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Fandom slasher horror crossover ?! a spooky slice of life

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x bullet child x
who's there?! .. oh, just you. welcome! 🔪🎃
what happens when you put some of the most iconic fictional serial killers under one roof? do they brawl to the bloody death, or do they learn to tolerate eachother? do they maybe even.. find love? is that even possible? i suppose all we can do is find out!
this is a horror-themed slice of life roleplay featuring the slasher villains. a few examples being myers, jason, pennywise, ghostface, etc. simply sign up here with the villain of your choosing, and you control their daily life, their actions, their interactions, whatever you want!
got a murderer of your own making? original characters are also welcome!
sound like fun? let me explain how things work around here.

the slashers live amongst themselves on a vast, empty and wilted ranch with multiple different smaller areas where each villain has their own space. each villain, while sharing a general large space with their bloodthirsty peers, has their own little living space, we'll call it their domain, to call theirs that fits their personality and preferences. make sure to describe what your character's domain is! we don't want any homeless slashers.
if your character is feeling social, there's also the main house, aka an, old run-down ranch house that they found, where all the villains may congregate. complete with a kitchen (though seldom used), some old electronics, and a couple sofas.
the slashers can leave the ranch when needed to take care of any gory business or get supplies, but they always have a home to come back to here.
[i will potentially make a lore thread, if more information is necessary. though, it's a horror crossover i made for fun, so it isn't that deep lol]


before we proceed to the character building process, let me provide some ground rules:

- all site rules apply here, obviously. no nsfw.
romance plots of all sexualities are fine, as long as all parties involved are on board.
- keep your character at least mostly true to their personality. if a character is quiet, don't make them a chatterbox. if a character is hostile, don't make them an obvious softie. stuff like that.
- per site rules, no extreme descriptions of gore/violence. conflicts and fights between characters are allowed, and of course the topic of murder is allowed (hence the subject matter), but don't go into excruciating detail. have it be implied somewhere else, use gentle detail, etc.
- on the topic of conflict/general interaction, do your best not to make any big moves without the permission of all parties involved.
- swearing is allowed, but don't get too crazy. slurs/derogatory language is absolutely not permitted.
if you have any questions or ideas, please message me! i'll be happy to help with whatever, and i'll listen to any ideas to spice things up.

got it? if so, let's move on to the fun part, choosing your character!


- michael myers (ronnical/me!)
[any future characters that are already claimed will be listed here]

to sign up, please copy + paste and fill out the following form:

character name + source:
character's pronouns:
character description (appearance, traits, etc):
domain description:

as an example, i will provide my character's form:

character name + source: michael myers, halloween
character's pronouns: he/him
character description (appearance, traits, etc): michael is a mountain of a man, standing at a towering height with a broad and surly figure. despite being large in size, he is quiet as a mouse. dead silent, even. you're lucky if he even acknowledges you. occasionally hostile, especially to those he's not entirely comfortable around or people that are a hindrance to him. has fair skin, dark eyes and a slim face with wavy brown locks, albeit obscured by a white mask, resembling a human face. will only remove mask when he is alone. typically wears a stained navy jumpsuit and dirty worker boots. typically very still and slow-moving, easy to outrun. inhumanly strong, can bust through glass with ease. weapon of choice is an impressively sized kitchen knife.
domain description: the basement of the main house. cellar doors leading down a creaky stairway, into a dim little domain that resembles a furnished apartment that was refashioned into a psych ward. tinted windows that don't open. a couch covered by a white sheet, and an old tv collecting dust. a bed with white sheets and black blankets. shelves and a coffee table lined with odd trinkets or dusty books. a record player that appears to get more use than the television. aged papers with unreadable chicken scratch or ominous drawings attached to a dark wall and scattered on the floor. the walls appear to have scratches on them. a small hanging mirror with a crack through the center. the stench of iron and burnt wood fills the stagnant air.
other: n/a

i believe that is all! an ooc thread is attached here, if you wish to visit that as well. thank you for reading, i hope that you will enjoy your time here! 🦇🔪
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