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the moon weeps

hello, hello! welcome to my search thread.

you can call me saph (she/her). i'm a disaster of a student who loves coffee, cats, and everything science. aside from writing, i do some art and coding in my spare time— you may have seen my threads around the site.

if you read through everything and like what you see, shoot me a pm! please attach a writing sample (no worries, it’s just to see if we’ll vibe style-wise) and let me know what you’re interested in.

  • though my ooc typing is undercase for the ~aesthetic~, i would consider myself a literate writer. my writing samples are here if you want to check them out!

    just to make things crystal clear: i’m 16 years old. if that makes you uncomfortable right off the bat, no worries. i totally get it! i do tend to prefer doing non-romantic rps with folks who are significantly older than me.

    i write in third person, past tense, and tend to do about 1k+ for starters and 400-700 for replies. in no way do you have to mirror post! folks have different writing styles, so you do what’s most comfortable for you, as long as you’re giving me a bit of something to work with.

    i post around one time to multiple times a week, mostly because my schedule is a chaotic entity that i have 0 control over. i will make sure to let you know if i’m going to be any longer than that.

    if you’re alright getting anything from plot ideas to character playlists to random shit i doodle at 3am, i will be happy to supply. ooc chatter is super fun!

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