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Fandom Skies of Arcadia Multifandom Idea

The Fabulous Emerald

It's never illogical to be fabulous
Hello, and welcome to an idea I had! In short, I plan on this RP being a multiverse-style roleplay that takes inspiration from Skies of Arcadia (or Eternal Arcadia, if that's how you know it). In other words, the story/setting is based around SoA lore, though the characters do not necessarily have to be from that franchise. While I have a fairly chunky idea of what's happened in the RP written down, there's no real plot to be had yet - this will probably just be a classic 'dump everyone in one place and have fun' type thing at the beginning. Of course, anyone who joins is more than welcome to help make the plot! Less work for me, after all.


The Dark Rift. As far as anyone knew – even the seemingly omniscient Silvites – this has always been a mystery. Where did it come from? Why does it exist? These are the questions that everyone researching the Dark Rift had asked, yet the answers were as mysterious as the Silver Civilisation itself. Not even the greatest sailor known to humankind, Vyse the Legend – the one who discovered the world was round – could even find the answers. The closest thing to evidence even he and his crew could find was a large Black Moonstone at the centre of the Rift. Still…perhaps Vyse was simply too busy to discover the truth. Or perhaps even he was unable to come close.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Either way, Arcadia was lucky Vyse did not prod further. In truth, despite what people believe, there are seven Moons of Arcadia. The first six are well known – the Red Moon, of Fire and Power, the Blue Moon, of Air and Water, the Yellow Moon, of Electricity, the Green Moon, of Nature and Growth, the Purple Moon, of Ice and the Mind, and finally the Silver Moon, of Life and Death. These six Moons are fairly easy to believe in their existence – all it would take is a look upwards anywhere in Arcadia to see one of these magical satellites hovering over the planet. However…there was another. The Black Moon. The seventh Moon did not orbit…well, anything. In a sense, it did not exist at all. Yet, it did. After all, the Black Moon controlled Time and Space. It existed everywhere, every time, everyplace. Yet, it also existed nowhere, no time, no place. What the world didn’t know was that the Dark Rift was actually a wormhole. The tiny chunk of the Black Moon left behind in Arcadia was enough to bend reality enough to create a portal of sorts into an alien world.
Shortly after being crowned King, and after repairing the damage to his empire after his mother’s tyrannical lead, Enrique of the Valuan Empire set a small group of researchers to the Dark Rift with the task to discover just exactly what was going on. Since this was more of a side project, Enrique did not assign too much resources to the researchers…though, after several weeks had passed since their last message Enrique soon discovered the error of his ways. However, when his second – and far more prepared – group also disappeared, King Enrique became worried. He also became guilty so, with the infamous Delphinus flagship (or, rather, an exact replica – the original was still belonging to Vyse), he took to the Dark Rift himself.
When he arrived, he noticed that the Black Moonstone was…glowing, in a sense. Certainly not as still as it was back when he was helping fight the Gigas. Before he could even react, though, the Moonstone suddenly began sucking the Delphinus in, and into a strange land. The Delphinus crashed into an odd grassy plain where he found the wrecks of the other ships he had sent originally – thankfully, the Delphinus was called the ‘ship to rival the Gigas’ for a reason. Within the wrecks, he found a journal with the researchers’ findings…and it worried Enrique immensely. It spoke of the mythical seventh Moon, and even a Black Gigas. One that would destroy not just the world, but the entire universe – nay, the multiverse if its Moon Crystal fell into the wrong hands. He began to notice some...odd things, though, as he looked around. Floating islands. Not weird to him themselves, of course, but rather...it was because he found a variety of Moonstones on them. Could a piece of Arcadia have fallen into the Rift alongside him? Or was a greater force at play?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in other realms…
The day was functioning like normal – whether that was a good thing or not. Whether an army of evil creatures threatened the land, a tyrannical king threatened to destroy his enemies, or if the world was simply a place of beauty and tranquillity…the Black Moon didn’t care. It would be easy to miss the beginning of the end, since all that happened was a strange black crystal suddenly crashing into the planet at a random location, and staying there. That is, until it began to glow in the presence of living beings…then, it would transport them to the same place as Enrique. Shortly after, a giant rift – similar to that of the Dark Rift – would open and threaten the daily life of the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


- RPNation rules apply, per the norm.
- Try to be nice to each other - I don't really fancy seeing some petty arguments in the threads, if you don't mind. Keep it civil, or keep it private.
- OOC belongs in OOC. I'll make a thread for out of character chat if this ever gets off the ground, so please take chatter to those rooms. As for what goes on in OOC, I don't mind! Have fun! (While still following RPN rules, of course.)
- I, as the RP Owner (and any mods I might make), reserve the right to change/update the rules as well as deny or approve any requests, characters, plot ideas and so forth. I'll let you know if I do, though.
- Third Person Perspective, as well as some decent posts. Nothing titanic, if you don't want - a solid paragraph or two per post (more if the situation calls for it) is more than enough. I've just seen so many good RPs turn into one-liners, and while I don't discriminate against people who do so, I personally find it very hard to RP with.
- Death. Hoo boy. While death is acceptable, let me know first, 'kay?
- (This applies to Character Sheets, too.) Try to make posts readable. If your post gives nothing more than a white box with white text, or gives a background so vibrant and colourful it hurts to see, I'll be asking you to take it down and to redo it so that people can read it.
- (This isn't a rule, but it's worth noting.) Knowledge of Skies of Arcadia is not required, but a prior knowledge could be helpful. On the other hand, not knowing about could be more fun! In other words, you don't need to know anything about SoA.

~ ~ ~


- Please stick to anime/JRPG style characters. While this is a multifandom, it can be a little immersion breaking/tough to interact with cartoon style characters and real life photo references. I'd rather keep the art style the same. Not to say they have to be from a JRPG and so on - just the art style.
- No OP characters. Not only do they derail a plot pretty quickly, they can also sap the fun and danger away from the players with characters that might struggle in some fights.
- No '4th Wall Breakers'. This is more of a personal preference, to be honest. I find the fun of having characters from completely different universes ruined by the introduction of characters that can somehow know everything about somewhere they've never been. Not my cup of tea.
- Certain abilities will be disallowed, for RP reasons. Time travel, mind control and so on. The usual.
- While you can add as much or as little detail about the character as you like, I'll need a full description of what they can do. Abilities, weapons, skills and so forth. If you wanted to have your character learn some tricks in the RP, tell me about it! (I don't expect that until much further down the line, though.)

Otherwise, have fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


@The Fabulous Emerald (GM): King (formerly Prince) Enrique - Skies of Arcadia.


Enjoyer of fandom and King of Heroes
I know absolutely nothing about skys of Arcadia but I’m fairly certain this will be fun. Though depending on the strength of the other characters it’s probable that a certain someone won’t take part. Annoying but possibly acceptable. I am really strong.

Lunaria Silver

The Insufferable Moon Child
I know literally nothing about SoA. In fact, I had never even heard of it until now.
An assassin sound too out of place?


Professional Brick Thrower
Now this sounds like fun; however, just like the two posters above me, I too have no idea about Skies of Arcadia lore. It does sound quite interesting with all these different moons and whatnot. I'd be hyped for this, though.

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