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  1. Character/In-Character/Rules
    Welcome to the OOC! Here you can chat, plan, or simply talk and enjoy yourself :)
  2. I'll get my character up tomorrow.
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  3. @RichardB I’d preferred if you asked questions here :)

    And wait to others as you can use those sheets as examples :D
  4. Ok no problem
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  5. @Iskolde Forgive me for asking but I’ve added backstory if you want to add that to the CS but it’s optional :)
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  6. I'll see what I can do. I'll have Laia finished sometime tomorrow hopefully.
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  7. @Chromquistador
    I feel like S’addha will actually get along with Radfor due to their love of pleasing others and Radfor’s enjoyment for jewelry :)
  8. @Iskolde
    Oh boy, with S’addha being a Khajiit and also looking like a bear, Laia and his relationship will probably be rocky xD
  9. @Shammy the Shamrock
    Eh, so long as he doesn't tease him about his creations. He'll skin him alive if he does.
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  10. They also have fears involving horrifying bug monstrosities. Except one will rip you to shreads and the other is just an annoyance xD

    And he won’t, unless he gets drunk somehow ;)
  11. Oh, I’ll mention it here. Races that have been mentioned in the elder scrolls lore, but haven’t appeared in the actual games are allowed as long as they aren’t extinct(Snow Elves) or gone missing(Dwarves)

    Though if you try and succeed to do so in a way that makes sense, I’ll applaud you :)
  12. Hah, yeah. She'd probably be very.... cold toward him.

    Laia's finished btw.:)
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  13. I will post sometime soon, doing RL things today
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  14. [​IMG]
    This has happened to me before xD
  15. [​IMG]
    Argonian Khajiit, we’re doomed!
  16. Just giving y'all an update: I'm working on my character. I haven't quite ironed out his style and personality yet. I'll finish the concept between today and tomorrow.
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  17. I'll start the character sheet today. I've got a good character sketch!
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