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Fantasy Sing me a Song of Silver and Gold [Lore and Rules]


L o c a t i o n s

The main hub will be the very well known Port Royal, Jamaica. As we adventure we may journey to undiscovered islands we may name or other well known lands. I hope to make this a blend of the two things.

I m p o r t a n t

The current King of England is King George I I
The East India Company very much exists and may play a part

I will add more to this as time goes by.

If you've chosen to join, thank you! I am excited to work with you and make this rp a thriving, creative outlet for us both. There are just a few things to cover....
  1. Please be kind to your other rp participants. Your IC attitude and demeanor is one thing, but OOC stay respectful.
  2. This will be a reasonably well paced RP. If you cannot post at least once a week, let me know.
  3. Character deaths must be discussed between the two or more parties participating. No godmodding, blah blah normal things.
  4. Have a blast! I may eventually make a discord for those who enjoy chatting in real time to discuss ideas.

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