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Fantasy Silly, satirical takes on medieval fantasy tropes with powerful writing and worldbuilding.

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Without getting mired in spiraling into an increasingly complicated explanation that only invites more questions, the premise I'm working with for a plot is one part taking the piss on vanilla, generic fantasy worlds that clearly have no effort put into them, and another part embracing those flaws and turning them over into something beautiful.

Putting aside preamble, the plot surrounds a typical tavern wench whom grows weary of the tireless work of serving drinks and rampantly being groped by soldiers and other scrupulous individuals and decides to make something out of her life.

Of course, she decides to take over the world.

If this sounds ridiculous, it's because it's meant to be. Bar maids are often D-list background characters of no relevancy whom only serve as eye candy for the characters in the story (and the audience) as they say some one-off, sultry line and flirt with the main character before being used by clientele of the establishment they work at. Little attention is paid to the undoubtedly wretched work they do in their impoverished state as a woman without a husband, and are usually presumed to enjoy their lifestyle- I think this is lame at best, and at worst a misogynist trope where this is often the only real position women have in the world.

That is, of course, the entire crux of the joke. The background character, the buxom tavern maid, becomes the single greatest threat ever known to this feudal world. Whilst I expect the world will take itself entirely seriously, the main character - Ilya - will be totally unimpressed by the fanfare of it.

Getting into more specifics, Ilya will be played by myself, and my partner(s) the GM of this story; for individuals interested in such an affair, Ilya is canonically a demon - yes, demons need infrastructure and basic services as well - and rather than simply being class struggle of a hardworking woman leading a populist revolution against stratified society; it becomes an existential one, between the mortal world and Hell's legions as they attempt to subjugate other realities.

Primary themes here would be economical struggle, nation-management, warfare, and intrigue.

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