been one of my favorite series (manga, not the anime #cry) and I simply had to make an rp about it! This is intended to be an sort of enemies to lovers rp where I will be playing as Haruto, a senior ghoul in the King’s Court gang as well as Okome, a prodigy recruit into the CCG’s sixth ward operation. I would like you to play two characters also, those being a new ghoul recruit for the King’s Court and a Special Class Investigator recently moved to or from the 6th ward. The backgrounds can be from multiple areas, but I am looking for someone to play two characters against mine and develop a sort of rivalry romance between ghoul and man. We can talk about pairings and such in PM’s or down below. Their character sheets can be provided upon inquiry since they are somewhat long hehe. Until then, Stay Sleepy Friends!
  • War Never Changes - A Fallout 4 RP
BANG! The armor piercing round cleaved through the enemy soldier’s helmet and pierced through his skull with ease before ricocheting off the wall and into the gas canister behind them. The horrid screams of everyone around the blast was quickly drowned out by the squad of soldiers advancing to the compound fully decked out in T-51 power armor and ready to take over said compound by any means necessary. You would think that advancing among them would be the hero of our story, but no. Rusty was the one who had set off the upcoming bit of madness with one shot from his high caliber rifle. The moment set off a chain reaction of emotions for him but at the apex of the pyramid were pride…and sorrow. Pride swelled in his chest because he had been waiting here for weeks upon end in the snowbanks for a proper good shoot into enemy lines to set up the rest of his squad along with the fact that he was able to aid his country in the war against China, but the sorrow still pounded through.

The Chinese were marvels behind the United States in military technology and the guns those soldiers had wouldn’t even dent the new power armor but the rest of his squad dove upon them like a pack of wolves who hadn’t eaten in centuries. The string of bullets and echoed screams of the soldiers became a symphony of madness that threatened to break his concentration, but they never did and furthermore, he wouldn’t allow them to as there was still more work to be done. Rusty shifted his position in the snow and took aim at a soldier who was making a break for it to what looked like some sort of communications building. The obvious attempt to call for help couldn’t be allowed to stand and with a quick intake of breath, he lined up the shot and aimed straight for the soldier’s heart. In an act of god, the soldier turned around and Rusty was able to see his entire face in the scope he looked into. It was a kid. He couldn’t have been older than eighteen and was out here in the frozen waste, trying to help his country in the same way that Rusty was doing for America. It didn’t matter.
BANG! Rusty looked the kid in his eyes as he watched the life drain from his corpse and kept pushing forward.

That had been the motto of his life, starting from when he was honorably discharged, being recognized by The President for his distinguished service of eighteen years and even today, October 23rd, 2077. Everyone knew that tensions were rising between both nations and even though he was no longer an active service member, Rusty kept a very close eye on everything. He was smart enough to take up Vault-Tec’s offer to be apart of their bunker program in case nuclear warfare began. People called him a fool for not believing that the good old stars n stripes would be able to quell the Chinese before that but even if he was a fool, he would be an alive one. The bombs did indeed drop that day and when others had nowhere to go, Rusty simply scrambled for the nearest Vault and made himself scarce inside of it. He had no idea what the eggheads in there had in store for him and was particularly displeased when he saw the ice forming outside of his chamber.

Whether it be through age of the system or some other outside force, Rusty’s cryo-chamber had been opened and he was free…though he didn’t know what that would mean for him. The veteran made his way through the Vault, acting as exterminator a few overgrown roaches and wading through the aged corpses before making his way out of the vault as he had done some time ago. When he eventually reached the surface, he couldn’t believe his eyes. All he saw was a savaged wasteland tainted with the radioactive mess that the war had on his country. He didn’t know how long he had been trapped in the vault or if he would even stand a chance in this new world but one thing that he would never forget is that…War Never Changes.


Greetings peeps! Fallout has become one of my favorite video game franchises of all time and I simply had to make a rp based about it. This one is a bit more open ended and it takes place mainly in the world of Fallout 4 but without the constraints of the plot. I will be playing as Rusty (yes that is Joel’s face claim), a grizzled military vet with some problems of his own! You can play as someone who was born in the wastes, a robot, a synth, a supermutant or whatever you like as long as we talk about it first! We can talk about it in pm’s or in the comments below if you’re interested! His character sheet is down below if you want to see it but until then, Stay Sleepy Friends!

Note: This character was created based on the Fallout world but belongs in an Alternate Universe and not the canon of the story. Please keep that in mind!

"The symphony of bullets is the only thing that truly makes me feel alive.”

“There are fates worth than death .”

"Did someone say...tacos?"

General Information
Name – Jackson Miles AKA Rusty
Gender – Male
Birthday – September 28th
Age - 38
Zodiac – Libra
Nationality - American
Sexuality – Heterosexual
Occupation – Retired Veteran

Height – 6’5
Build – Heavy and Muscled
Hair – Short and Dark with greying ends
Eyes – Deep Brown

Likes – Engineering, Guns, Geography, Hunting, Biology
Dislikes – Lazy people, Arrogance, Disrespect, Loud Noises
Addictions – Smell of gunpowder, Smoking
Phobias – Squid and Octopi

Positive Traits – Intelligent, Insightful, Creative, Confident, Humorous, Loyal, Honest
Negative Traits – Can be overly brutal at times, Impatient

Marksmanship Proficiency – Rusty’s preferred weapon of choice happens to be a rifle of any kind. He has proven to be able to hit a shots from miles away during his active career and is knowledgeable enough to manufacture and keep up with different caliber weaponry.

Highly Intelligent – Rusty is a very learned man, being able to decipher situations in a small amount of time and develop his next move with exceptional speed. He also has information on various topics such as but not limited to geography, biology and human anatomy.

Soldier’s Training – Due to elements in his backstory, Rusty has been trained to be the apex of American Military physique due to harsh training that he still keeps up to this day.

Fallout Stats:
This is what I believe that Rusty’s stat line would look like if he was a Fallout character. Obviously they are higher than a standard character’s but Rusty is special.

Strength: 3
Perception: 10
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 8
Luck: 9

Rusty suffers from PTSD after his eighteen years of dedicated service in the United States Armed Forces and while he is a definite asset to any military organization, his mental health wanes when in combat situations, causing the potential for him to snap to rise.

Spoilers. Will be revealed in the rp as time goes on.
  • My Monster Academia
My Monster Academia

From the dawn of humankind and the revelation of things hiding in the darkness below or the skies above, our minds have populated monsters or things of that nature to hide therein. This line of reasoning begs the question of what exactly is a monster? Some would say that what constitutes a monster would be the amount of claws or strange powers it has but others would beg to differ. They would say that what makes a monster is the amount of cruelty in their hearts and the threat they pose to humanity itself. Wouldn’t humanity be its own biggest monster by that route of thought? No matter though because in this world, there are no humans, just everything they have imagined over the millennia. Come with me friends as we explore a familiar setting with a startling twist, Monster Academia.


“Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Bee-” The incessant beeping of the alarm clock was shut down immediately with a heavy claw, which managed to break the contraption instead of simply shutting it off. A slew of curses left its way from King’s mouth as he swung his feet towards the opposite side of the bed and placed his hands in his face. The orientation leaders had told them that they were going to be up and early for orientation week but seven in the blasted morning was pushing it for King. A simple tour in the middle of the day would do but no, they had to wake up almost at the crack of dawn for what reason?!? There was nothing he could do about it now but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to be angry about it for a few minutes. He didn’t even know why he was here in the first place. Time and time again he had explained to his parents that he didn’t want to go to university and instead wanted to join the military like they did but they kept shoving this “education first” mumbo jumbo down his throat, eventually convincing him to give it a try.

The place seemed fine and all at a glance, with top-of-the-line facilities, some of the best professors in the state and all that jazz but he felt out of place here. This was a place for eggheads and people who wanted cushy office jobs or something, not dragons! He should be training to go on the front lines and do the work of real men but no, he had to be here. Curse his mother’s smooth voice!

He finally willed himself out of bed and made his way towards the shower, spotting that his roommate wasn’t awake yet. He was a rather short fellow that said he was from France or Greece when they first met but he hadn’t paid him too much mind. They had both already set ground rules for how this roommate thing was going to go and once everyone did what they said they were going to do, he wouldn’t need to get violent with anyone. These and many other things clouded his mind as he turned on the shower valves and cleaned himself up for his first day. Hopefully, it wasn’t going to be so bad after all.


“Yes dear, I would love some more grapes~” Scott took a large bite out of the platter of grapes one of the servants had given to him and looked towards her with suave eyes as she walked away. This was the life. He was rich beyond compare, had servants to attend to his every need and it was all because of his fabulous career as an entertainer. Scott Langrasse was everyone’s favorite artist and of course, the ladies couldn’t resist all five feet of macho energy he exuded with every action he took. Life couldn’t get any sweeter than this! He turned his face towards another servant and was surprised to see that it wasn’t a busty satyr like he wanted but a huge dragon-man. The shock was nothing compared to the pain he felt when the servant slapped him across the face, waking him up from the dream that so captivated him and shunted him into reality.

He looked around dazed for a moment before finally returning to his senses. His roommate was standing menacingly above him, and miniature flames could be seen coming from his nostrils. Scott’s cheek currently stung a bit and as he placed his hand there, he spoke for the first time that morning. “You certainly pack quite the punch dragon-man. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you hated me.” A chuckle left his lips and he hopped out of the bed and landed firmly on his hooves, taking a moment to stretch out the fatigue that had built itself in his body.

“Thank you so much for making sure I didn’t oversleep big fella. It seems you do care more than you let off.” A loud huff was the only thing that Scott would receive as an answer, and he was quite used to it by now. King seemed to be the strong silent type which wonderfully countered his loud and rambunctious nature, which is probably why they happened to be roommates together. Scott reached for the wooden pipes that hung at the edge of his bed and played a jaunty tune, causing all the dirt and grime from yesterday to fly off him and into the trash. It was a neat spell that he had learned that saved time in cleaning just about anything and in a moment’s notice, he was ready to go. King didn’t seem all that excited about starting this new school year but bullocks to that! University was all about meeting new people, learning new things and of course, the variety of women. The thought of all those he would meet brought a warm smile to his face and he practically bounded out of the door with King, ready to head to the university’s auditorium for the start of freshman orientation.


Greetings friends! This is an idea I’ve had for a while now about a slice of life monster university type rp where we each play two characters and see what happens from there! There are several ways this can go including some shenanigans from me accompanied by the regular college life stuff and I would love to do this with someone! I’ll be playing King the dragon as well as Scott the satyr while my partner plays two other monsters. We can discuss pairings and all that jazz in DM’s or the comments below if you’re interested. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want to! Until next time, Stay Sleepy Friends!
  • The Ice in My Heart - A Soul Eater RP
The Ice in My Heart - A Soul Eater rp

Potential Triggers - NSFW, Depression, Anxiety, Mention of Self Harm

It was just supposed to be a routine mission. The six of them were just supposed to be performing light recon for a mission later that week. They had taken every precaution they possibly could. Everyone traveled lightly and nobody was making any noises to break their stealth but it still didn't stop them. They descended upon them like rain coating a dry field. The six of them were just surviving until that thing came. It wiped them out in an instant and if it wasn't for Spirit and Stein, Walter would have died then and there. His meister and his squad weren't so fortunate however. The events of that night replayed in Walter's head over and over and over again...staining his waking hours and making his nights sleepless.

Walter woke up in a pool of sweat that morning, just like he had done so many times before. His head was wringing and after looking at the Union Jack on his ceiling, he found the strength to continue on. Stumbling to the bathroom, he looked at himself deeply, hating what he had become. Mason was the only one who saw the good in this edgy kid from Britain and because of Walter's failure as a weapon, Mason was now dead. It was hard to cry when some of your tears came out as frozen shards, resulting in some scars forming on Walter's face which everyone just equated to self harm or after affects of the battle. He tried to be strong this morning but he found himself crying again as the shower water raced down his body.

Walter found himself in a dark depression ever since that day, thinking he was unfit to even be at DWMA anymore. If it wasn't for Stein talking him out of it, he might have just went back home.

The mumbling he heard around the school as he walked through it didn't help him out either. People would always assume what they didn't know and off course, they were wrong. They snickered about how Mason should have chosen someone else and that he was destined to die when he chose the edgy kid as a partner. Walter wasn't a talkative one to begin with so he always had a good ear, hearing every word of the conversations going on around him. In truth, he could beat most of these pairs who talked about him by himself in a one versus two fight but he stopped believing in himself after the incident. He had truly failed as a weapon and these people reminded him of it every day.

Walter plumped himself down at the back of class and tightened his gloves around his hands as he saw the teacher step in the room. Looking at the other pairs sitting around the room, he was on the brink of breaking into a soft sob right there in the back of class when the professor called him up to the desk.

The sad young man picked up his bag and tossed it over his shoulder before walking up to the professor's desk. The older gentleman told him that he had been summoned by Lord Death and his eyes opened widely. Maybe it was time for him to leave after all but who knows what the Shinigami had in store for him?


Greetings peeps! Not many of you would know but Soul Eater is one of the first anime I ever watched and it holds a special place in my heart so I had to make an rp about it! This takes place in an Alternate Universe where our characters are invited into a program for weapons who have lost their meisters. I won't say much more as to not spoil the events of the rp so I guess you'll have to DM me or comment down below to find out more. This, was my evil plan all along friends xD. If you're interested, you know what to do. His character sheet is down below if you want to see it but until then, Stay Sleepy Friends!
💤 💤 💤

Note: This character was created based on the Soul Eater world but belongs in an Alternate Universe and not the canon of the story. Please keep that in mind!

General Information
Official English Name – Walter Anderson
Relatives – Henry Anderson(Father-Dead), Maria Anderson(Mother-Dead), Major McMillan(Foster Father-Alive)
Race – Human
Sex – Male
Age – 17
Height – 5 feet 9 inches
Weight – 160lbs
Nationality – British (Born in Great Britain)
Residence – Death City
Classification – Weapon
Status – Alive
Weapon Type /Form– Silent Knight (Spear)
Affiliations – Death Weapon Meister Academy(Current)
Occupation – Student

“This place is a bit dodgy innit?”

“Capital Punishment is in order, don't you think so mate?”

“I'm a bit knackered so why don't we just finish this one after some proper good food?”

The burrows of Great Britain were loaded with plenty of evil humans but there was one group in particular that had the edge over all others. This particular gang known as “The King’s Court” was headed by an evil human with a Strong Soul that was equivalent to ninety nine evil human souls in one! It was safe to say that no other gangs in the burrows could usurp them from their seat of power. The King’s Court were eventually wiped off the face of the planet due to a group of strong Meister and Weapon pairs but not before their antics would claim the lives of Walter’s parents and so many more. Luckily for the infant, he was taken in by an army veteran named McMillan that would harness his rage and turn it into a career as a weapon for the young lad.

Walter is an average height male, standing at around five feet nine inches with a build that most people would refer to as lean but muscular. His hair is a golden yellow color that sort of enhances his piercing green eyes. The green eyes are a testament to the color of the cryogenic powers his weapon transformation gives to his Meister and the cold expression that lingers across his face just about every time you would see him. While his style does change from time to time, one constant in his attire would be the black gloves he keeps around his hands. It was with the cloth that Father McMillan found him in that fateful night and it holds immense sentimental value for him.



Abilities and Powers
Melee Combat: Walter, while not being the most physically imposing, was trained by a war veteran from a very young age. This allowed him to develop proficient melee combat skills and heightened reflexes. His fighting style is more of a bait and counter, fooling the opponent into attacking one way and punish them with superior speed. Walter has also shown to be able to fight during his partial transformation form, when only his arm is a spear.

Soul Resonance: Walter can resonate with his Meister to combine for deadly attack strings.

Anti-Demon Wavelength: Walter, upon hearing the story of his parents from McMillan, formed his fist into a ball and declared war on all of the evil humans. This manifested itself as a wavelength that directly opposes madness, being able to restore sanity to those who have lost it and even attack beings made completely of madness.

Death Weapon Transformation: Walter’s death weapon form takes the shape of shield-spear hybrid, sporting a large pronged head on one end followed by a wide shield with razor sharp edges, coming to a sharp point on the other end.. The weapon has an elaborate green and white color scheme. (it was the closest image I could get lol)

Cryomancy: Walter’s death weapon form gives him the ability to freeze whatever he touches, summon shards of ice to launch at others and even create large icebergs. Some of these techniques are locked unless the pair has already achieved soul resonance beforehand.

  • Would You Hunt With Me - A Predator vs Alien RP
Would You Hunt With Me? – A Predator vs Alien RP

While many of us get everything we need to survive from our local grocery stores, farmer’s markets, vending machines and the like, there was a time in our history where we had to hunt for survival. This primal or otherwise natural state of humanity was de-fanged using modern technology, forcing us into a shadow of our former selves as some would say. Well, how about we look at another culture who still maintained that primal need for the hunt regardless of how technologically sound they became. Come with my friend as we enter…the Yautja.


When Kankue heard the news, he didn’t know how to feel. On one hand, his father had committed a great crime in the clan’s eyes, stealing the trophy of another hunter and killing them dishonorably in the process. On the other hand, it finally gave people reason to stop shoving such immense pressure on him to become as great as his father was now that there was such a significant stain on his legacy. Dankue was indeed an Elite Warrior of the clan, but his sins had earned him the title of Bad Blood and he seemed to have no intentions of reclaiming the honor that he had lost. The whole ordeal struck a fire in Kankue’s heart, and he swore to himself that day that he was going to become greater than his father ever was and remove the stain that man had left…one way or the other. He wasn’t going to achieve such a feat lazing around of course, so he went into overdrive.

Kankue devoted himself to training and the great warrior god in a way that few others would. He cut out all forms of recreation in his life that didn’t involve pushing himself to greater heights, taking time to master each and every weapon that was pushed into his hands. On hunts with the elites, he went above and beyond to prove himself different from his father, even going as far as to handicap himself by using only his wrist blades during some hunts. This experiment got him his fair share of bruises but it was nothing but another story to tell the females once it was time for him to select a mate to continue his bloodline. They wouldn’t look his way due to his current rank of Unblooded along with the taboo surrounding his family but that was all going to change with tomorrow’s trails. He was going to be put to the test along with several other Unblooded against a few waves of Xenomorphs with nothing but basic tools. If he lived, he would ascend into the ranks of Blooded and if he died, at least his suffering would be over.

The next morning came swiftly and he quickly made his way into the large transport ship with a few dozen other Unblooded warriors towards the soft-meat or Ooman planet where they would participate in a sort of royale with each other in the sacred jungles of old. The area was infested with Xenomorphs and they would have to survive a few waves of grueling combat with the hordes if they wanted to ascend in rank. Kankue had long decided that nothing was going to stand in his way here and that he would kill the serpents with his bare hands if he had to. There was simply too much riding on this whole ordeal to back up now and besides, he had prepared well for this moment. The serpents were truly the greatest prey for his kind to hunt but there was nothing his wrist blades couldn’t cut through.


Greetings Peeps! I have been playing an unhealthy amount of Predator Hunting Grounds recently and it has reawakened my love for this series so I had to make an rp about it! You will be playing another Unblooded ranked Yautja who will survive the trail with Kankue and go on a duo mission together afterwards. That's the basic premise and we can discuss more in PM's or comments if you're interested. Don't be afraid to check out any of my other rp's either! Until then, Stay Sleepy Friends!


  • The Unsleeping City
The Unsleeping City

Dreams hmm? What were they exactly? Well, depending on who you asked, you would get a variety of answers. There were some who claimed that they were nothing but simple manifestations of our subconscious to occupy us while we sleep, others who claimed that it was divine intervention and others still who believed it was a glimpse into the real world! They were all wrong of course but it was so amusing to hear the reasoning as to why the general populous believed what they did. Dreams are links to the Dream Realm, which contain the true magic of the world. This magic is hidden from most people through a very power ritual known as The Veil, which held enough strength to obscure mortal vision and replace it with whatever their brain would perceive as normal. Demons and all sorts of magical phenomena could be happening right next to you, and they would appear as something mundane to any who were under The Veil's power!

Only certain humans have ever pierced The Veil's power and tapped into the magic of the Dream Realm, establishing what would be known as The Unsleeping City. It was a society of humans and other creatures from the Dream Realm who have banded together to handle the problems that escape from dreams. This, my friend, is just one of their stories!

Pete looked down from the second level roof of the building he stood atop and struck his cigar, putting it to his lips before blowing out several large stacks of smoke. They were Arturo Fuente of course, his personal favorite brand that he chose to smoke only before the most intense of missions. He loved moments like this and constantly compared them to the phenomena known as the calm before the storm, where everything looked peaceful, but the next few moments would be pure hell on earth. His heartbeat was beginning to pump faster with every second and his eyes passed over the other members of his team, who seemed to have placed themselves around other areas of this little sector of theirs. This whole thing was going to end here one way or another and if he had anything to say about it, the situation would end in their favor.

A large explosion came from the building that they were watching, scattering debris around the area before a large, armored vehicle roared out of the flame and began tearing down the road. Pete gave one simple hand motion to his team, and they quickly moved to follow his directive. They would be moving to help any emergency services that would be coming in putting out the blaze and more importantly, gathering any info the demons left behind. Pete himself was after the main target and would let nothing get in the way of his mission. The man’s lower body became welled in smoke energy, enabling his flight capabilities before tearing off after the armored vehicle.

The vehicle moved with surprising speed, which was most likely due to its dream engines, a problem that Pete would have to deal with later. What mattered most now would be getting this thing off the road so that The Veil would hold up. There was enough chaos going on with the building exploding and every moment this thing went free, there would be more headaches with everyone involved. This problem would need to be eradicated if he placed his faith in some of his most powerful smoke magic and as he extended his hands, a deep frown encompassed his face. “Umbral Smoke: Suffocation.” Pete closed his hand sharply, causing a cloud of smoke to envelop the car and close around it.

It was now time to close in for the kill and he used this momentary confusion that the driver would be facing to catch up and latch on to the driver’s side of the vehicle. He reached back and punched his entire arm through the window, allowing the smoke to get into the car and further impede the vision of his enemies. The driver was completely unable to drive at this point, causing the car to swivel wildly before heading straight for a local storefront. His magical reserves where still recharging at this point, leaving him with as much defense as everyone else as they all crashed through the brick wall.

Pete was able to absorb some of the smoke generated from the crashed vehicle to heal him slightly, but that little maneuver had damaged him more than he thought. To make matters worse, the demons in the vehicle were still very much alive and he was going to have to battle them two on one. He was confident that he could beat them by himself but the scream from the human in the room had told him much more than surface information. The fear in their eyes told him that The Veil had been broken for them and they could now see what was really going on. Could today get any worse?

Greetings Peeps! This is an RP idea based off of the Unsleeping City Series from Dimension Twenty. You don’t need to have watched it to participate in this rp! You will be playing as a human who is going to be a new part of the Unsleeping City, being trained by my character Pete. We can discuss plot in pm's and we can find something that we both like to push the story forward. I'm open to romance being a possibility regardless of gender and we can discuss more if you're interested down below! Stay sleepy friends xD


  • The Breath In Our Lungs - A Demon Slayer RP
The Breath in Our Lungs – Demon Slayer Rp

Potential Themes: NSFW, Blood and Gore, Action, Adventure, Drama

As the sun’s rays left on the seventh day, Jin opened his eyes and prepared himself for the final day of the test atop Fujikasane Mountain. His ears let him know that he wasn’t in any immediate danger, but he couldn’t stay here for too much longer or the demons would begin to claw their way up the trees to try and consume his flesh. They hadn’t succeeded for the past few days and he would be damned if he allowed himself to falter right now. There was too much riding on this little mission of his and besides, he would be the one doing all of the slaying this day.

He straightened up the old haori that his father had given him before he came here and took his time to jump down from the tree into the soft grass that lay below. The slayer made no sound as he dropped from the great height and as quickly as he appeared, he vanished. His right hand held the hilt of his sword tightly as his eyes scanned the horizon for any hostiles. A few of the demons had taken to the different caves that scattered the mountainside and that was where he was going to be going first. He needed to slay as much of them as he possibly could to make his father proud, cement his confidence in his own abilities and of course, prove that he deserved to be a vital part of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Jin’s footfalls stopped as he reached the mouth of the nearest cave and he placed his hand on the ground, bringing everything around him to a stop as he activated one of his breathing styles. “Thunder Breathing Eighth Coil: Spatial Awareness.” The young slayer closed his eyes and opened his ears wide, causing his hearing to jump to its utmost potential. He was able to hear the demons every move inside of the cave and he counted accurately that there was about five of them in there. This would be the largest group he would have ever taken on at the same time but the element of surprise would definitely push his over the edge, or so he thought.

As he opened his eyes and placed his hand on his sword, causing white lightning to flash across the sheathe and into his very being. “Thunder Breathing First Coil: Thunderclap and Flash…Four-Fold!” The muscles in his legs condensed and became like a piston, pushing everything into a point before bursting forward into a wondrous display of speed. The four weaker demons didn’t even know what happened to them, immediately being decapitated by Jin’s swift strikes. The slayer quickly turned his attention to the last demon, who didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed by everything that was happening. “I thought those four would have provided you some sort of challenge but alas, it seems that I will have to deal with you myself. Demon Slayer flesh is always among one of the tastiest!”

The alpha demon cracked its neck violently, causing its body to morph into several large tentacles which it sent towards Jin with intense speed. Jin wasn’t expecting this demon to have some sort of blood art but we wasn’t going to be killed, not when he had come so far! His saber deflected the tentacles to the side, and he used his powerful leg muscles to jump backwards out of the cave before assuming his battle stance once more. “You managed to hide your evil intent but now, its pouring out of you like the water behind a dam! I won’t let you kill anymore slayers and tonight, you die by my blade!”

Hello peeps! This is a demon slayer rp that I’ve cooked up where we’ll be going through an alternate version of the demon slayer story where our characters are the protagonists and eventually become Hashira! We're going to be starting from the last day of The Final Selection Arc btw! There are many different ways this story can go and I’m up for whatever ideas my partner has! I have Jin’s character sheet ready for your review and would like one provided to me about your character as well. If you’re interested in this idea, please let me know down below or with a DM. Stay sleepy friends xD


  • The Prophecy Foretold - A Percy Jackson RP
[spoilers=The Prophecy Foretold]
The Prophecy Foretold, A Percy Jackson RP

Henry was what one would refer to as the weird kid. When he wasn’t face deep in his sketchbook, helping his mother with her paintings or writing short stories that fueled his imagination, he was causing problems. It wasn’t his fault though. It wasn’t like he intentionally inspired fear everywhere he went or genuinely wanted people to be uncomfortable around him. It also didn’t help that he struggled with ADHD, making him even more hyperactive and restless. Most schools had denied him entry because of his abysmal track record for making everyone around him need intensive therapy lessons. People had been reported of needing therapy after simply holding too long of a glance with him and he had long since chucked it up to a coincidence, giving up most hope of having any friends other than the ones he could manage to draw. His mother had fostered such a skill into him at young age and his baseline proficiency at art had more than likely stemmed from her side of the family.

Speaking of family, it had always been just him and his mother for as long as he could remember. She made sure he was taken care of, to the expense of herself oft times and Henry couldn’t stand it. She discouraged him from getting a job, wanting him to focus on school and things of that nature. He wanted to do something to help her out and decided to open up commissions for his artwork. Of course, many people didn’t take him up on his business offers but those who did got his best work and paid him what they could. It wasn’t much but it was enough to make his mother emotional. Her son was out here among the world trying to make it much as she was and it was too much for her. Every time he would bring her money, they would deeply embrace and enjoy a moment together. It was nice to know that someone had your back, a feeling that he would definitely need by the time this whole ordeal was over.

The school year had passed along quickly and today was the last day of classes. He had quickly gathered up his things and hopped on the bus, getting himself comfortable for the long ride. Henry was the last stop along with another two students that seemed to live in his same general area and he could usually get out a decent sketch or colorway during this time so that was what he was currently doing. The time seemed to breeze by and in the span of twenty or so minutes, he had laid the foundation for his most recent creation. It was a dark imaging of his version of a beekeeper. Instead of a smiling human holding an armful of bees, it was a skeleton dressed in dark plate armor holding a swarm of bats at bay. It was an epic war scene and he was quite proud of himself for completing the sketch in record time in fact!

Suddenly, the bus had stopped and it left him a bit puzzled as he peered out of the window. This wasn’t his normal stop and from the looks of it, wasn’t the normal driver either. This man only had…no…it couldn’t be! They only had one eye and their skin was thicker than usual. The voice confirmed what he didn’t even know where his worst fears as the figure pulled out a sick looking scythe. “I know I smelled the three of you when I came to the surface but now, I’m sure. You wreak of demigod and I’m going to enjoy flaying your flesh and feasting on the marrow of your bones!” The creature barreled down the bus, breaking the chairs as the scythe swung in a lethal arc towards Henry’s neck.

A flash of movement happened behind Henry as something blocked the scythe, mere inches before his neck. It was a hoof and it seemed to belong to one of the other students! It was the guy who he had previously sold some art to, who seemed to not be a guy in the traditional sense at all! This creature, as he would come to know, was a satyr and it was here to transport him to where he needed to be. “You’re not dying on my watch kid and neither are you! The two of you are real special and I need you to help me with this idiot before I take you back to camp!” The satyr pushed the cyclops along with his scythe back a few feet before throwing a black pencil at Henry and another item at the other student. Henry was very confused given the current situation but his body reacted as if on auto-pilot, breaking the pencil’s tip.

To his grand surprise, the pencil changed into a dark blade with a beautifully engraved hilt and rested powerfully in his hands. It seemed to radiate with dark energy and he feasted upon it subconsciously. He had never held a blade in his life but this…felt right...it felt right. Hopefully he would survive whatever this was so that he could get some sort of explanation from this half goat guy!

Greetings friends! This is a Percy Jackson themed rp for my fellow nerds and fans of Greek mythology. Were going to be playing demigods in this rp and you'll know what I'm talking about if you read the books or watched the movies. We'll be going on a quest along with a few twists and turns I have for us! We can double and discuss romance/NSFW elements in DM's. If you have any questions, let me know and we can talk about it! Stay sleepy friends xD


  • The Reaper
[spoilers=The Reaper]
The Reaper

Long before the world would become the shell we knew it as today, there existed two twin gods, who held the power of reality in their hands. These gods were Ymir, the goddess of light and Stein, the god of darkness. Their natures struggled against each other for dominance until they both decided to go their separate ways, with each of them making a realm to reside over. Ymir made the Overworld and filled it with absolute joy, making all members of her domain angels who would bask in her power and sing for all eternity. Stein made the Underworld and filled it with absolute suffering, making greater demons to hand out this suffering and lesser demons to suffer for their enjoyment. This system worked for a time until the angels got tired of singing and the demons got tired of torturing each other.

The gods, though they tried to run from it, eventually got bored with this system as well and with enough pleading from the respective members of their realm, finally decided to make a change. They came to the consensus that they would make a realm with their combined power and populate it with humans. The actions these humans took with their lifespans would determine whether or not they would became denizens of the overworld or underworld. As they were about to shake hands, they hesitated for a moment. Collecting and ferrying these souls to the right places was going to be a hassle and they needed someone or something to do it. This is when they decided on...The Reapers.

The Reapers were in short, soul-less organisms who only existed to carry out the task of delivering souls to The Over or Underworld based on the color of the soul. They were nothing short of robots with human masks, invisible to any who wasn't a divine being. They would be given weapons able to open up portals between the three realms and enough power to deal with any unruly demons or angels. With these terms in order, Ymir and Stein shook hands and sat back and watched the ever continuing movie known as...Earth.


"After watching them from up here, you start to wonder how they do it...the humans I mean. They only do it for so short a time and the expectations of their society is so unfair."
Shawn blew the smoke from his guns and holstered them inside his suit coat, smiling a bit at the target he had just obliterated. His aim was as perfect as ever but when you had Millenia to practice and rogue diviners to deal with, it was a necessity.

"I'm not sure you should be watching anyone in the bedroom Shawn. Just because you don't have a soul doesn't mean you can't be trapped in The Underworld for being a sexual predator." Elliot chuckled as he got a few laughs from the other Reapers, holding his sword tightly in case today was the day he finally broke Shawn.

Shawn knew the game that Elliot was playing and it had never worked in the past two thousand years. It certainly wasn't going to work now but he still had to keep a level head, less he add more fuel to the fire. "No you imbecile, I'm talking about existing. Humans only get to live for say, one hundred years only to die and exist here in for a few hundred years in pain or pleasure before their soul is entered back into the world once more. It must be so...boring."

Mandy swatted Elliot in the back of the head, scolding him for his terrible taste in jokes. "I do understand where you're coming from Shawn but think about it from their point of view. Life is so short and that is what makes it so meaningful for them. We've all seen the most beautiful couples, movements and ideas made in such short times so it can't be all that boring!" She leaned her head to the side, a bit disappointed that Shawn still didn't seem so convinced.

"I guess there's some things I'll just never understand." Shawn shrugged his shoulders and barely manage to take a seat when an alarm blared off overheard, alerting him that it was his time to go and collect another soul. "I guess I'll see you guys a bit later. Hopefully this one will be simple enough."

Shawn drew his pistols once more and took careful aim at the floor below him, letting off a barrage of shots in a weird circular pattern, activating a portal to transport him to earth.

Heyo! This is one of my favorite starters I have ever done and I'd love to do this with someone. I will be playing Shawn (yes, his face claim is Death The Kid), a reaper who doesn't quite understand the meaning of human life and is a bit of an intellectual. There are many ways we can take this rp and I'm excited to hear your ideas! Here are a few that I've come up with:

1. Shawn responds to a call to collect a soul only to find out that this particular soul is gray instead of blue or red. He investigates this with his higher ups and finds out that he is now going to be responsible for teaching the newest reaper, Y/C. Through training, Y/C and Shawn both see what it means to be in the other's shoes. This can be a platonic relationship or nsfw and will feature some shenanigans from me.
2. Shawn responds to a call to pick up an irregular soul but its actually a prank from the other reapers to teach him a lesson about humanity! He must now suffer with the affects of being a human in a human world! Intended to be more slice of life vibes, can include nsfw elements.

Any other ideas are totally welcomed! We can discuss in Dm's if you want so please don't be afraid to hit me up! Stay sleepy friends


  • The Omega Event - A Zombie Apocalypse RP
[spoilers=The Omega Event]
The Omega Event

Trigger Warnings: Blood and Gore, Foul Language, NSFW Elements


The food from the raid on that police station downtown is almost out and I don't think I can stave off hunger for much longer. I'm going to need to eat something or I'm not going to be able to keep up with those ferals or the new monstrosities that keep popping up. I saw one of the freaks that had this weird tongue augmentation and it could scoop you up from a few hundred meters away if you weren't careful! That poor son of a bitch Johnny got grabbed last week and we never saw his sorry ass alive ever again after that. All that was left of him was his pack and a shoe when they were finished tearing him apart. That's enough of the past though! I'd rather die than be one of those things so I've got to get up and get it done or I'll be just like old Johnny! Steel out.


Steel closed his journal and tied the fraying cord around it a few times, ensuring that it was closed before splashing some cold water on his face. The shock woke him up instantly and he immediately pitched up and looked for his pack, which was conveniently placed beside him the night before. He rummaged around the room and quickly got dressed, placing his machete on his left hip, his bow on his back and strapping his large bowie knife in the sheathe on his boot. He didn't need to worry about spores right now but his gas mask was on hand just in case he had to. Steel looked himself over and compared it to a mental checklist before leaving out from the safehouse and making his way towards the only place that they hadn't searched since coming to this town...the super market.

One would think them foolish for not searching there first but just as they needed supplies, other people did as well. The place would have probably been ransacked already or worse, made into a trap to catch unsuspecting survivors. They were very desperate at this point so as Steel's old advisor would say, it was time to pick their poison.

He quickly made his way to the supermarket and scanned the building over a few times, looking for a different entrance to the building. There seemed to be an entrance on the roof and luckily for him, there were a few crates he could move behind the place to get up there. He had to be extra careful as to not attract the ferals and with a few precise pushes and pulls, he had scaled up to the roof and had dropped down into what seemed to be a manager's office in the supermarket. This could be a very bad situation and Steel sharpened his focus for a moment before opening the door towards the inside of the actual store.

He made powerful but soft strides along the floor, using his keen sense of hearing to make his way forward. His machete laid in wait in his right hand, ready to strike out at anything that moved an inch towards him even slightly. The anxiety of the whole thing was getting to him and it would have been unbearable had he not heard it. It had to be some...no...yes...rustling. Something was rummaging in a box a few feet to his right and he suspected the worse. It could be one of those super ferals or just a survivor like him. No matter what it was, he wasn't going to be taking any chances.

He took a heavy arrow from his pack and knocked it into the bow, rounding the corner carefully. He pulled the arrow back, ready to fire at a moment's notice as he addressed the figure before him, which seemed to be another survivor like him. Steel's voice was edged with confidence and the other person could tell he meant business. "If you move another muscle, I'll put an arrow through your neck. Turn around slowly and put your hands in the air."

Greetings fellow roleplayers! This rp is based off of a mixture of the Left 4 Dead and The Last of Us series and is a zombie apocalypse rp! You are going to play the survivor Steel just got the drop on and we'll go from there! We can discuss plot in pm's and we can find something that we both like to push the story forward. I'm open to romance being a possibility regardless of gender and we can discuss more if you're interested down below! Stay sleepy friends xD


  • A Summer to Remember - A MHA RP
[spoilers=A Summer to Remember]
A Summer to Remember

In a world filled with super villains and professional heroes who battled for balance, there was always the hope for the future that the next generation of heroes would be able to finally overcome the villainous threat for good. Alas, this was never the case. As a wise man once said, wherever there was a great good, there would always be a great evil to raise against it. Even knowing this fact, the pro heroes and general populous continued to train the next generation of heroes so that they would be ready to take the mantle of justice forward. Those who were at the forefront of this training were class 1A of U.A. High School, who were currently on their way to a summer camp where they would train in preparation for the next school year. Unbeknownst to them though, there would be some exchange students joining them who, depending on how well they did, would join their ranks against the villainous threat!


"Well old friend, guess I won't be needing you anymore." Manny tossed his pizza parlor uniform into the trash bin inside his room before jumping up from his bed, ready to start the new day. His parents had told him that they would double any amount of money that he put up if he wanted to get into UA and after years of back breaking labor along with several odd jobs where he could, he finally had enough to make it. The officials at the school told him that he would need to complete a sort of test run in the summer before he was officially let into the class and this pleased him enough. His parents didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things but when he proved to them that he was serious about his hero education, they came together in rare form. He didn't really want to hear them bicker about their problems all summer so this was clearly the best option.

People had always told him that he wouldn't become a hero because his quirk was too volatile but he was working every second of his free time to get it under control. He had passed all of the initial gateways in learning how to control his quirk, now being able to freely turn it on and off. The constructs made from his sand were now even stronger than steel and he could control the limit of how quickly his right hand broke something down! HIs father was especially proud of how far Manny had come, since all he had ever been able to do with the quirk was make a successful construction company. Manny's mother didn't really see it that way and was horrified that this was the path that her son had chosen but Manny simply pushed it away and chalked it up to just another thing his parents never agreed on. That was enough daydreaming for the day though and he had to get ready so that the bus wouldn't catch him off guard.

His bags were already set since the night before and after a quick shower, the only thing left to do was get ready. Manny finally settled on a pair of blue jeans accompanied by some black sneakers, a white shirt and a white jacket over it. He smelled the bus before he heard it, turning his head to see the bright yellow vehicle tearing down the road towards him. The looks he received when he got on the bus were mostly welcoming and he even smiled back at some of them. There was a particular girl that caught his eye and he made plans to talk to her when things got more settled. Maybe this whole thing wouldn't be so bad after all.


As the sun's rays broke through Zeke's bedroom window, he wasn't even there. The young man had already been up for a few hours, getting in his ritualistic early morning workout. It usually consisted of a several mile run followed by rounds of vigorous exercise before ending it all with his favorite breakfast of berries and granola. Many people had counted him out based on the simplicity of his quirk, Moose, but pro heroes like Rumi Usagiyama propelled him forward through their waves of inspiration. They taught him that if he wanted something enough, he simply had to outwork everyone else who also wanted that thing and so far, it had gotten him to a place he was happy with in life. His quirk provided the baseline for his impressive physique but constant daily workouts from the age of eight made him the bull (male moose) that he was! His antlers were stronger than ever and the sheen they got in the light of the dawn made him smile wider each and every day!

As he finished his workout, he went home to quickly take a shower and prepare for the bus that was surely coming any moment now. The first impression was always the best impression and he wanted the students to see who he was just by looking at him. The mountain of a man finally decided on a pair of dark green hunting jeans, some combat boots along with a jean jacket to go over his bare chest. It was a pain to get shirts on over his large pair of antlers so naturally, jackets were his preferred clothing style. He took a few glances at himself in front of the mirror and gave himself a thumbs up before hearing the blaring of a horn outside.

Like a great stampede, he hurried out of his home door after leaving a note for his still sleeping parents. There was a slight commotion as he had to find the right angle to get his antlers past the bus door but after that initial hurdle, he was finally situated! The students of the class gave him a warm welcome and he couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. The energy in this bus was electric, or that might just have been Denki. Nonetheless, he couldn't wait for them to pick up the last person! This was definitely going to be,
a summer to remember!


Greetings my fellow roleplayers! This is an rp based on MHA where we are going to play as exchange students who basically have to pass a summer camp trial along with the rest of class 1A to be admitted into their class the next school year. The themes of this rp are summer romance, combat, exploration and things of that nature! I usually like to double with my partners, which is basically when I play my character and a love interest for their character and they do the same for me. (That's why there are two perspectives). These are just a few examples of oc's that can be played but there are several more I have in my book. If you're interested in this idea, please shoot me a DM or comment down below. Can't wait to rp with you all! Stay sleepy friends xD

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