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Fantasy Skyracers karma cs page


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You can add more to it if you want (know I might ask you change or edit things) but the sheet below is the bare minimum I need to accept a character. I'll post a character when I can be bothered. If you want to iron out details feel free to ask me on the check or in a PM and I will respond as soon as possible.

Race: (choices being human, half elf, dwarf and beastkin)
Age: (race determines this somewhat. Half elves, dwarfs (and some beastkin) live around 250-350 years. Humans and most beastkin live under 100 years. )
Appearance: (picture is required but either way give a small description of shit someone might notice at a glance...height, hair colour, notable features)

Skills/talents: (whatever you feel is relative be it combat orientated or something more pleasant like cooking or music)

Flaws: (it could be a fear of some sort, a distasteful quirk or habit... no one is perfect.)
((Mind you if it's REAL edgy shit or seems unlikely this character could join a exclusive team which relies on cooperation and whatnot i will ask you edit or change it.
For example I doubt a silent ominous murder hobo with a knack for attacking/killing any who look/speak the wrong way at them would be joining the Skyracers))

Gear: (what they have on them when traveling/at most times)

What you ride: (prefer if you pick some sort of large bird but big flying lizards/insects are options as well)

Mana: (you Get one type, and while I usually say pick anything I'm just gonna say I will say no to anything that seems to BS or OP as I don't want to argue what's fair in fiction. Just to reiterate if you write something that seems fair/good/awesome I'll probably say yee-yee. But for some Easy examples I will most likely say no to look below...

Super speed, the flash can end anything without a problem.
Teleportation, similar to super speed this can trivialize shit quickly.
Invincibility/regeneration, don't want superman or deadpool making the rest of us look shit
Multiple powers, can't have you spit fire and breathe ice etc etc
Foresight, I hate giving out spoilers unless it can be vague as shit or it rhymes
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Wip, will finish at some point

Race: Human.
Name: Waboe Naht
Age: 26
Gender: male
Waboe is 5ft10 with grey hair and dark eyes. Though the man is athletic, toned, rocking nice arms whilst sporting great thighs... He is in no way a musclebound tank of a strongman.
Waboe often appears tired or drunk, this is could be his poisonous mana coursing through his veins or the fact Waboe is kinda a high functioning addict.

Archery being able to handle a bow and arrow used to be mandatory when living below on karma, The Naht clan takes this personally.
Magic "just as good as a elf!" Is quite a overstatement for many reasons, but despite the confidence Waboe has studied his clan's mana and is considered adept or even masterful with his control and use of poison mana.
Combat training like most who aim to become a Skyracer Waboe has been trained in fighting hand to hand and with a weapon. You only become a skyracer when you have earned the confidence of your combat instructor.
musician though he cannot remember lyrics or chord progression Waboe has a decent singing voice and dexterous fingers with a string instrument.
sneaky as in good at hiding and staying quiet. Picking pockets and locks not so much.

Altered state Waboe is a cocky asshat who quite possibly finds himself invincible or more likely incapable of loss. "If I'm alive I haven't lost.."
It might be a dumbass sense of self preservation or the most astounding confidence ever seen in a young human but Waboe sees no problem with being drunk or worse whilst working/ hunting/questing/fighting.
Fear/hatred of Blood suckers
Waboe hates anything that wants to drink his blood. This notable fear came from old tales of vampires. Monsters wearing human skin...
These stories have kept the young boy up at night and resulted in nightmares many times during the years. To this day Waboe reacts the same way when confronted with a animal/insect/monster that is known for drinking blood. These reactions being rage/fright/shock/paralysis/fight or flight adrenaline etc.

Gear: (what they have on them when traveling/at most times)

What you ride: a poisonous Wyrven Named BombWyvern.jpg
Like a Dragon, but with two legs and much smaller. Still the Baggi lizards of karma can make excellent mounts if one is able to tame them. As Waboe was able to best the creature
(using his mana to appear unaffected to the Baggi's toxins) this particular Baggi was tamed rather quickly and was even able to undergo the Skyracers ritual.
(A form of communication /beast tamer mana that helps a rider and mount understand each other)

Mana: Poison.
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Race: Human
Name: Heather
Age: 25
Gender: Female.
Appearance: 1619129604615.png
Heather is shorter, standing at only 5'4. She usually has soft purplish hair and a few pieces of jewelry on.

Skills/talents: She's very agile and lanky and is really good at climbing. Heather is also a decent healer, but not in high-stress situations.

Flaws: She is absolutely horrid under pressure. Bring her someone with a bad injury, and she's likely to work herself into a panic before she ever lays eyes on them.
She's also mildly allergic to shellfish.

Gear: Heather carries first aid kits and lots of jewelry. She and her mount are both obsessed with shiny things and are a bit of hoarders- which is likely not much of a surprise to anyone who's been around her for a while.
She usually wears a regular soft shirt and thick canvas pants, but she does love herself some fancy garb.
Heather also has a pouch of useful seeds that she can coax into plants when needed.

What you ride: Heather rides a heron called Snowcap. The bird is very curious and nimble with her long beak.
She can fly only mildly fast but is super nimble and a great trick flyer.
Mana: Flowers. Her powers are something akin to leafspeak from Wings of Fire, where she speaks to the plants and can coax them to grow and on occasion hear whispers from them.
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Race: Half Elf
Name: Cassiden
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lightly curled natural blonde hair with green eyes.
Skills/talents: Can cook really well and great with a bow and arrow

Flaws: Prideful and has minor control issues

Gear: bow and arrows in a quiver, usually with leather cuffs to protect her arms

What you ride: She rides a graceful hawk named Sharp sight

Mana: She has telekinesis but prefers not to use it.
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Triune Tales of Diminuitive Swine

Race: Beastkin - Wyrm (Dragon/Serpentine)

Name: Qadir

Age: 72 years old

Gender: Male


Qadir stands at six feet and eight inches tall, slightly above average height for Wyrms. His scales are reddish, rusty brown colour with more beige fleshy inner parts. His horns curve outwards in a tapering spiral. At the base of his neck and jaw flares a webbed structure that flares open when he’s experiencing strong emotions like anger or when he’s threatened. He’s built quite tanky and solid, his muscles covered with bronze plated armour. At his side, there sits an heirloom blade that‘s been passed down from his family for generations.


Martial Arts - Qadir is adept at combat. He has high kinaesthetic knowledge lending itself from years of training and hand to hand combat experience. The lieutenant of his commander, the designated right-hand, he’s often in charge of training the younger soldiers when they first join their ranks.

Blade Wielding/Sword Skills - Qadir is quite adaptable when it comes to sword fighting. He wields a single blade and a dagger well together. To him, this form of fighting is almost second nature. He could do this with a blindfold on.

Night Vision - Qadir can easily navigate at night or in low light settings. His retinas are able to pick up miniscule spectral differences in light. Unfortunately, his eyes do glow when this is active making it easy for his opponents to spot him. He’s also quite vision sensitive when transitioning from night to regular sight.

Carving - A hidden trait, but Qadir enjoys carving things out of wood and just wood working in general. It’s more of a practice of dexterity because he has big meaty claws that make it hard to do detailed work, but it trains his perseverance and patience at the end of the day.


Rage - Although mostly reserved, when extremely provoked to act and only at his exhaustive wit’s end, Qadir can fill with unstoppable rage. This seldom happens but when it does, it’s due to something serious in nature like a team member being killed or severely injured. His rage comes from a violent past, one which he’d rather not speak about. He blacks out and causes a lot of destruction (think “Hulk-level anger”). He’s quite ashamed of this violence so he tries his best to keep it under wraps. He tries his best to put the Rage behind him, especially as a lieutenant, but there’s always a chance you could see it, if you’re not careful enough.

Stubbornness - When Qadir sets his eyes on something, his pursuit is relentless. His mind isn’t easily swayed and he rarely backs down from his word. Whether fuelled by vengeance or pride, you’re guaranteed that he will not stop his mission or jeopardize it for anyone or anything. This could seem extremely cold and callous, especially to those who may want his help, but his loyalty to his commander always comes first and foremost.


Armour - His chest piece; shoulder, shin, arm guards; and cuisse (thigh) armour are made with bronze and leather straps. It’s his uniform so he’s always wearing this.

Weapons - Steel blade and dagger; a few throwing knives for good measure.

Belt bag - Containing a few pieces of coin for food and a map for navigation

What you ride: Qadir’s Dragon species is without wings so they aren’t gifted with the ability of flight. Wyverns are his choice of species to ride with. He takes care of his mount - aptly named Umbra (Shadow) for its dark, smoky coat - and feeds it daily with fish or other prey animals.


Mana: Fire-based, Fiery Breath that spans from five to ten feet outwards. Note, doing this is extremely draining of energy so Qadir uses this seldomly and conserves energy when needed. Qadir’s mana is weak.
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