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Realistic or Modern Single and ready to mingle! {Reality tv show}

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  1. LGTBQ
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  3. Romance
  4. Slice of Life


Creator of my own little Universe

The Plot

A group of individuals has been selected to partake in the new reality tv show 'Single and ready to mingle'. Some of them are very wealthy, others are struggling to make ends meets. Some have their succesfull own business, while others work three retail jobs. Some have traveled and seen the world, while others have not seen anything beyond their own backyard. Despite all the possible difference, all have them have one thing in common! They are all single and searching for that one special person. And this tv show is gonna help them with that! But what would a reality tv show be without some drunken nights, stupid fights and overall petty drama?
The group will stay for 21 days at a luxurious resort, where they will be pampered with five star meals. Of course, the resort has enough to offer for them; from relaxing spa days and massages to adventurous hikes in the surrounding nature. So with that alone it will be an lovely vacation for them. However they are still participating in a tv show to (hopefully) find the one to settle down with. At the end of the first day, they will be randomly called forward to chose their partner for the next day, until everyone is coupled up. Each couple will share a bedroom and go on a nice date. After their dates, they will all have dinner together and then the most exciting part comes. Each person is asked to vote whether they want to stay with their current partner, or to leave. If both partners chose to stay, the couple will continue to stay together and go on their next date. If both partners chose to leave, the couple will 'break up' and they will be able to chose a new partner. However if only one partner decides to stay and the other wants to leave... the couple will still be broken up. And of course, with this being a tv show there is also a little cash price included. Each person starts of with 10.000 dollars, but each time they decide to leave they will lose 500 dollars. So... what will they chose? Will they stay for love, or simply for the money?


- Of course, all RPN rules apply to this roleplay
- All kind of people and characters are welcome. For the players; please be respectful of each other!
- I am looking for a maximum of 10 players. There will not be a character limit, but please be considerate and don't play more than you can handle.
- I would like to have an active discord, since it will be used as OoC, but also for important plotting information. For the roleplay I would like to have a reply at least every two weeks from 2 or 3 paragraphs.
- Characters will be aged 25-35 years old and I will only accept realistic face claims.
- Once I have some interest I will set up the discord and the Sign Up Thread. I am aiming for a deadline on 4th December for the Sign Ups

Interest Check: That is where you are now!
OOC: Discord will be set up soon
Sign Up: Right here
In Character: Hopefully that will come!

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