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Fantasy Skouro Sympan: Snakes, Sinners and Destruction.. (Other Section)



ₐ Wₒₗf ᵢₙ ₛₕₑₑₚ'ₛ Cₗₒₜₕᵢₙg..
"They relentlessly thwarted our plans of making this world a free place...I say we work together to slaughter them.."
*The clock is ticking, the bell is ringing..how shall we prevent this tragedy?*
"This universe is vile, and I will rid of it and create a new one."

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Lore/Storyline: After years of ruling with an iron fist only to be brought down, Thrasher recruits a number of villains (Overkyll, Wireclaw, Anti and Khronikle) to destroy each of their enemies. Only you can protect the planet and bring an end to these bastards.

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ₐ Wₒₗf ᵢₙ ₛₕₑₑₚ'ₛ Cₗₒₜₕᵢₙg..

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