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Fantasy Silverleaf School of Fine Magic and Practice

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Do the monster mash...

Welcome to Silverleaf School of Fine Magic and PracticeA school made for all schools of witchcraft.Established in 1874, Silverleaf School of Fine Magic and Practice (SSFMP or Silverleaf) has been a safe haven for students of witchcraft all over America. From ages five to fifty, Silverleaf provides education from only the best instructors. We recruit talented professors from around the world to teach our students and offer competitive pay and many benefits as an added incentive. We also have on campus housing for staff members (optional) and various dorm room styles for students (required for those under 21). Those options can be seen in our welcome pamphlet on the first day (below Student Council). Once you enter the gates of the schools, you'll feel as if you are on a living, breathing campus. There are clubs that keep the school alive with activities for the students to get involved in.
Guaranteed Coven Admission

Not only does education at Silverleaf provides the finetuning of a young witch's abilities, but it also provides a headstart into the world of witchcraft. We have direct lines to 25 different covens around the world who accept our "Guaranteed Admissions" program. Simply take the classes the coven requires and keep your GPA above a 3.0 and you're in! Here are the esteemed covens:
-le Cercle des Racines d'Herbe
-Sisters of the Silver Thread
-Circle of the Lunar Owl
-Sisters of the Night Sky
-les Femmes de Clair de Lune
-le Coven Mystique
-le Coven de la Trinité
-The Oak Spirit Coven
-Circle of the Spirit Drum
-Wives of the Silverbark
-Circle of Divine Teachings
-Circle of the Faery Tree
-Coven of the Bramble Root
-le Cercle du Jardin de Nuit
-les Femmes du Temple de Lune
-Circle of the Sun
-Circle of the Moon
-The Quiet Meadows Wives
-The Night Garden Coven
-Coven of the White Tree
-Coven of the Earth Temple
-Coven of the Silver Thread
-Coven of the Crystal Rose
-The Sacred Flame Circle
-Sisters of Nightshadow

Schools of Witchcraft Taught at SilverleafElemental-Water, Earth, Fire, and Air or other physical manifestations
Spiritual-Talents such as palmistry, tarot reading, tea leaf reading, and other abilities that do not physically manifest
Necromancy-the ability to talk to the dead
Demonology-the ability to converse with the demons that assist, or harm, us
Voodoo-A New Orleans Favorite, this school of witchcraft is one of the hardest

Every student is allowed a familiar/animal companion. There is a limit in size, so we do ask that your familiar take the form no bigger than a wolf.

Student Body/Council OfficersWe have all types of positions open for the leadership of the school!

  • A. Represent the student body at district and civic events and other meetings.
    B. Be responsible for coordinating the interviewing, selection and functioning of committee chairpersons and task forces.
    C. Supervise the functioning of the elected student body officers.
    D. Develop the agenda for and preside over the meetings of the Student Council.

HousingEach path of witchcraft has a specific tower for the living accommodations for each student within those schools. Students have the option of having a roommate or having their own room. Faculty get their living spaces attached to their office space, and are the only ones who can access them. Here are some examples of dorm room assignments:

A thanks to Professor Shadowend for showing us her room!

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Star-born Visitor
It was still early morning, and the new school year was about to start. The beginning of the new school year is an exciting time for many, and a dreadful one for many others. For Henry Morgan Lazuli, it was very exciting, especially since he was Headmaster of Silverleaf School of Fine Magic and Practice. For Headmaster Lazuli, it was a chance to meet new faces and reconnect with familiar ones. It was a time of learning for all, even for the Headmaster, because even though he was once a student here himself, he always believed one is never too old to learn, and this also meant that he knew that each and every person was unique.

Headmaster Lazuli was in his office waiting for the go-ahead to make his way to the auditorium to make his welcome speech. While he was waiting, he was organizing the many books and scrolls that resided within his office. The numerous tomes and volumes throughout the office ranged from ancient to new, and from small to enormous. He recently acquired about a dozen or so books at a meeting and was trying to find the proper places for them. The office itself was very large and ornate, and was decorated with fine art, statuary, antique furniture, and large model ships, all of which Headmaster Lazuli had built himself.


Do the monster mash...

Tabitha Shadowend August 29 0545
Tabitha's taxi arrived in front of the school. She stepped out while the driver grabbed her luggage from the trunk.
"You can set it down there; I can take it in. Thank you," Tabitha smiled at the driver. He shrugged and then set down her luggage on the sidewalk. She picked up her canvas duffel bag and pulled her luggage behind her, heading to the front gates of the school. They should have been open since students would be coming in at any moment, but they weren't. She sighed in exasperation as she released her duffel and luggage.
"Mynedfa cyfaddef," she waved her hand over the lock at the gate, and she heard the old lock open as the gate swung open for her. She smiled and picked up her belongings, then walked up the long walkway to the doors of the school.
When she walked in, her footsteps echoed in the empty foyer-there weren't many active souls so early in the morning. There rarely are. She was one of the few professors who started before noon. Lots of instructors preferred their sleep. However, Tabitha didn't. She was one of the few morning people who could be found grading assignments in the lounge with a mug of coffee in her hand.
As she navigated the halls, she made her way to the teachers' quarters-where her office and room would be. She looked up the dreadful stairs and decided that a few more spells wouldn't harm anyone. She swore not to use magic for small things, but she had been traveling overnight and never liked to sleep on planes. Too many cases of people being taken advantage of in their sleep. She set down her luggage again and set her arms at her side, her palms facing down. She softly whispered, "Codwch."
She felt the ground below her disappear and looked down to see that she and her belongings were slowly floating up. She stopped on the seventh floor, where her room assignment would be. She floated towards the landing and then set herself and the luggage down. She fished into her coat pocket for the key that was mailed in a few weeks ago while she was studying witchcraft in Haiti.
Tabitha entered her office, which was the same as it was last year. She looked at all the plants-which were dead- and sighed, "It was simple. Keep my plants alive, and I give you money. What an idiot."
She waved her hand and watched as the plants slowly went back to their previous living state. When they were back to life, she sighed and went to her luggage. She opened it up and grabbed her laptop case and some clothing. This summer she had studied not only in Haiti but spent most of her studies in Oxford, generating research for a project that her advanced students would partake in-but she would reveal that later during the week.
She grabbed a pair of black trousers, a long-sleeve white shirt with polka dots, and a grey waistcoat. She grabbed her clothing for the day and changed into them, putting her hair in a half ponytail, her curls making it look complex. She sighed, always hating her hair and grabbed her laptop sleeve and went to her desk, firing it up. She caught her schedule and found what her first class was. Anthropology of Humans. It started in a few hours, but she knew that it may be delayed due to the assembly for the new and returning students. She debated waiting in the classroom, but there was no way of telling how long the assembly would end. She decided that she would wait in the lounge near the foyer and do some work before her class started.
She left the room with her laptop case and a folder with important papers but paused when she closed the door. Last year, she had to deal with an angry student who broke into her office by accident. Nonetheless, she had some very valuable objects and herbs in there and didn't want anyone to steal anything from her. She looked at the doorknob and muttered, "Caniatáu dim ond fi."
She felt her magic guard the door and she smiled. She decided to take the stairs to head to the lounge but paused.
"I need a coffee."
And with that, she headed to the kitchen.

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