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Greetings, adventurer and welcome to my Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim RP recruitment thread!!

I am currently searching for an RP set in this universe and have a few ideas in mind that I shall be placing below. I do MxF and prefer ages 20+. Sorry but I just don't feel comfortable writing with anyone below that. 😕 Romance is accepted and can be platonic if you prefer.

Possible scenarios:

I: Reluctant allies forced to band together to defeat a great rising evil.

II: Bandits attacked a village and burned down my home and I need help!!

III: We meet in a Dwemer ruin and are after the same artifact and will kill the other to secure it. During the race to find it one is badly injured and the other must make a choice. Leave with the treasure or help the other.

IV: Or we can discuss something. I'm open to ideas.

Here is my OC. He's been my main on Skyrim for a very longtime.

Bjørn Olafsson


Age: 32.

Height: 6'4".

Weight: 224 lbs.

Hair and Beard: Blonde.

Eyes: Icey Blue.

Marks/Scars: Scar on right bicep and left thigh.

Weapons: Steel Greatsword and Glass Bow.

Bjørn Olafsson, son of Olaf Stonehand and Dagny Storm Bringer, is a tall, proud Nord who has fought in countless battles against man and beast alike and has the scars and stories to prove it. He has fought them all. From a lowly bandit to a great Dragon. A powerful warrior that is proficient in melee combat as well as ranged combat but he prefers close quarters where he can swing his Greatsword. He has long since retired from adventuring after the night when a Dragon attacked the city of Solitude and took his dear wife, Fjori. He is still haunted by recurring nightmares of that fateful night. Now a widower, Bjørn keeps to himself, living in Proudspire Manor and looking after his 10 year old daughter Helga and helping the townsfolk and the Court when he can.

If this has piqued your interest then feel free to DM me. Thank you for viewing.

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