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Fantasy Sky pirates of the Kirilan--

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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Sky piracy is on the rise and why wouldn't it be?

In the lands of Kirilan airships are the preferred way of transporting large amounts of cargo across the wastes known as the Badlands. The first Airship was created from simple means and the spark of a grand idea.
A wooden frame, two large thick cloths and a abundance of Air runes...
In present days the amount of airships one can find vary in sizes and style, most of them however are fueled by a brilliant invention known as a Conversion Forge or CF for short. A C-forge is a machine which converts mana into the energy needed to power contraptions and ultimately fly a ship.

However the amount of rogue airships within Kirilan seems to increase at a more than steady rate. Be it from criminals crossing the seas, defectors of a Air fleet or simple bandits from the badlands somehow cobbling together enough runes to fly...
The three kingdoms have taken measures to combat this threat.
Additional spellswords and knomages onboard each cargo ship and specialized battle ships known as Sky hunters soon to be deployed to patrol borders and engage as needed.

You however live in the Badlands,
No kingdom looks out for your needs. You grew up in a small community or secluded village before it was razed by bandits or monsters. You and whatever survivors of said razing were either kidnapped into slavery or lucky enough to escape somewhere with less shit going on. Eventually you find yourself at the largest town in the Badlands...
The Rough.
Walls, markets, brothels and bars even some houses and farms. It's nothing like the cities within the kingdoms but for most in the badlands The Rough is the easiest place to live. It's still dangerous, it's just that the remnants of a forgotten time keep out the larger monsters. Your new life in the rough was probably a tough one. Working hard for low pay or like most falling into a life of crime. This won't change any time soon but a opportunity to work hard in a life of crime presented itself one fine muggy day.

A battle in the skies happens just outside the walls of the rough, two airships from the southern kingdom Jalopina chase a rogue ship that's taken damage. For all able to see it was a amazing display of skill and luck which snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. You happened to see this battle and figured that picking over those Jalopina ships would be a easy way to get some money. Unfortunately others in and around the Rough have a similar idea aswell as the Rogue ship landing outside the rough to scavenge from the wrecks.

It was as you are about to find a seemingly undamaged crate that your story begins proper. Many others were about to find this crate aswell. Others from the rough, bandits and even some surviving guards from Jalopina are in the immediate vicinity and a standoff is in progress. How do you survive this?
Violence? Magic? Stealth? Talking it out?
However you do it impresses a sky pirate, they offer to recruit you onto the Brown Phoenix crew.
"Why's it the brown Phoenix?"
"it flies through any shit and never truly dies..."

Should you choose to join the Brown Phoenix you will fly into a adventure chased by the kingdoms being tangled in a plot that holds the fate of the lands.
Steal necessities,
fight monsters and other humans,
explore abandoned dungeons and floating islands,
maybe even find a Prince or princess to seduce in a effort to take control of a kingdom...
Or cause of feelings, the choice is yours!

Ayo it's another fantasy except this time I have classes for you to pick for your characters as I'll be rolling imaginary dice for your characters and the enemies/npcs in the game.
Classes listed below but making a character requires you to pick an match two styles or subclasses which I will explain better on the cs page.

Bonus points for most physicals acts of violence though you pick from four styles to be adept in
Brawler, Acrobat, Stabber and Shooter.
Pretty straightforward in my opinion with brawler meaning you grapple and trade blows.
Acrobat being the type to flip, dodge and attack hoping to never be hit.
Stabber/swinger is skilled with weapons of a melee fashion, swords axes spears clubs etc
Shooters are projectile users, bow and arrow, shurikens darts boomerangs guns etc.

Anyone capable of magic is technically "talented" but having this class gives a bonus to anything magic related.
Your own mana, runes and crystals, artefacts and magic items.
Two types to choose here being spellsword and Knomage. Spellswords are well versed with their own magic generally for combat.
Knomages have a wide range of magic by using runes and crystals for single use spells/techniques or creating/using magic artefacts.

Arguably the most important title for a skypirate. A mecca is one who works with magical contraptions that use a Conversion Forge. Runecannons and flight boards or a CF itself. Two styles of Mecca to pick.
A Fixer, is the sort who studies other contraptions and learns to fix them with whatever they can. They generally work on standard designs more common grade than top tier.
A Inventor, is the sort to create their own contraptions. Understanding the process of creating a C forge but only able to fix their own eccentric designs.

You talk to much, But those with this class get bonus points to any sort of speaking be it barter, deception, persuasion, seduction, intimidation and anything involving words and gestures.
This is generally a subclass but can work as it's own thing provided you play it right and invest in at least one other class at some point.

These ones move quick and quiet and get a bonus for any stealthy action they do. Sly is a subclass that adds onto other ones.
Sly fighter, sly talker, sly talented. Sneaker is when you double down on being sly for double points in stealth.

So if you make a fighter class with the two styles being brawler and stabber you get double points for actions that fall under fighting.
If you made a Sly talker, you get points for talking or stealth but not double.

Ask questions or show enthusiasm below, like all my shit post requirements is two paragraphs or more once a week.
I'm willing to start with two other players and the cut off will be six players.

CS page is here
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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Neato, just from the check got a rough idea of the character you'd like to make?

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
To help paint how the rp works with classes and imagined dice, depending on the situation your characters actions will be tallied against the enemies or environment.

Say a pure fighter class with stabber and shooter tries to suggest a fix for a CF on a airship. They have no mecca points to improve their chance of successfully giving a valid answer and no talking points to sound valid.
They would most likely fail.

But if a mecca/talker was to be confronted by a pack of bandits they may be able to scare them away with a broken contraption and confidence alone.

For low level mobs and simple problems your generally ok, but for any competent enemy or actual scenario your actions are based off your class and the situation.
Two pure fighters have a brawl?
The written action and my imagined dice decide who wins.

A talker lies to the royal family?
Said lie and imagined dice determine how believable that lie was.
So on so forth

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
I can start one tonight if you and someone else promise not to bail after the first posts lol

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Have at it


Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Not just any bump

So it's finally here, written for you,
If you know the words, you can join in too,
Put your hands together, with tremendous glee,
As I introduce, characters from the rp
B.P Brown Phoenix!
He's the leader of the bunch, a pirate a heart,
And in making the ship, he took a big part,
His double Runegun makes blue flames fly,
If he shoots ya, your gonna die,
The biggest, fastest, and strongest too,
Captain Shiki of the B.P crew
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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
B.P brown Phoenix,
listen up people cause this girl has flair,
stylish and cute as she flies in the air
A Mecca inventor, quite the talker aswell
Not much of a fighter, but acrobatic as hell
Fia Wing, the rookie honeypot
Finding new recruits, to give them a shot
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