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Multiple Settings sleep-deprived and ready to write - updated 13/05/2022

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Frist of all: I am 21+ and would prefer to RP with people also 21+. 18+ is a must.

Since I've been experiencing a trend for a while now of making OCs and then not using them because of roleplays falling through for one reason or another, I thought I'd edit this thread to introduce some of them that I'd still like to write as. Below you'll find some spoilers with basic info about them and what kind of plots/settings I'd be up to throwing them into!

If you recognise any of these characters and we've started to RP before and you want to pick it back up, feel free to contact me as well.

I'll also add some general vague themes and such I'd be up for coming up with plots and characters for, I'm not hell-bent on using the ones listed below, I'd just like to play as them if I get the chance.

This thread is strictly for OC x OC and I favour m// and genderqueer relationships at the moment.

If you're more interested in fandom RP, I have thread of the ones I'm into right now here.

As for style and stuff: I don't double (I do like having side characters though, but not with their own POV), I only write in third person and with people who do so as well, both past or present tense are fine.

I don't have a post length requirement so long as the story is pushed forward and I have something to work with. I'm not picky with how advanced your writing is either, but I'd really like to be able to make sense of what I'm reading at least. As a sidenote, I'm not fond of overly flowery writing styles, I can't follow them well.

Also, I'm not interested in making this a challenge, I RP for fun and to unwind.

I'm aiming for replying at least once a week, but I'm making no promises.

I only RP in PMs, I'm not opposed to Discord or Guilded either. Plotting and chatting in a separate thread.

Please read the info in the following spoiler.

My no-gos and peeves/not into:
- major character death
- canon x OC
- Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, non-con (specifically between our characters), dom/sub dynamics
- tropey top/bottom dynamics, power dynamics based on bedroom positions as well as characters created based on or solely with those tropes in mind; do not come to me if you think relationships need to involve a 'submissive' and a 'dominant' character
- mpreg
- heavy mental health themes
- graphic descriptions of vomit(ing), broken bones and eye gore
- romantic or sexual relationships involving underage characters, especially not minor x adult
- mental asylums/insane asylums etc.
- age play, de-aging, aging up characters for shipping reasons
- If you're someone who uses other people's artwork of their characters as references for your own characters, don't bother messaging me. We won't get along.
- Send me a song rec in your message if you've read all this, any genre goes.


Age: late 20s
Pronouns/gender: they/them, agender leaning masc.
Pairings: NB/any
Settings: 1990s to modern
Themes: crime, road trip, gritty slice of life
Short info: small-time criminal, can either presently be or formerly have been part of a street gang.
Available refs: art, basic character sheet, Pinterest board

Age: mid-30s
Pronouns/gender: he/him, male
Pairings: m//
Settings: late 20th century to modern
Themes: horror, mystery, paranormal
Short info: a former medium of some renown who has developed an aversion to not only the paranormal in general, but also the business of investigating and engaging with it.
Would love a plot where he is pulled into a spooky case either reluctantly or by unforeseen circumstance.
Available refs: art, detailed character sheet, Pinterest board, playlist

Age: early 30s
Pronouns/gender: he/him, male
Pairings: m//, m/NB
Settings: modern
Themes: crime, mystery, investigation
Short info: artistically inclined journalist, probably the most easy-going of my characters, though he does have a stubborn streak. Like a true journalist, he loves to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.
Available refs: detailed character sheet, Pinterest board

Age: late 20s
Pronouns/gender: he/him, male
Pairings: m//
Settings: 1920s
Themes: organised crime
Short info: Italian-American member of a crime syndicate, neither high nor very low in rank.
Available refs: detailed character sheet, Pinterest board

Age: early to mid-20s
Pronouns/gender: he/they, mostly fluent in gender presentation
Pairings: NB/any
Settings: futuristic
Themes: dystopian, solarpunk, cyberpunk, exploration
Short info: freelance photographer with a love for retro and vintage technology
Available refs: Pinterest board

I might be up for converting some of them for different settings.

If there aren't visual references or character sheets yet, I will aim to create them for an RP.

I draw references for my characters myself or use artbreeder. My preferred style is semi-realistic or leaning towards anime/manga-ish. I'm a fan of fairly detailed character sheets, but I don't need my partner to make them for their side. I'm good with any visual references you prefer, if any.

Themes/settings I'm up for exploring and creating new characters for:

horror//paranormal//modern organised crime (KinnPorsche inspired)//wuxia or xianxia (new to these genres, but very interested and eager to learn//feudal Japan (sorta along the lines of Inuyasha but without the time travel)//plots inspired by Natsume Yuujinchou with older characters//plots inspired by Professor Layton//something sorta inspired by The Great Ace Attorney chronicles?19th century-ish, bit dark, bit quirky, some high stakes.//lonely lighthouse paranormal romance??? super vague but I adore this vibe

Please PM me if interested. Introduce yourself and let me know what caught your attention/what you'd like to RP. I obviously reserve the right to decline if I'm not feeling it. I'm a little picky.
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